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50% off All Pirelli Tyres, Plus $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Enjoy 50% off All Pirelli Tyres, plus, get $100 off your next logbook service, to help you on your way.

This year, they’re not just tyres. They’re road trip tyres. Meeting the grandson tyres. Finally hugging the parents tyres.

With an epic 50% off ALL Pirelli tyres as well as $100 off your next logbook service, where will yours take you?

Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

More information can be found at -

1. This mycar Black Friday promotion is offered by Tyre and Auto Pty Ltd trading as mycar Tyre & Auto ABN 57 164 707 484 WA Lic. No. MRB5465 (mycar).
2. Book online or by telephone with mycar, between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021, for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of this fitment period, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.
4. All Offer Tyres must meet manufacturer’s guidelines for that vehicle and must all be fitted to a single vehicle at the same time in-store at mycar.
5. Online bonus: Book and pay for Offer Tyres online at between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021 to be eligible for a $100 off logbook servicing discount with mycar.
a. Confirmation of the discount will be emailed to customers within 3 business days.
b. The $100 off logbook servicing discount is single use and only applies to logbook servicing (in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) of the vehicle to which the Offer Tyres were fitted.
c. Discounts, even if unused or partly used, are not exchangeable for credit or refund.
d. The discount will expire at 11.59pm AEDT on 24 November 2022.
6. This promotion is valid only once per vehicle and once per customer and is for genuine and private buyers only (and excludes fleet, government, wholesale customers and mycar team members). Previously fitted Tyre Care Plan tyre/s may not be exchanged for Offer Tyres on 26 November 2021.
7. This promotion, and each of the Offer Tyres discount and the logbook servicing discount, is subject to booking availability and while stocks last, is not exchangeable, is not transferable, and is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
8. If any aspect of this offer cannot proceed as expected, for any reason including as a result of computer viruses, communications network or technical failure, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any cause beyond the control of mycar, then mycar may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the offer.
9. In the event of any dispute concerning the conduct of the offer, the decision of mycar is final. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the offer is to cease participation in the offer.
10. Nothing in these terms restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The governing law and jurisdiction of these terms is New South Wales Australia.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • Hi xxyyzz, oh no, I am really disappointed to hear that. Please feel free to reach out directly to us with further information if there is something we can look into for you! You can reach us via email at [email protected] - Thanks!

    • always trying to upsell me for unnecessary work. One year it was "the ball joints are worn", next year "the disks need machining". on a 4 year old car, thanks for that.

      • I got some extra work added once for an extra $65. "Oh I thought you wanted that".

  • +1

    I have a choice of P1, P6 or P7 for my Hyundai i30. Anyone with tyre knowledge know which is better? It's not a racecar and I don't drive like a maniac so I don't need a 'race' tyre, just something safe on the road.

    • +1

      Same question, following for answers.

    • +1

      I have a set of P7 on my i30, have been terrific for the last 4 years. Probably not quite due to replace, but at this price, how can I say no. P7 you won't go wrong.

  • +1

    Double check flybuys offers - I have bonus points from now to end of the year based on spend:
    $300-399 - 5000 points ($25)
    $400-499 - 10000 points ($50)
    $500-599 - 15000 points ($75)

    I aim to pickup some Scorpion Verde All Seasons. Currently $1156 for 4, combined with above should be $503.

    • Me too, any review on them?

  • Perfect timing, I've put 30K on my Pirelli's from the same deal this time last year

    • I did 8k #lockdown

    • +1

      WrightRightWriteRite, well sounds like this is very good timing for you then! :) Thanks

    • +1

      WrightRightWriteRite, great to hear that timing has worked out perfectly! We look forward to being able to help you on Friday! :)

  • The range of tyre sizes is much less than last year. No Pirelli available for 23545r17 which is what I picked up last year.

