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50% off All Pirelli Tyres, Plus $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Enjoy 50% off All Pirelli Tyres, plus, get $100 off your next logbook service, to help you on your way.

This year, they’re not just tyres. They’re road trip tyres. Meeting the grandson tyres. Finally hugging the parents tyres.

With an epic 50% off ALL Pirelli tyres as well as $100 off your next logbook service, where will yours take you?

Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

More information can be found at -

1. This mycar Black Friday promotion is offered by Tyre and Auto Pty Ltd trading as mycar Tyre & Auto ABN 57 164 707 484 WA Lic. No. MRB5465 (mycar).
2. Book online or by telephone with mycar, between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021, for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of this fitment period, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.
4. All Offer Tyres must meet manufacturer’s guidelines for that vehicle and must all be fitted to a single vehicle at the same time in-store at mycar.
5. Online bonus: Book and pay for Offer Tyres online at between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021 to be eligible for a $100 off logbook servicing discount with mycar.
a. Confirmation of the discount will be emailed to customers within 3 business days.
b. The $100 off logbook servicing discount is single use and only applies to logbook servicing (in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) of the vehicle to which the Offer Tyres were fitted.
c. Discounts, even if unused or partly used, are not exchangeable for credit or refund.
d. The discount will expire at 11.59pm AEDT on 24 November 2022.
6. This promotion is valid only once per vehicle and once per customer and is for genuine and private buyers only (and excludes fleet, government, wholesale customers and mycar team members). Previously fitted Tyre Care Plan tyre/s may not be exchanged for Offer Tyres on 26 November 2021.
7. This promotion, and each of the Offer Tyres discount and the logbook servicing discount, is subject to booking availability and while stocks last, is not exchangeable, is not transferable, and is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
8. If any aspect of this offer cannot proceed as expected, for any reason including as a result of computer viruses, communications network or technical failure, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any cause beyond the control of mycar, then mycar may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the offer.
9. In the event of any dispute concerning the conduct of the offer, the decision of mycar is final. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the offer is to cease participation in the offer.
10. Nothing in these terms restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The governing law and jurisdiction of these terms is New South Wales Australia.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I'm not getting a $100 discount on the log-book service?

    I guess the free road side assistance isn't too bad, tho I already got RAA

  • Thks OP brought 4 235/60/18 SCORPION™ VERDE ALL SEASON $154 webpage kept on crashing but smashing refresh made it work
    very good price for a Santa Fe normal tyres are up around $270 for anything good

  • Has anyone tried price matching with other stores?

    • bob jane had a thing on their website saying they'll match competitors Pirelli deals (obviously targeted at this) but it has now disappeared.

      • beaurepaires say they cant match this deal

      • +1

        It's still up there, when I checked just then.

        • +1

          I hate when business do this stupid price match thing. Either be brave and do the discount instead of being a leeches. I usually refuse to price match out of principle. Despite the shocking website, I will support Mycar any day with this deal instead of going to Bob Jane even if it takes me longer.

  • +2

    It may be better to call, to be honest log-book is always expensive even tho it's the same as a basic service.

    Just paying for the stamp lol

  • Hi [email protected],

    I have booked 4 tyres for my corolla on Mycar website, the payment process crashed a few times due to high traffic to your page. Then I found my credit card was finally charged by Mycar with the correct amount of money. But I did not receive any booking confirmation email or SMS. How can I check my booking is valid?

    • +1

      had the same issue log onto your account at mycar go all the way to the bottom you will see booking
      my cc was charded but then it crashed after conformation but found the booking

      • Thanks, I forgot to mention in the post.

        I have login to mycar account, there is nothing under Order section

        Nothing in your upcoming order.

        Nothing in your order history.

        • ok sorry i cant help but that's how i found mine

    • On check out it said confirmation email can take up to 72 hours due to bf sales.

      I got my confirmation email but it isnt showing up under My Account.

      • Thanks for your information, I understand there will be delays. Just this sale only last for 24 hours, which worried me a bit.

    • Hi

      Due to the level of sales going through the site there is a delay in sending some of the order confirmation. You should receive it within 72hours.


      • Ok, I will wait for the confirmation email, thanks

  • Scorpion zero xl or p-zero's. What to do..

