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[Pre Order] Hikoki 18V Brushless 2 Piece 1x 5.0Ah/2.5Ah Combo Kit KC18DBSL(H4Z) $299 Delivered @ Total Tools


Hikoki or also know as Hitachi power tools are matching Dewalts black Friday deal. Should be this price at most of the big retailers that stock Hikoki. The impact and battery kit cost $250 at Sydneytools, this deal should save you a few hundred as the drill skin is $250.

Same price at Sydneytools.

.1 x HiKOKI 18V Brushless Impact Driver Drill Skin DV18DBSL(H4Z)
.1 x HiKOKI 18V Brushless Impact Driver Skin WH18DBSL(H4Z)
.1 x HiKOKI 18V/36V 5.0Ah/2.5Ah Multi Volt Lithium-Ion Battery A BSL36A18
.1 x HiKOKI 18V Battery Charger UC18YSL3H0Z

HiKOKI 18V Brushless Impact Driver Drill Skin DV18DBSL H4Z

.18V 70Nm Brushless Impact Drill
.70Nm hard torque output
.Impact mode for masonry drilling
.18V High Performance brushless motor
.2 speed heavy duty gear box
.Heavy duty metal keyless chuck

HiKOKI 18V Brushless Impact Driver Skin WH18DBSL(H4Z)

.18V 175Nm Brushless Impact Driver
.High torque compact model with superior handling
.Variable speed trigger for greater control
.Bright LED light
.1/4″ Hex drive

Any one have any info on where its made? I've looked at the Hikoki website can't find any info. If its made in Japan that's great value, i think the Dewalt might be made in America but at this price, probably not?.

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  • How does this compare to the ALDI deal for $169?


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      It doesn't compare Hikoki are trade quality tools, heaps better than Aldi brand tools.

      • Cheers mate

        • If you can spend the difference (its almost twice as much) go with this deal or the Dewalt black Friday deal, This pack has a 6 year warranty on the tools and 3 years on the battery. Dewalt has a 3 year warranty.

          Dewalt deal

          • @aussieprepper: I know another comparison question, but how does the Dewalt compare to the Amazon Makita 2 Piece Brushless Combo Kit deal with 2 batteries for $349?

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              @Izzyhop: Splitting hairs between the 3 imo. Personally I'd go the Makita kit combined with the shopback cash back deal this arvo that should take $25 off because I'd rather 2 batteries, the tools come with 5 years warranty if you register, TT and Sydney Tools often have Makita trade days where they offer decent deals which also forces Bunnings to drop their prices of Makita gear.

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              @Izzyhop: That's a good deal also, go for the Makita if you already have Makita gear like gardening stuff. Hikoki have released some cool looking 36v gardening gear that this battery is compatible with.

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      Like aussieprepper said, Hikoki are trade quality and aldi tools are for DIYers

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        Or ryobi when on sale. Much easier to exchange than aldi for diy

  • I can't seem to find wired ones. Seems like no one makes them these days. I am ask always sceptical about batteries.

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    Made in China

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      Like 90% of everything.

  • My local Bunnings has started selling Hikoki, just like Masters…

  • I have had a lot of Hitachi tools (hikoki now) and some are really good and others have been not so. Depends what you do and how you treat the tools but for any home handyman these are excellent if not overkill. The tools will probably last the rest of your life but the batteries will need replacing which can be expensive. Aftermarket batteries are available but are hit and miss. At this price worth it.

    • The bonus with Hikoki is that every so often they have a ‘bring your old battery and get a new one for $50’ type deals.

  • Shame no 36v deals. Those things rip

    • I have the 36v circ saw and recip saw which are great but for a drill and driver I really doubt there's any difference between 18v and 36v. Maybe you can drive 200mm bugle screws in 3seconds faster.

      This comes with the Multivolt (36/18v) 5ah battery which sold separately are ~$200 so still good value for this pack. Although, not sure it's strictly a deal. I bought this a while ago and it was widely available as just a regular promo pack but also included the plastic carry case. Not as part of a 'sale'.

      If you want the carry case for the same price, it look as though Bunnings, Trade Tools and Discount Trader all have this kit with the case included.

      • The Hikoki official promotional material for this shows a carry case. The part number on this deal and their promotion matches.

        • Fair enough, hopefully it includes it despite not being mention on the Total Tools website.

          Pretty poor showing from Hikoki for a Black Friday 'deal' though, when it's available as a promo item all the time.

          • @fairbasa: DeWalt is really the deal king. They have so many… At times i wonder if anyone has paid a full price for DeWalt items. Unless, maybe, they dont discount their good skins?

            I think Makita is the next brand in terms of promotions. For frequency and value.

            Milwaukee deals are not mind blowing in my opinion and dont happen as often.

            Hikoki tends to be last in terms of discount frequency and value. I think the $50 battery upgrade is their best proposition. On rare occasions they have a good bonus with a certain amount of spend but that is no where near as often as DeWalt. A lot of times they give some gimmicky in their promotions, maybe no one redeems those? Haha

            I dont pay attention to Bosch Blue so no idea where they stand in terms of deals.

    • there's this one free blue tooth speaker and vac via redemption https://www.totaltools.com.au/132415-hikoki-36v-multivolt-br...

      • Thats decent! A need for radio will be hit and miss between people.

        One bonus thing about 36V range is that there is an AC adapter so can use 36V tools without batteries. Yes it defeats the benefits of cordless but its great for other things such as the circular saw runtime.

      • This deal has been available for a while. Not a Black Friday deal per se

  • I'm on team green and am pleased with the tools (although mine were made in Japan) but one downside is that you will never get access to cheap fruity skins like if you went with PXC or Ryobi.

  • +1

    HIKOKI 730W 125MM ANGLE GRINDER G13SR4(H6Z) Will be on sale for $69 .

    To comment on OP’s query about country of manufacturing: DeWalt is very hit and miss. There is some good stuff and some poor stuff, even amongst the same product line like drills. Need to look for specific models to get the better performing ones, and some of that is to do with where they are made. I know Makita still make some tools in Japan but only certain models. The Japanese made Makita is better performing. Their colour is a little different. There are less models in Hikoki range but i dont know where they are made these days.

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