    • Hi MisterEd, it could depend on which store you are looking at for stock availability. Feel free to give us a call on the day on 131328 so that we can assist you! Thanks

      • Last year I spent over an hour on hold before giving up. When does that number open to try to get in early?

        • Just phone your local store, I got a set of unusual sized tyres ordered in 5 minutes. Even told me how many were in the warehouse (not a huge amount!)

        • Hi Evil-Elmo, the phones will open at 12.01am AEST and will be open until 11.59pm. Thanks :)

  • I will note that my local MyCar never seem to have pirelli's in stock. Unless they are the most expensive tyres when I am looking for a cheap one.

  • +6

    Not saying this is not a good deal, but seems like their base price is quite a bit higher than some other tyres shop, ie Dunlop Fm800 is $170 at Mycar but only $88 at Tempe, Cinturato P6 is $160 at my car but can be found for around $100 on other shops on Google after a quick browse. Just FYI

    • +2

      But since this thread is about Pirellis we should keep it relevant yes? There's a lot of specials out there and other shops will have deals for other brands. As for the Pirellis, there's not much difference between other outlets and if they do indeed drop 50% they will be far cheaper then anywhere else.

      • Semi agree, this thread is about tyres, IMO its relevant to reference to alternatives as well, other may find this information useful. Cheers.

        • +4

          The alternative tyre brands are not on special though so I think you should keep it on brand.

    • Yeah but if you factor this in, I'd say this is still a genuine savings of around ~25% off? So really, YMMV depends on size, tread pattern and who do you compare with.

      Say I'm after a set of 225/40/18, P Zero's are $265 a pop or $530 half-priced for a set of 4 compared to $199 each at Tempe.
      Try again with 215/60/16. They want $169 each for the P6's or $338 a set, if you wait for the usual Bridgestone buy 3 get the 4th free deal on similar Turanza or RE003, they're ~$400 a set after the discount. ~$100 discount is still cash?
      Different story again with SUV tyres. Scorpion Verde in 265/45/20, $1100 for a set of 4 at mycar, Tempe Tyres want $355 each so ~$300 savings plus I don't need to drive to Tempe.

      • +1

        Best deal is for those who don’t need a full set of 4. Deals aren’t often made on single or a two tyres.

    • i remember hearing something about Tempe tyres being able to sell at lower prices because they get grey imports. although i don't know enough to know if warranty etc. is an issue at all for tyres.

      • yep - had a friend work for Bridgestone, and it was common knowledge amongst the brands that Tempe tyres sold grey imports (along with a few others)

        Only issue is the 'freshness' of the tyres - which you can see by some markings on the tyres with their manufactured date on them

  • What’s the go if it says limited stock? Can I still call and book it in at my local my car?

    • Yeah they just order more in

    • Limited stock means the franchise nearest you doesn't have a complete set of 4 available. There were loads of orders cancelled last year because they over-sold.

  • Any tyre gurus privy to the differences between Pirelli DRAGON SPORT XL and Pirelli CINTURATO P7?

    • one is a summer sports tyre (dragon) , the other is an eco tyre (cinturato)

      • @JollyHotdog much appreciated. From what I understand from a wear and tear point and general handling point of view the dragon sport might be the way to go? For my car the dragon sports are $175 each and p7's $209.

        • @AdamFury

          That's the way i look at it , performance tyres might not last as long as eco/touring tyres but they are the most responsive when you need them and in majority of situations they will outperform in many scenarios which could save you from a crash or getting into one.

          Just rotate them regularly (every 10-15k) and check pressures once a month at the minimum and they should last a long time.

          Good Luck

  • Question - I might need tyres after 6 months, can I buy and stock them? Or any easy way out ?

    • Drive a bit less and stretch out to next EOFY

    • I think last November's deal allows you to stretch it out to March?

      • Yeah that's right. I got mine installed in March. Not sure what the cut off date is for this promo though (can't find it in Ts&Cs).

        • +1

          its 31/01/2022. They have updated the T&Cs now.

