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50% off All Pirelli Tyres, Plus $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Enjoy 50% off All Pirelli Tyres, plus, get $100 off your next logbook service, to help you on your way.

This year, they’re not just tyres. They’re road trip tyres. Meeting the grandson tyres. Finally hugging the parents tyres.

With an epic 50% off ALL Pirelli tyres as well as $100 off your next logbook service, where will yours take you?

Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

More information can be found at -

1. This mycar Black Friday promotion is offered by Tyre and Auto Pty Ltd trading as mycar Tyre & Auto ABN 57 164 707 484 WA Lic. No. MRB5465 (mycar).
2. Book online or by telephone with mycar, between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021, for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of this fitment period, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.
4. All Offer Tyres must meet manufacturer’s guidelines for that vehicle and must all be fitted to a single vehicle at the same time in-store at mycar.
5. Online bonus: Book and pay for Offer Tyres online at between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021 to be eligible for a $100 off logbook servicing discount with mycar.
a. Confirmation of the discount will be emailed to customers within 3 business days.
b. The $100 off logbook servicing discount is single use and only applies to logbook servicing (in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) of the vehicle to which the Offer Tyres were fitted.
c. Discounts, even if unused or partly used, are not exchangeable for credit or refund.
d. The discount will expire at 11.59pm AEDT on 24 November 2022.
6. This promotion is valid only once per vehicle and once per customer and is for genuine and private buyers only (and excludes fleet, government, wholesale customers and mycar team members). Previously fitted Tyre Care Plan tyre/s may not be exchanged for Offer Tyres on 26 November 2021.
7. This promotion, and each of the Offer Tyres discount and the logbook servicing discount, is subject to booking availability and while stocks last, is not exchangeable, is not transferable, and is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
8. If any aspect of this offer cannot proceed as expected, for any reason including as a result of computer viruses, communications network or technical failure, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any cause beyond the control of mycar, then mycar may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the offer.
9. In the event of any dispute concerning the conduct of the offer, the decision of mycar is final. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the offer is to cease participation in the offer.
10. Nothing in these terms restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The governing law and jurisdiction of these terms is New South Wales Australia.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • +2

      I’ve been trying on my phone all this time. Still getting the gateway errors

  • +3

    Waste of time!

    Allows you to go to all the pages but won't take payment. Place order just spins.

  • +4

    Just made the purchase over the phone. 1 hour waiting from 12.01am

    • Congratulations. Your the first confirmed after 12:01!!!

    • Did they take the payment over the phone? Or send you a confirmation? All I got was the estimate only.

      • +1

        Got through over the phone as well after 1h20m. No payment, just booking. Nothing through on my email yet.

      • +1

        They said they'll take payment on the day. All I got was the estimate as well

  • +2

    Bad Gateway galore!!!

  • +1

    Searched almost whole of Perth online for stock

    • and? find some?

      • Nah!

    • +1

      Ditto. This just a bait and switch. Unless you want a really odd size/profile Pirelli tyre for a very odd vehicle, everything is out of stock. Same thing happened last year and the site doesnt make it easy to find where in WA there is stock. Methinks they only have 10 tyres Australia wide!

      • Maybe they are making us kick tyres for no good reason.

    • I just got a 4 dragon sport 215/40/r18 for $650 at the maddington branch booked for next week.

      • through call?

        • Through their atrocious website on my phone.

          It crashed, it reset, it took me back to the que.
          but some persistent refreshing and determination to save a few bucks got me through 😂

          • @El cheepo: Ah ok, mine is not in stock asks me to call.

            • @Ehty: Specs?

              Tried switching your location?

              • @El cheepo: 255/50 R19, yup nowhere in Perth.

                • @Ehty: That sucks, but i guess you can take some solace in knowing its not a legitimate 50% off

                  Probably more like 20/25%

  • Still not working, I think I broke my F5

  • +3

    A bit stupid of them to have this sale without the bandwidth to support the traffic

    • Or the stock. To me, this type of rubbish turns future customers away.

  • +2

    Finally after a long hold over the phone, got connected and booked the date and time, no payment taken on the phone, but he says appointment is confirmed and tyres are reserved. Will get a text notification a day before

    • Nice. What time did you begin your call?

      • Is it only available via call and not online then?

      • 12:01, was pressing F5 while enjoying the hold music till I got connected… ha ha ha

    • Thanks Mate, will try calling them tomorrow - the website is useless.

  • 40 mins on the phone and still nothing yet hehe

    • Do ask them if it be available online or just need to call

      • Just call

      • I think their system crashed, so won't work online unless it's fixed, till they hold on to your calls if you already have dialled and keep pressing F5…

        • Can’t even connect call. Call failed!!

          Ok in queue now

  • +1

    phone worked! 1 hr 30 wait and got the P7. can ask for booking ref, but they will take down your number anyway. no payment

  • ok, given up now. Going to sleep.

  • +1

    Finally got through…. waiting since 12:10 am.
    Guy on the phone was very nice and pretty straight forward booking.
    No email confirmation but a booking number can be provided.
    Pay on the day of Tyre change.
    Goodluck to other currently waiting on the phone.

  • Which number did you guys call? Mine asks for postcode then says the store is closed?

    • +1


    • +1

      13 13 28

      • Weird does yours ask what you need help with then ask for postcode?

  • 1-hour phone call? I'll give up. go to sleep

  • Waited for 1hr 54 mins on the phone, 2 mins booked in, also got confirmation email with the quotes

  • +3


    Email confirmation received.

