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Cygnett Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring $19.95 for 2 + Free Delivery @ Cygnett via Amazon AU


Just saw this promotion today.
It is decent deal. $19.95 for two (less than $10 each)
This one also works with Apple HomeKit.

Here is how to get one free
1. Add all products described in the promotion to your shopping cart, including the one that's free. (so you need to add at least two in your cart)
2. The value of the free item will be reflected on the final order checkout page and discounted proportionally from the price of all promotion items in the shopping cart.

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Cygnett AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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      • ahhh i see

  • Can anyone recommend a smart plug to turn on a lamp?
    Would've got this but OOS
    I just need one

    • +1

      I've got a heap of these (both the old larger ones and new slim ones) around the house and have never had any issues with the Kasa app….


    • The Brilliant Smart plugs are good. Not fat so they don't impede on the other socket on a double gang point. I have a bunch around the place for lighting. Garage lights, outdoor lights.


    • I just bought 2 so not OOS.

    • I can also vouch for TP-Link slimline Kasa. I have one in almost every outlet of my apartment and they are so much better than Cygnett's. The software alone is a massive tick, but the fact that you can fit two of them comfortably side by side is a no brainer.

  • +1

    I got a few of these from BigW a year ago when it was on sale…

    Simple setup with HomeKit. Currently I have two to manage my pool pump and Polaris and got two spare ones for future use.

  • Don't most appliances have their own switch though? Is this just for standby power saving?

    • Its a wifi plug, its so you can OK google it and have it turn on/off and setup scheduled events etc.

      I have one on my lamp so that its perm "on" so when I need to turn it on I just ask google to turn it on.

      Have a couple of them around the house for stuff like this where its more pain to turn the on then I want.

    • +2

      Going to use one to turn outdoor Christmas lights on and off. Power point is in the garage so save remembering to go and turn it on and off.

  • +2

    This sounds really stupid and lazy, but could I fill a kettle the night before, leave it switched on and then turn the powerpoint on from bed with something like this?

    • +1

      if your kettle is those old conventional ones where you have to press down a switch and the switch kinda stays down, i think this will work.

    • +2

      This is exactly how I use one. Turning a dumb kettle into a smart-ish one. Each kettle is different though, some don't let you keep the on-kettle switch on without being plugged into power; it just springs back off.

      • +1

        That inrush current lol.

    • -1

      I would assume so, but it will need an on/off timer functionality

    • I use an old school mechanical powerpoint timer for my very big expensive espresso machine. I leave its power switched on then the timer activates at 0600 and on it goes, so it's already warmed up when I get up at 0630 to make coffeee immediately.

      • +1

        I have one of these plugs just for that also

      • We had a mech timer , but it’s gone faulty. This is cheaper than buying another.

    • +1

      Yep, do it pretty often for my meeting-heavy days. Switch the smart plug off, flick the kettle on and set a timer so I've got boiled water for my next cuppa at the end of my meeting!

    • Better to fill up a thermal bottle with hot water

    • +1


      On the off chance you're in the market for a new kettle .. I picked up one of these a few months ago and it works a treat, definitely recommend.

    • Or you can always pick up a cheap WIFi kettle and tell Google/Alexa to get that water boiling! That's what I do.

      Sounds lazy but the time saved is great. Knowing I can have a kettle of water boiled and ready before I pull my a$$ outta bed or as soon as I walk in the door after being out for the day is a winner in my book.

    • Even better, the app itself allows you to set a schedule, so just dial it in and you wake up with a warm coffee jug / a kettle of freshly boiled water

  • +15

    Not needed. Grabbed two. Thanks

    • +6

      This is the way.

    • Would you be kind enough to sell me a pair? I wasn’t lucky enough to get some before OOS, and I’ve been looking for some!

  • Not sure where you saw that price for two. Looks like it's that price each. Best I can get is $39.90 for 3 with a buy two get one free deal

    • +1

      Add 2 to your cart. When you actually go to your cart it'll take $19.95 off.

    • +1

      buy 2 at a time

      19.95 for 1, then second is free at check out

    • +1

      at checkout, change quantity from 3 to 2, it will update the price it therefore becomes 19.95 for 2. i happen to find this out via trial and error

    • Oh neat thanks all :)

  • +2

    that big ass profile wont work nicely with power boards :/

    • +1

      Love a big ass-profile :P

    • It's leaning towards a side. You should be able to use it without any issues in right corner socket.

  • where did it say two?

    • +1

      its a promotion, buy 2 get 1 free, will update in the cart

      • gott it 👍

      • It's actually buy 2 get one of them free. i.e. two for $19.95.
        Buy 2 get 1 free implies you have to buy 2 for $39.90 and you get a 3rd one free. Like those buy-3-get-1-free tyre deals.