    • Get the new tires fitted, as that's the T&C. BUT, hang on to your old tyres. You can always take it to your local mech or tyre shop later and ask them to fit them all back on. But then the cost of alignment and balancing comes into play.

      • Need a trailer to lug 4 tyres around

    • You can set booking date in the future for fitting

  • +1

    I just tried to book for Friday for this deal. They won't take bookings until Friday. Good luck with that. If you try booking online it's pay up front at the full price.

    • You don’t need to get them changed on Friday. Wait for TCs but I ordered on the Friday last year for a February booking.

  • What is the production date of these "promo" tires? Tires do have a use-by date as after a while they become stiff and can potentially be hazardous.

    • Where can you see productiondate?

      • On the tire itself. Look up tire DOT Numbers

        • Last years promo batch was DOT 034 CU858A

    • The 3 sets I've bought, 12-16 weeks old at the time of install.

    • These tyres are normal warehouse stock.

  • As many people have been asking, you have until 24 November 2022 to use the logbook discount.

    • Any reason why there aren’t any 235/45 R17 available this year?

      In VIC

  • Had some Pirelli Scorpion AT’s on my Pajero a couple of years back. Quiet and good all weather tyres, a little too soft for my liking and didn’t last too long. Not sure if they make them in LT. I used them off-road as well as highway

    • +1

      There's new Pirellli that came out last year, the All Terrain Plus. They don't make it in LT in my factory size (265/60/18) but they do in other sizes (eg 265/70/17). There's some really good reviews of them so I'll probably grab a set with this sale.

  • +2

    Double check Tempe Tyres beforehand - the Cinturato P7's are more expensive even with 50% off

  • Just me or have these already been jacked $400 rrp is the cheapest tyre i can get

  • Log-book service is just a normal service, only difference I found was they replaced the Cabin Filter and stamp log-book.

    Just basic as, but it's $80 through Groupon vs $200ish Mycar

  • No Pirelli tyres that will fit a Toyota HiAce 2008? :(

    • Pirelli Carrier. Pirelli’s only commercial tyre.

  • Which one is good for hyundai elantra 2019 active. I don’t drive much. Can someone please help me out.

  • Sounds like a good deal if you are able to get it and you require common size tyres.
    Unfortunately, I require 245/40/r21 for my fronts so not going to even bother trying.

  • +1

    MyCar Knox… sri lankan guy is bloody rude

  • Home fitting starting from $29? hmm, tempting…

  • +1

    Says "Availability: Limited" ( but not specifically out of stock ) , does that mean it's not part of the deal?

    2x 275-35R19 100Y
    2x 245-40R19 98Y

  • Is the web site down? I cannot click the "find tyres" button

    • +1

      Yeah it's been getting 503 Unavailable errors. Live chat is dead too

  • +1

    Logbook service without discount, currently says $753 for Swift… I mean, really?? Lol with discount $653. I'll hard pass :/

    • Swift?

      • suzuki

        • lols @ pirelli's on a suzuki swift..

          • @keegs: yeah!! Loved those P Dragon on front 2… still using maxxis for rear. Almost bald (.2)

            • @mountains: I was just editing my comment with:

              edit: maybe that's a bit harsh. One Pirelli for my car has a $595 RRP, that's why I'm here to try and save some bucks.

              • @keegs: This is OzB… anything you save is +1 for me :) But, you need to grab in as early as possible on BF.

  • +6

    check your flybuys acc for this targeted mycar offer:

    Collect up to 15,000 bonus flybuys points
    at mycar Tyre & Auto

    Are you in the market for a car service or a new set of tyres? Well, there's no better time than right now!

    From now until Fri 31 Dec 2021, you can collect up to 15,000 bonus points* when you bring your car to mycar Tyre & Auto. Plus, you will also collect 1 standard point per every $1 you spend.