    P-zero's are $55 extra a tyre but are ultra high performance meaning they won't last as many kms. This is for a 2019 volvo xc60. The scorpions look chunkier and can be used offroad (80% on/20% off) but the car will never see offroad stuff. Assumed they'd last longer but be noisier.

    Anyone an expert?

    • +1

      Not sure what your XC60 came standard with, but both my previous and current had P-Zero's on it and they are quite good, but only around 30,000kms mileage with me driving (not super gently).
      I have never tried the scorpions on an XC60.

      • They came with latitude sport 3's 255/45r20. Done 61,000kms on them and they still have some tread left to.

        • +1

          interesting, both latitude sport 3s and p-zeros have a treadwear rating of 220, the scorpion zero has a rating in the 400's. the ratings are a bit of a marketing thing, but generally indicate what the mfg thinks. You should be getting 50-60,000 kms i would think off tyres in the 400's.

          Clearly i drive harder than i should.

          • +1

            @w3dge: Ok cool. Appreciate your thoughts!

  • People booking on the phone - do they make you pay today over the phone, or do you pay in the future when the booking happens?

    • +2

      in future at store.

    • +1

      +1 for Phone booking as I Will be paying next year lol… booked tyres for Jan 2022.

      • +1

        Hi mountains3, glad you were able to take advantage of this great offer! We will see you in Jan! :) Thanks

  • Not sure if anyone else ran into same issue, but when I entered credit card details, the payment button is not activated, no way to go through. Tried AMEX and Visa. Poor customer experience.

    • Payment didn’t work for me either, will pay more somewhere else

    • +4

      Hey alohame

      There is a "Continue" button that has to be clicked above the Credit Card information that will activate the "Place Order" button.


      • +1

        Welcome Back Rep, Hope you had good time!

      • Thanks I figured that one out, it died after entering payment

      • Once I select the tyres it keeps diverting me to this page
        Starting from start again and then same thing happens.
        Am I missing something?

  • Just booked cheers!

    • Hi currentfad, great to hear! We look forward to seeing you in store!

  • It's not showing $100 discount for me online, maybe I just go through a Groupon mechanic & save $100 👀

    • Hey Adelv

      The logbook needs to be booked through the store, you can add it to the current booking by calling the store or you can claim it anytime within 12 months.


      • How do I add $100 discount? How do I ring a select store? Confusing

  • Rep, if i book for 4 tyres but on the day only want 2 tyres done, will i still get the special price?

    • +1


      Yes you could do that, call before the booking day to change the order if required.


  • Hi rep, unfortunately on the Pirelli SCORPION ATR XL 111T (265-50R20 111T) the add to booking button is available, however when clicking it will not add to cart. Other Pirellis are showing as call to book. Is this an error on the site? Cheers

  • Booked a date over the phone but no confirmation email, just a quote sent through for the price valid for 7 days. Can the rep confirm if it'll still be fine to go in on Jan 15 and get the price quoted? Will I have a confirmation of time sent through?

    • +1


      You won't get a booking confirmation as such if you booked over the phone, you will receive a copy of your quote.

      Yes any Pirelli's that are booked today, there is a fitment window until the 31 Jan 2022.


      • is there a chance the order might be cancelled if booked phone? If so I prob will go through the website then.

  • -1

    Looking for the following in VIC…..

    Pirelli CINTURATO P7 (KS) 91W
    205-55R16 91W

    • +3

      Try the mycar website. They currently have 50% off

      • +1

        I know, but not able to add to cart

  • +8

    I was trying to get the order through their web-site since morning, and keep stuck at the payment page. Very frustrated. At the end, I gave up, found Bob Jane willing to price match per their site.

    Rang my local Bob Jane, and then price matched and paid. Now just need to confirm when to go in for fitting.

    For people that cannot get through the web-site, maybe can try other provider like Bob Jane?

    • Thanks for posting this. I went the same route just now and was seamless.

    • Same!
      Seems I also got an extra 10% discount on the tyres compared to this half price deal.
      I went with a wheel alignment as well.
      Pirelli scorpion Verde x2 with wheel alignment for $407.

