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nbn 100/20Mbps $79/Month for 6 Months (Was $99/M) & 30,000 Bonus Flybuys Points @ Optus


Black Friday offer
Check your inbox for an email from flybuys for this deal.

Internet gamer fast plan
$0 set up fee
Minimum cost $583

  1. ASUS Gaming Modem (no 4G support)
  2. 3 months of Game Path trial included
  3. 4K video streaming, fast downloads and online gaming
  4. Optus sport and OS fitness (worth $15 per month) included in the plan

The minimum total cost of this plan is $583 if you cancel after your first month (including $504 modem cost, $10 Intro offer credit and $10 Black Friday offer credit). Stay connected for 36 months and pay $0 for the modem (we’ll cover $14 for month you stay connected). If you leave within 36 months, you’ll pay the remaining modem cost in full (any credits or discounts will be forfeited).

Internet everyday fast plan:
Same as above, only the router changes to Optus Ultra wifi modem which switches to 4G if nbn isn’t available.

$79 plan is for first 6 months and then $99 per month.

You’ll get 30,000 points (worth $150), when you stay connected for 3 months.

Optus will cover the cost of the modem ($252) if you remain connected for 36 months. If you leave within 36 months, you must pay out the remaining modem cost in full (i.e. $7/mth for each month left).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +6

    Is there ever going to be anyone to budge a bit and bring a decent nbn deal beyond 6 months and for new customers only🙄

    • +2

      True.. I’ve been switching every 6 months for a deal

    • 6 month deals come from nbn. New nbn wholesale pricing is being looked at but it remains to be seen if prices go down.

    • +4

      Not going to happen. Margins on these products are already razor thin (and loss leaders in some cases with the more premium providers) due to high wholesale NBN costs. You can thank the Federal LNP for their economic ineptitude for that.

  • Os it 1 year contract?

    • 3 years for modem

    • You payout the modem cost for leaving early.

  • +1

    Optus will cover the cost of the modem ($252) if you remain connected for 36 months. If you leave within 36 months, you must pay out the remaining modem cost in full (i.e. $7/mth for each month left).

    • +4

      if you remain connected for 36 months


  • is it possible for them to waive the modem costs?

    • I’ll recommend you to go and speak in store. They always work out a deal for you.

  • +3

    the plan is good but I don't need a new modem

  • +2

    No deal for me. $79/mth only for first 6 months.

    If I cancel after 6 months, I'd still have to pay around $415 for the modem. Even the flybuys points won't make up for this. Especially since I already have a modem + router

    • +1

      on the same boat, im going to see if they can waive the modem costs.

      • +1

        esp given that the modem is 170 @ amazon so yeah not sure

        • Asus DSL-AX82U AX5400 $475.89 + $47 Delivery @ Amazon. $170 from what country?

          • +2

            @Twix: I'd say he just searched AX5400 then assumed a tuf gaming router from Amazon UK was the same thing.

          • +1

            @Twix: no youre right, my bad, did exactly what the comment abovestated

  • +1

    Optus got the worst customer service. The NBN service was down in my office and I've been trying to contact technical support for 3 weeks and zero call backs.

    • +1

      make a complaint to TIO, OPTUS will then contact you with a representative, and you could ask them to solve for you, ive tried this and they sort it out quiet fast as tio will charge them a court fee of around $400 if they dont solve for you

      • +2

        I did this with Telstra. Got 270/40 for $89 a month for life of account. They did screw up big time though.

      • thanks a lot mate.

        Done! Finger crossed!

  • Is the modem any good for the price of the plan if I don't have one already?

    • Price of the plan is only for 6 months

  • Has anyone been able to haggle a better deal from them

  • I just checked with Optus support and they were happy to waive off the modem charges.
    I was told that I'll have to return the modem, if I cancel the plan before 36 months

    • Ah so I can just return it if I don't want it anymore. That sounds pretty good.

      • Check with them first. You'll have to negotiate it out with them.
        Some agents give the discount, some don't.

    • This. I would given the same advice by Optus support when I signed up (i.e. just return the model if you cancel and you won't be charged anything).

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