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50% off All Pirelli Tyres, Plus $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Enjoy 50% off All Pirelli Tyres, plus, get $100 off your next logbook service, to help you on your way.

This year, they’re not just tyres. They’re road trip tyres. Meeting the grandson tyres. Finally hugging the parents tyres.

With an epic 50% off ALL Pirelli tyres as well as $100 off your next logbook service, where will yours take you?

Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

More information can be found at -

1. This mycar Black Friday promotion is offered by Tyre and Auto Pty Ltd trading as mycar Tyre & Auto ABN 57 164 707 484 WA Lic. No. MRB5465 (mycar).
2. Book online or by telephone with mycar, between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021, for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of this fitment period, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.
4. All Offer Tyres must meet manufacturer’s guidelines for that vehicle and must all be fitted to a single vehicle at the same time in-store at mycar.
5. Online bonus: Book and pay for Offer Tyres online at between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021 to be eligible for a $100 off logbook servicing discount with mycar.
a. Confirmation of the discount will be emailed to customers within 3 business days.
b. The $100 off logbook servicing discount is single use and only applies to logbook servicing (in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) of the vehicle to which the Offer Tyres were fitted.
c. Discounts, even if unused or partly used, are not exchangeable for credit or refund.
d. The discount will expire at 11.59pm AEDT on 24 November 2022.
6. This promotion is valid only once per vehicle and once per customer and is for genuine and private buyers only (and excludes fleet, government, wholesale customers and mycar team members). Previously fitted Tyre Care Plan tyre/s may not be exchanged for Offer Tyres on 26 November 2021.
7. This promotion, and each of the Offer Tyres discount and the logbook servicing discount, is subject to booking availability and while stocks last, is not exchangeable, is not transferable, and is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
8. If any aspect of this offer cannot proceed as expected, for any reason including as a result of computer viruses, communications network or technical failure, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any cause beyond the control of mycar, then mycar may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the offer.
9. In the event of any dispute concerning the conduct of the offer, the decision of mycar is final. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the offer is to cease participation in the offer.
10. Nothing in these terms restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The governing law and jurisdiction of these terms is New South Wales Australia.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Do I have to get my car serviced on the 26th or just book it?

    • +1

      If it’s same as all other previous sales. You can book with the future date on black Friday.. but not by much!!

    • +3

      Hi abs898, the sale begins at 12.01am on Friday 26 November, tyres need to be fitted between 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. Thanks :)

      • hi mate, I booked through Call and i haven't got any email or confirmation. looks like she took my Name wrong or something else, can you please help me , i know the date , time and place i confirmed with her on phone.

        • hi harsh27, if you can send an email to [email protected] with all your details including name, email address and vehicle registration we can look into this for you. Thanks

  • T&Cs aren't actually on the site yet.

    • Hi aoeueoa, all the information is on the website and the T&Cs are also on there now too! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Thanks

  • +1

    Cant find any Pirelli tyre in any of my closest MyCar

    • I think they can order in?

      • I read that it was only on stocked tyres

    • Hi Ehty, we sure can order tyres in, the sale starts at 12.01am on Friday so feel free to reach out to us on 131328, or purchase online at - Thanks

  • +9

    That's a great deal… Bugger just replaced tyres last month

    • Just buy these and pay someone else to fit them on later.

      • T&Cs say you can't do that - if they're not fitted to the car by 31 Jan, you pay the full price.

        • -1

          That’s tight. Might be a flop of a deal. last year terms were longer through to March.

        • Surely they just haven't considered letting people walk out with a set, seeing as they actually don't have to fit them?

  • +1

    damn i just had 4 new tyres fitted from tempetyres

    • +1

      i replaced 4x tyres, last week

    • me too! I had never seen a deal on tyres like this.. I got PIrelli PZeros as well! damn!

  • Do they offer Wheel alignment and Wheel balancing for no cost on purchasing 4 tyres?

    • +3

      just found my answer, they offer Free tyre fitting and Balancing but not alignment

    • -1

      Yes, wheel alignment and balancing was included in the previous promotion

      • +5

        wheel alignment is extra.

        • +1

          $75 in SA

    • +7

      I don't think anyone offers a free wheel alignment when purchasing tyres? Unless it's built in to the cost…fitting, balancing and disposal of old tyres should be included.

      • Think they do balance but not alignment

      • +1

        Actually make sure they change the valve stem… I know tempe tyres do, but I bought from Tyresales/Tyroola once and i don't think the idiots replaced mine because they failed a few months later and still looked original.

  • Apologies on a dumb query as I do not have much knowledge on tyres. I have Toyota Camry Atara and was planning to change tyres. How do you rate these tyres as I drive daily I.e would like to go with this brand if you recommend if not was planning to replace within Toyota service centre. If you recommend which tire type as I see multiple types?