    Off to bed. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!

  • finally site is up again!

  • got through online

  • Booked in online. Finally

  • Site is up, just processed successfully!

  • Wtf still shows no stock for me

  • +1

    Booking finally went through the site after 2 hours of refreshing. Yawn I win, good night.

    • +1

      Yup website works fine now.

  • Finally got a booking confirmed after an hour.

  • +3

    got another 502 at checkout, refreshed and went through. Had me worried for a second!

  • Can I know why some tyres don’t have online booking instead it displays contact number? Does it mean it’s out of stock?

    • Insufficient stock, need to order in

    • you might find that you may be able to order online through a different location or you can call 131328 to see if they can sort it out for your preferred store

      • Oh okay thanks I’ll give it a try at different locations then.

  • +1

    Still threw a 504 error as payment is being processed! Imagine the shock. Fortunately booking was registered properly and was sent to email. I no longer need to suffer…good luck for the others.

  • +1

    Just completed my order with email confirmation

  • No stock aside from the most expensive tyre for me

  • +1

    Looks like website is back up again - after two hours of hitting refresh, getting to checkout, and then a 502 error, managed to put in orders for two different cars. Was still on hold for 1:22 when website came back up

    Received email confirmation straight away - good luck everyone!

  • +1

    Yessss! Did it. That took forever but eventually got in.

  • +1

    FINALLY SITE IS UP!! got great deal

  • +1

    Done both cars saved around $1200 XD

    Worth staying up a little late

  • +1

    yeah everything working nicey now I gave up after 1 hour, came back later 11:30 west aussie time and its a breeze all done in 3 minutes.. getting 2 more of the same tires I bought last year haha completing the set..

  • My local manager made the local mycar an amazing store, he just left and the new manager kept accusing him of getting customers to pay by cash when I've never seen him do. Replaced 4 sets of tires amongst other works. After he left, the 1 star reviews came pouring in

  • Worth checking the supercheap deal, ended up $1 to $5 more per tyre depending on which you choose without the hassle of the mycar site being down, and its free mobile fitting rather than taking it in which is worth even the $5 extra per tyre.

    • Different tyre brand though? Only noname brands come up cheaper than this deal afaik

      • Nope. Same Pirelli tyres, and once 15% off they're about the same price. I edited my post as it's not cheaper, but only about $1 to $5 more expensive depending which Pirelli tyre. Extra price is worth it for mobile fitting and less hassle IMO.

  • Done. Bargain. Cheers!

  • Gave up at about 1AM, up again just now and Borat great success! A good $630 saved - VERY well worth the hassle! Aaand back to bed.

  • easy as booking online just now - took about 5 mins
    booked and saved over $600 thanks OP

  • +1

    Managed to get an online booking this morning, was easy. Added wheel alignment too, might as well get it done alongside!

    Thanks OP!

  • Wow, the level of dedication from Ozbargainers. I just woke up at 6am and booked mine. Had to search around the area for the available stock but managed to in the end

  • Jumped on the website and booked within 5 mins. Zoom zoom

  • Booked on the website successfully as well.

  • Given the smoothness with which the online bookings are going this morning, how come they screwed it all up so badly last night?

    • Kept refreshing till 2am last night and couldn’t get on. This morning I had to only wait a couple of minutes in an online queue, much faster and easier. Can also get an email link once it’s time to buy! Why didn’t they think of this earlier last night? $600 saved! Thanks OP

  • Did this last year. Absolute bargain.

  • Anyone booked on phone this morning ? approx wait times ? I'm at 25min.

    • Got through at 35min. booked. limited stocks and moving fast.

  • Just booked PIRELLI CINTURATO P6 95V for all 4 corners with alignment, what a bargain. Wait time was approx 1min at 7.30 ACST. Thanks OP!

  • Ok finally bought. No stock where I am for the cheapest model of my SUV Scorpion Verde tyres (19 inch) so decided to buy the only and most expensive available online - Came to $197 each which is a $100 savings per tyre off normal prices (even after the buy X get $X off deals that’s around all the time). I just couldn’t be bothered waiting another 30 mins on the phone to attempt to order the next cheapest ($18 cheaper per tyre). Apart from the dodgy website and releasing the deal early, good job Mycar! One of the best bargains around!

  • It took me 2 hours last night to get my order processed. But I got it done.

    As someone that work in IT (DevOps) it would be really interesting to know what the team did behind the scenes to keep it up and going when it gone live.

  • Can't see how to continue the booking process online.
    Click "add to booking" and then nothing…
    How have others who've been successful get to the next stage?

    • +1

      I can get it to select the stock, # of units, date but can't get it to lock in the time….argh!!

    • +1

      Yea, same for me as well. I just measured my tires and looked at the condition report from last month and it's all okay at 4mm, so I'll hang off until next year and get them same time next year.

      • My tyres have around 4mm left as well so I'm thinking I'll also hold off till next years deal.

  • Wow, that's a great deal. Shame my tyres only have ~8000km on them… does this deal happen yearly?

    • +1

      From what I can see, second year in a row. Love it!

  • What a great deal. All booked in for Dragon Sports at $648, I reckon I paid well over $1,000 for the same tire around 4 years ago.

  • No stock on my tyres, can't get through phone. Been 1 hour. Can I walk in store and order tyres or is it only online deal?

  • Got through after 35 mins on the phone. The guy on the other end was great and got it confirmed and booked without a problem.

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