  • +1

    I’ve had these unfortunately not super reliable… they both packed up in less than a year :(

    Edit: going to try ikea plugs next

    • +1


      My tplink ones seem ok

    • I have 4 of the IKEA. An additional one failed after about 10 mins use. But they refunded. No issues with the others (but haven't had then long). I like them as they act as repeaters and get to range my wifi doesn't reach. Having said that, TP-Link Kasa is nice, slim profile. And TP-Link has a physical button too if that's of use to you.

      • My TP-Link Kasa has horrible coil whine, was a dealbreaker for sleeping

        • None of mine make a sound, besides the on/off clicks.

  • Thanks, was about to buy a smart plug yesterday. Now I have two.

    Order says arrival will be between 3rd and 7th December…

  • Great deal thanks OP !

  • No HA or tuya integration

  • Thanks OP, great deal! Grabbed four for $39.90 (divided across two orders). Will be great to automate some more things with these (and see their power consumption too using the Cygnett app).

    I actually grabbed many of these previously during BigW, Harvey Norman and other clearance sales last year and they've all worked brilliantly via HomeKit - used to automate Christmas lights and other dumb lights in the house. Have to admit I thought these were done when those shops cleared them out last year, but I guess Cygnett is still making them :)

  • +3

    added 2 to the cart but the price doest change to $19.95. What am i missing?

    • +2

      Same here, tried both 2 items and 3 items combos. Doesn't work, does not even apply the 1 free item discount.

    • +2

      It changes when you checkout. Just before you pay it will only be the price of one.

      Edit. Looks like expired now.
      I was lucky and got the deal 15 minutes ago.

  • +3

    Seems to be expired. Showing $40 for 2 now

  • +1

    Same here. I think the deal is now over. : (

  • +1

    The reviews don't look very good for this product (most of the negative reviews are about the app and the bad connectivity). Will stay away

    • Might be worthwhile to try. Amazon returns are super easy

  • +1

    When I add 2, on final checkout page it still shows as $39.90?

  • same, still shows 39,90

    • +1

      It’s expired, looks like I just got in 15 minutes ago and got the deal.

      • Accidentally bought one.
        Cancelled and bought two a few seconds ago.

        Edit: bought two for $39.90 😞
        Cancelled two, haha 😆

        • Same.

          Is the seller Cygnett AU going to accept the cancellation request though?

    • I have same problem. $39.90 :/

  • Deal showed on my mobile app, but not on the desktop. Unfortunately both checkout at $39.90

  • For the life of me I can't get these to connect with my network, running a ubiquity udm pro

    • I run same name on 2.4 and 5g
      i had to disable the 5g band on the AP group - only broadcast 2.4 - that way phone and device are on same freq, and then it somehow found the device.
      once its on and 'connected' to the internet - turn 5g back on - and everything keeps working - phone happy to roam from 2.4 to 5 whenever it wants, and the device stays on the 2.4 and keeps working.

      • Ill give this a go thanks for posting

  • +5

    Terrible product… I bought 6 of these via Qantas store and the reliability was terrible - would lose sync and need to be turned off and on every few days (HomeKit set up). Cygnet customer service was slow and unhelpful! Ended up returning to Qantas.

    • I wonder if it's because you have 6 on your home wifi? I have 2 with no complaints (along with ~5 xiaomi, some brilliant and some tp-link)

      • I have 2 of these and they are terrible … kept getting disconnected on homekit.

      • Nah, nothing wrong with the WiFi access points in the house. I replaced them with Philips hue ones and they work great. This product shouldn’t carry HomeKit certification.

  • Deal expired.

  • +2

    Don’t buy these for HomeKit. I had 4 and they go unresponsive. Had a friend have the same issue. They are so unreliable. Get something on zigbee like the aqara.

    • +3

      They are super reliable on HomeKit for me connected to an eero 2nd generation router. I have 6 in my network and they all work when I need them to.

    • got 2 of these with homekit and no issues

    • Yep I have them with homekit they’ve failed a bunch of times unfortunately, the only ones I’ll trust is the Philips hue smart plugs

  • +1

    I’ve got 14 of these and they have never failed. Been using for over a year now. Got ‘em on everything. Brilliant!

  • +1

    I returned 7 of these because of constant HomeKit disconnections. Admittedly, the wi-fi setup here is not standard (mesh, band steering) but after 3 months of tweaking the configuration, I gave up. Many people have complained about the poor reliability of these switches (works for some, not for others).

    Changed to basic Connect smart plugs from Harvey Norman and they have been rock-solid via Homebridge.

  • Gah these are a nightmare to set up using the app.

    After finally getting my phone onto 2.4Ghz instead of 5Ghz (wtf that is totally unnecessary). It still wouldn't pair using quick mode or long mode.

    Then in these instructions it says in long mode to kick off the pairing search THEN change to the plug wifi once you've nexted through and the app is already searching. I wish they had said this in the instructuons inside the app, would have saved me an hour of faffing.

    Working ok now and upgraded firmware too.

  • Screwed up. Only received one :(

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