    • +2

      You could go with these - MICHELIN Energy XM2+

    • +5

      Pirelli is one of the best in the market.

    • +2

      got 4 pirellis in this sale a year ago. good tyres IMO. great value for money.

    • +1

      Pirelli P7 are great tyres. Good grip and good longevity. However, the sidewalls were bit soft and more prone to cuts than Michelin that I have had previously and now. But at almost half the price of Michelin, you cannot go wrong with P7.

    • I have Atara R and using Michelin Pilot Sport 4 for the last 5 years and they are awesome. But with that coming deal will take a set of Pirelli CINTURATO P7 without regrets.

  • Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

    Does that mean I have to pay on the day and book in a service later down the line?

    • If it's a service, I'd say you just have to book it during the promotional period as the final price may vary.

      • oops brain fart i meant tyres

        • +3

          Going by the comments off the last year's deal, if you book online, payment required at the time. If you call up and book, you can pay when you get it done

  • +14

    Your Logbook Service quote will magically increase by $100 after purchase

    • logbook service quotes are fixed price so….

      • +5

        Last year, there was no online booking and you had to call around to get the quotes for logbook servicing. Called 3 places 1-2 days before with $250 quote. It magically jumped to $350 the day after black Friday on all places.

        Hopefully they won't this time as it would be too obvious with the online booking.

    • +2

      That's not really any different to anywhere else though, had my i30 serviced at the dealer (fixed price servicing) while the car was under warranty and it also got me free road side assistance. Without fail every service they called and said front and rear wiper blades need to be replaced - $120, cabin air filter needs to be replaced - $100. Declined every time as those prices are outright extortion.

    • What if you pay online beforehand as commented?

  • Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

    Keen on this deal for tyres.
    Does that mean I have to pay on the day and book in a tyre change later down the line?

  • Are the Pzero pz4 comparable to Pilot Sport 4s? If so this is a great deal.

    • +4

      I'm eyeing those PZ4 too. I think they should be quite comparable. Seems like they're much better in the wet, and there's where it really counts for me (my spirited drives tend to happen in the wet….)

      Also for comparative reasons I've saved a screenshot of what the prices are today so I know if they're really 50% off, or some BS (which I'm thinking would actually happen)

      • +1

        me: Drives become spirited because of the wet! LOL

      • I checked in there early and managed to book it in for 50% off.

    • +1

      Interested in this too. The P Zeros have an AR version and MO version - what's the difference?

      • +3
        • Thanks. I have a Renault Megane and both the AR and MO versions were recommended. No renault in Pirelli's line up. Does it matter or is it even suitable?

          • @scepticpsych: The store can confirm which model is suitable for yours. I know VW and Audi use the AO.

        • +1

          I put my rego in for my FG Falcon and it offers two zeros, with the MO being cheaper - is it different to the 'non' MO one?

          Pirelli P ZERO (MO) XL 97Y $315

          Pirelli P ZERO XL 97Y $349

    • Where do you see the PZ4? All I see is the regular P-Zero. Nvm, I see it depends on the tyre size.

      • Could you elaborate on this? I went with the p zeros. Didn't see any pz4.

  • +1

    Current tyre price is before 50% off I assume?

    • +1

      Doesn't start until the 26th, so yes, everything currently is full/regular price

    • Hi Lancerx, yes you are correct! The promotional price will be up on the website on Friday at 12.01am :) Thanks

  • +2

    Good timing. Just got told by Police to replace my tyres. Not quite slicks yet.

    • +1

      alreadytaken, great timing! Feel free to head online to on Friday 26 November or you can call us on 131328 so we can assist you! Thanks

      • Recommendations for 215/55/17 Pirelli range, Toyota Camry?

        • Hi GoldStar, you can head online and pop in your vehicle registration and it will provide recommendations for you! Alternatively, you can give us a call on 131328 and we will be able to assist you further. The sale will kick off at 12.01am on Friday! :) Thanks

  • +2

    Good, I replaced my front 2 tyres with the same deal last year. This time I’ll replace the rear 2

    • same here

    • But getting new tyres put on the front yeah?

    • Hi Bootleg Superman, glad you were able to take advantage of the deal last year too! We look forward to being able to help you again this year! :)

  • I saw this Pirelli P ZERO (*) XL 94Y 225-45R17 94Y. Is this the PZ4?

    • +1

      I'd have said they are regular P Zero's marked for BMW/Mini. Not sure they stock PZ4's in that size, you may have to call them?

