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Boost $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit 260GB 12 Months $250 Delivered ($6 Cashrewards Cashback) @ Boost Mobile


Official Black Friday deal from Boost Website. They also have the 100GB for $170, which isn't a deal compared to what's already put up. This one looks to have a 20GB bonus already built in because the recharge is 240GB. I bought it because I've always for no luck with Officeworks price matching and for the other deals, it was too much trouble putting the codes in, adding delivery just to save a couple more dollars.

No nonsense checkout from Boost + $6 Cashback from Cash rewards. Deal.

Note: I bought this on the 23/11 when the deal first came out (because I was desperate) but you can consider waiting for any flash cashback deals between now and 29/11 as well.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • The Belong triple data deal (240GB for $20) is also worth considering, if you don't mind the hassle of activating & referring 10 SIMs at $20 each, for a total years worth of access on the $15 plan.

    • With boost mobile you are also "officially" with Telstra and therefore have access to Telstra deals. Of note for some is cheap Kayo (previously free AFL)

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        You also get access to the Telstra mobile network, not a cut down wholesale version that is really restricted. I get a way better experience on Vodafone in Perth metro than I ever did on Belong. Coverage & data speeds on Voda put Telstra wholesale to shame.

        The only time it wins is if you go slightly rural, but not too far.

        I'd go Boost in a heartbeat if I was travelling around regional & rural WA.

      • I'm trying to access cheap Kayo but haven't been able to work it out, how did you manage to get cheap Kayo with Boost?

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    Why not just buy from this deal?

    It's been running for a long time and they ship very quickly. Works out to be $234 for the 240+20gb sim starter pack and you don't have to muck around with cashrewards.

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      Fair call! For some reason that deal never clicked with me when I was searching for a new plan (maybe the long running tag made me skip). I put it up in case someone wanted to try getting an Officeworks Price Beat (as it's not a discount code but advertised price).

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    You can get this for $231.80 from ebay here (not sure if you need ebay plus though) with code SHO50FF

  • Any in-store Boost deals. I need now.

  • Has anyone seen any recharge offers?

    • Similar question, would this still work if I recharge with this offer?

      • No, I don't think it would as it's attached to an actual sim.

    • I think you need to port out and then back in again. Some people have said that they have had success with talking to customer support and getting the credit used/transfered but I have never tried.

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    Pricematched at Officeworks this arvo for $237.50

  • I just price matched at Officeworks using the auditech.com special. Auditech = $230.44, OW price matched to $218.50

  • Will this work if I recharge with this offer?

  • With boost, do we get any services like kayo, apple music, or anything other than just the plan

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