    • Good tip. Rang my local and they can't get the tyre in I need from their Pirelli portal. On hold with Mycar…Hopefully they can get stock

    • Worked for me. Rang BJ, ordered tyres, paid booked in next Wed all within 15 min

  • Worth checking the Jax deal for Michellin PS4s, came up cheaper than the Pirelli P7s for me, and cheaper wheel alignment.

  • How likely are the orders over the phone to be fulfilled? Asked if I can change my Dragon Sport to a Cinturato P7 because all I care about is good range and the lady said she can book me in for an appointment to order the tyres for the Cinturato but that there are no guarantees so wondering if I should keep my online order or cancel it.

    edit: hmm I might just stick with the Dragon Sport. Even though it's a performance tyre it's got better reviews for it's range than the Cinturato P7 I'm assuming because the Cinturato P7 is an older model?

    • +1

      I was looking at good milage too but choose the Dragon Sport instead. It was $25 cheaper per tire and the P7 doesn't review very well for either wear or handling.

      For $500 I would be pretty happy to get 45,000km with them, which is what I got on my current Michelin Pilot Sport 4 but paid a higher price for and considering I am getting these at basically the same price as el-cheapo no name tires.

  • I got charged twice. The site was incredibly buggy but I finally managed to book. Called the store and was told that they can't sort out. Called their main phone numbered had to hang up after half an hour wait.

    • Hey

      Sorry to hear that. Do you want to DM me your details and phone number and I will get call centre to call you?


      • Hi, Thanks for replying. I did leave my details with 1800065010 for a call back as I could not direct message you (as my ozbargain account is less than 1 day old and was created just for this message)

    • Called again got through after over half an hour and was told to call 1800065010 (customer service number). I thought it might be useful for someone on the same boat. Cheers.

      • Hi loqpol, thanks for letting us know and glad you were able to get that sorted, sorry about the initial issue with the payment. Please let us know if we can do anything further for you! Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in store!

  • +1

    I just got my tyre replaced with this deal at mycar Hartwell.
    I just drove in around lunch today, talked to the guy in the reception and he suggested the Dragon Sport for my car (my intent is the P7), he then booked me in for 4PM same day.
    All up with wheel alignment is $671 (4x149 + 75), my typre profile is 225/45/18.

    • Why is 225/45/18 so much cheaper than 235/45/18. $30 more per tyre for the same ones.

      • +1

        235 is not a popular width.

    • Of course they'd try to upsell the dragons. Thats their job.

      • Any significant difference? My first choice was P7. However, with 50% off, I went for Dragon Sport too!!

  • Couldn't get to the payment page on the website before finally moved into limited stock. Eventually called in after a 50 min wait but everything smooth after that

    • Hi droptester, sorry to hear you had some issues at the beginning buy glad you were able to get there in the end and get everything was sorted! We look forward to seeing you in store! Thanks

      • Just following up, I made the booking via phone on saturday but haven't received any emails regarding the booking. Are you able to follow up on this for me?

  • The website doesn't work and have been on hold for almost an hour…

    Site says they close 5.30pm, is the phone line supposed to hang up at 5.30 or are they just going to keep me on hold until tomorrow?

    • +1

      Ring your nearest BobJane. They will price match as per I got sick of waiting for an hour just to get on the website let alone the phone

      • It's too late, they all close at 5.30…..

        Still don't understand why mycar keep people on hold past close time, they could at least inform the person on hold that it is after hours and the lines are closed, or just simply hang up in our face, better than leaving people on hold thinking someone will eventually answer!

      • I just called local store again just to test, and the system answers normally and says operators are busy and will be with you shortly, please hold…….

        • +2

          Hey there

          The call centre is open until midnight, call us on 131328.


          • @sallyj: So when I call the local store number, its not actually the local store but a call centre?

            • @bargainsville: Hi Bargainsville, sorry you experienced that issue, that is right though, you will go through to our national tyre team. Unfortunately, all our stores are currently closed.

              • @mycar care team: Thank you both for the extra info. There is no call center hours listed on the website, It would also be helpful if the telephone system would let one know whats going on.

  • I have a cx-9 and I can see 3 Pirelli tyres with this offer: Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO XL 1, Pirelli P ZERO (J)(LR) XL 109W & Pirelli SCORPION ZERO (LR) XL NCS 109W. Anybody who knows about tyres can suggest a good "premium" one off the 3?