      In comparison to the 245/35R19's I'm looking at which has
      Pirelli P ZERO (*) XL 93Y is a regular P Zero at $409
      Pirelli P ZERO PZ4 NEW (AO) XL 93Y is the Audi marked PZ4 at $419
      Pirelli P ZERO (MO) XL 93Y is the regular P Zero marked for Mercedes at $425
      Pirelli P ZERO PZ4 NEW NCS (MC) XL 93Y is the McLaren marked version with Noise Cancellation System at $519

      It's pretty confusing with so many available but only 1 in stock which may make my decision easier.

      Compare the picture of the tread, there's quite noticeable differences and it should spell it out in the description "The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 New is an premium performance tyre designed with Pirelli's vast knowledge of motorsport."

      • Can't seems to see any difference on their site between them all except price

        • The tread blocks are completely different in the pictures and correspond to the regular P Zero and PZ4 on Pirelli's site. That's the only way I can tell them apart

      • It's pretty confusing

        Yeah I have P Zero's currently and when I looked up some replacements I was baffled by a myriad of choice. Someone needs to write a wiki specifically about P Zeros and the difference with all of the various types.

  • +2

    From previous experience, the website gets smashed during this promo. I went instore last time as I had extra Flybuys points to claim and they were able to do it for me (even though it's meant to be an online only sale).

    • This. I spent over an hour last year trying to book in. Complete waste of time.

  • P1 or P6 ? I drive a compact car , mix highway and normal driving.

    • +1

      Cinturato P6 is an enhanced version of Cinturato P1 and provides the perfect equilibrium of performances, fuel saving, comfort and high level of safety for mid-size and compact cars. It comes with a new pattern design to increase contact patch area (+5% vs reference) and uniform pressure distribution, enhancing braking performance on wet/dry (-3% wet braking distance vs reference), improve aquaplaning, reduce noise and improve regular wear.

      It provides more squared tread footprint area for a better dry braking performance. There is more uniform pressure distribution (+10% vs reference), thanks to the pattern design improving the regular wear, the rolling resistance and the lateral cornering.

      Cinturato P6 comes with optimised tread design with specific pitch sequence to improve the noise performance, thanks to the new sequence of the grooves and sipes, the amplitude of the frequencies of the noise has been reduced (-20% vs reference) obtaining a more silent tyre (-1 dB vs reference).

      The other benefits include wider longitudinal grooves (+5% vs reference) for a better water dispersion (green grooves); wider external traversal grooves (+5% vs reference) to improve the contact area having better water dispersion (red grooves); -3% wet braking distance vs reference; and +10% improvement on Rolling Resistance.

      • Thanks Adam !

        Noted will look out for p6 in the future pirelli sales . Unfortunately just got a set of yokohama :( bugger

      • I have the P6 Cinturato. They're great and grippy, quiet and wearing well.

  • that's a massive discount! i guess the materials in a tyre are probably cheap but.. all the R&D behind a safe tyre. what on earth are the usual markups!?!

    • Usual markups on tyres are HUGE! The markups are known as pure profit. :)

  • +13

    Bottas got 50% off of his Pirellis in the Qatar Grand Prix.

    • +2

      Wasn't an exclusive deal either. Norris and Gasly bagged the same Pirelli deal too. And Russell and Latifi too.

  • I own a Subaru XV that needs new tires. Can anyone recommend a Pirelli that suits? Thanks

    • there is a find my tire by rego section on their website :)

      • Cheers! Very helpful! Found three Pirellis that could suit

        • +5

          Normally buy four (or two)

  • Pirelli DRAGON SPORT XL 93W

    Is what's recommended for my mazda 3

  • Do I have to do a service as well or can I just get the tyres?

    • Would like to know this too

    • No, the logbook service is an optional extra. They sent me an email reminder last year but I just ignored it.

    • Hi Aazn, of course you can just buy the tyres, you will also get a voucher for $100 off your next logbook service which will be valid until 24 November 2022! :)

  • +1

    Looks like a good deal, lets hope when the sale starts the price off is legit, not some dodgy tactics like

    Oh we have to order them in, not included in the sale.

    • It was fine last year, prices stayed as they are now. Had two fitted for price of 1.

      • Hi MisterEd, glad to hear you were able to take advantage of this great deal last year! :)

    • Hi MrThing, the website is showing the current RRP, on Friday, when the sale is on, you will see the promotional price! :) Feel free to go online to or give us a call on 131328 on the day! Thanks

    • yes, no-one ever should pay full retail for tyres. This 50% off is likely off the RRP, and I suggest may not end up being much of a saving at all.

      • ye i just checked out tempe and its only a ~30ish saving, so I might just wait till my current tyres are totally shot instead of chucking them out with 10 - 20% of legal tread left

        • Not necessarily a wise thing to do (run your tyres until they’re illegal).

  • +2

    I can't recommend mycar for anything, even for something as simple as changing a tyre..

    • When they were Kmart tyre and auto my local was terrible. Seem better now and actually got a ripped tyre changed there once.

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