    The more you spend, the more you can drive away with:
    • Spend between $300 - $399 to collect 5,000 bonus points1
    • Spend between $400 - $499 to collect 10,000 bonus points2
    • Spend $500 or more to collect 15,000 bonus points3

    In order to get your points, remember to:
    1. Activate this offer by clicking the 'Activate now' button before you book in your vehicle
    2. Make a purchase at any mycar Tyre & Auto store before Fri 31 Dec 2021
    3. Ensure your purchase falls within one of the spend brackets outlined above
    4. Ensure you present your Flybuys card in-store when you pay or collect your vehicle

    • Can you still get the flybuys points if you paid online?

      • +1

        Yeah just take your card to get scanned when you’ve to get it fitted

        • Thanks. I missed this before booking mine in. Note that the actual T&C's don't say you need to book it in before activating. They just say you need to activate before purchasing. I aim to take it up with Flybuys if I don't get the points. Bought 4 tyres so about $75 of Flybuys plus regular spend about $4 Flybuys. Great deal this. You also get the MyCar tyre service plan if you buy enough tyres. The guys at my MyCar (Bunnerong Rd Pagewood NSW) said about 60,000 tyres were sold through this promo - on the one day! Pirelli can't cope with deliveries - which are a total stuff up every year apparently and the guys at the branches cop all the abuse - so go easy on them. Mine were meant to be fitted on Saturday. I went in on Friday and they hadn't been delivered. Kumar at the branch was really helpful. Called me Saturday morning to say they had been shipped and would call me again on Monday with an update. Sure enough he called on Monday morning - to say they had arrived and I could have them fitted same day - which I did. Super good service from MyCar.

          • @belbo: BTW I also called Pirelli on the day of the promotion to find out which tyres they recommended for my car and driving (about 100 km's gravel road annually if we visit my in laws in the country). They said their technical guy would call me back, which he did not too long after - and he spent a good 10 minutes or so on the phone advising. Great service from them too. He recommended the Scorpion Verdure All Season with the LR code - which means they are Land Rover OE. They have codes which indicate other marques too - useful to know.

  • +3

    Just be sure to stay off the kerbs.

  • Do you have a motorcycle equivalent like Tyroola?

  • Anybody have a view on Dragon Sport v P Zero for a 2018 Golf GTI? I assume performance is better with PZ but I'd prefer the DS if wear / comfort is better.

    • -2

      Both would give you same “performance” for urban driving and around residential streets.

      The difference you might see would be on a race day. Dragon sport has more emphasis on safety and comfort.

    • The PZ for a golf GTI. Front wheel drive cars with that much torque require some grippy tyres.

  • Doubt its "limited" available tyres will be part of the deal.
    Mine is 245/30/20, no where around Melbourne has in stock.

  • I'm still waiting for a call back from my local store for 5+ hours now, maybe they're all under the pump

  • On their website, I can find these Pirelli P ZERO (RO1) XL 94Y.

    But the thread pattern is different that the Pirelli P ZERO PZ4.

    Are these 2 different tyres? I'm confused

    • Probably a stock photo?

  • Much sad, no sizes available for my gf's swift 185/55/16

    Does tempe tyres do black friday sales?

    • Hate Tempe tyres, worst customer service, confirmed they had stock in tyres I wanted, but when I got there they said they weren't in-stock till next week. Went down the road to Taleb Tyres and the service was way better.

  • Any recommendations in size 215/55/17 for Toyota Camry?

  • My care team, what's the usual cost of both a 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignment at your stores?

    • +2

      4 wheel alignment wouldnt be more than 70 hucks

      • +2

        I was quoted either $75 or $79 for a 4 wheel alignment when i spoke to the customer service reps on the phone. Thats in Melbourne.

      • +1


  • Hi OP,
    Great offer!
    Question, t&c say "in stock Pirelli tyres", when checking them online now it says; "Availability: From 8 days".
    So does that mean that I won't be able to purchase them for 50% OFF, or it would still be possible?

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