    • Tips:
      (J) - Jaguar approved tyres
      (LR) - designed for Land Rover
      Perhaps you should read the description of each tyre first, then pick the one matches your usage. Some tyres are best for flat roads, some can do a little muddy roads + rocks. Some tyres have lower tyre noise. Aggressive driving styles will need better performance tyres.

  • got through after 65 minutes wait on the phone but from there the person was very easy to deal with. all booked in for Jan 2022 as my tyres still got a bit more life in them. Only got 2 front tyres 225/40R18 92Y at $174 each which is pretty much close to half of what I paid 2 years ago….
    good deal

  • Hi Leesangyee!! This is fantastic! So glad you were able to get through and get booked in! We look forward to seeing you in store! :)

    • Hi rep. How do we apply the $100 discount on the logbook servicing? When I click through online it asks me to call the store, but when I call the store they say they can't apply discount in store and I have to book online?

  • Thanks OP! Can't complain at $134/ea for the GTI. Not sure what to expect coming from the PS4…

    • +1

      Expect quicker wear, had a mate who use to work during the KMA days and had a set of PZero MO installed for $650 (awesome price back then). Chewed through them in no time. Much prefer my current PS3.

      For the R36, I'm actually considering the PS4 as Tyresales have them for ~$720 fitted etc at a local tyre shop I usually go to. Being much nose heavier than the trusty GTI, I can imagine the wife ripping through those. I'll try ring them tomorrow to see if they can do me a better deal, but for $100 more I think I'll go Michelin.

      On another note, I did actually cheap out and ordered a set of Dragon Sports for the GTi - just need cheaper run around. Hope I won't regret this decision….

      • Ah - that's great info, cheers! Chewing through them faster means more grip right?

        Love the PS4's, but they're not very communicative, so giving these a try in the hope they're a bit more lively/fun. Will be happy if I get 1-1.5 years out of them.

  • Can't even add to cart.

    Endless "There has been an error processing your request." in the dev console… :/

  • Thank you. Ordered 4 new tyres for my SUV, and ordered another 4 tyres for another car in the family.

  • Tried to order tyres but they don't have run flat tyre for X3 . But the deal was really good.

  • I got an email from they with the $100 off service link. It states to redeem this: * blank spaces* then just a link to a store finder that charges the full price. Any clue?

    • Got the same as you. No ideas. Wonder if a wheel alignment is a service?

      • It's logbook servicing only AFAIK

  • Just realised I needed a set and missed this offer! Dang one day sales…

    • Wait till Boxing Day ;)

  • how does one use the $100 "discount" via the email?

    • No one knows… maybe you need to call them.

      • I called them. Apparently the rep on the phone said you will get another email with a code after your tires ate fitted. Effectively you have to go in a second time to use the 100 off code. Not sure if that's true or not…

  • +1

    anybody else run into OOS after placing order?
    got an email yesterday, actual one liner as per next line
    "could you please call the marion store on 81988205 regarding your tyres on the 3rd Decemeber "
    first thought was some sort of phishing due to poor spelling.
    checked phone number on internet and got through to the store. He knew which car I had so must be a one off at their store.
    turns out the tyres are not actually in stock (was showing in stock at the time), "should" be here in two weeks
    luckily not desperate for them, and they should be fresh

  • After waiting for the quote for a few days, I decided to call mycar, just receive it by email. The email heading: Estimate from mycar Ref:KTAS-8933208.pdf. The quotes shows total price which is 50% off correctly. However, at the bottom,
    "Please note: The tyre prices listed are valid for 7 days from 26/11/2021 and all other quotes are valid for 14 days"

    My question is: "What is the chance of mycar honouring the deal?"

    • Black Friday Offer clearly mentioned

      Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022

      Plus, have previously used their last EOFY sale, went after 1 month and this time also booked for mid-Jan 2022!!

  • Has anyone received email with Tax Invoice?

    Not just booking number, but actual Tax Invoice. They did say can take up to 72 hours, but it's been almost double that already.

    • Rec'd pdf of quote and booking with local merchant but no other contact & when I call merchant, they tell me it will be sent centrally.

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