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Hisense 55" Series U7G ULED 4K TV 55U7G - $939 Delivered @ Powerland (Price Match at JB/TGG)


Price matched with JB (advertising at $995) & used discounted gift cards for local pick up (5% = $892.05 through Suncorp rewards, or @15% off $798.15 with Coles purchased gift cards). Enjoy!

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  • this or LG c1?

    • LG C1

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      If you want the best picture quality and the best TV for gaming C1 hands down!

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      C1 for quality, absolutely. But there is a 100%+ price difference between them, so not an especially fair comparison either.

    • At identical price? LG.
      If this is any cheaper, I went and demo'd them yesterday.
      AMAZING. 15 second boot time WITHOUT fast boot enabled.
      And the amazing borderless dimming zones made blacks amazing.

      While the app range is tiny, I'd take a basic flawless TV any day, I can add a newer android stick 'forever'. so I just want the software to get out of the way.

  • Yep I went the C1. It has to be the best bargain this year for TV's. Very happy with mine.

    • Not sure if I can agree the C1 price as best bargain for TV.

      • Agree, C1 is still a bit expensive. I'm looking for a 55'' TCL C825 deal at the moment. Hisense u9g is also good to me but there is no 55'' version. Otherwise, I will go for a C1 55''.

  • Is coles still having 15% JB gift cards?

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    65" version from Powerland on Ebay for $989 after $100 off with Ebay Plus: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194379294614?epid=2319638583&has...

    • How does this compare to the LG 65” Nanocell?
      (Model 65NANO75TPA).

      The LG seems to have the better App Store?

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        I was looking into this myself as the other option before purchasing the Hisense (in the 55"). LG lacked Kayo (which was the dealbreaker for me), while VIDAA (Hisense) had lacked Disney+ but was apparently just added last month in their U5 OS. I also read somewhere that VIDAA is now being installed on other TV brands, and are increasingly looking to be a competitor in the TV OS space more. So personally I felt Hisense was better for my situation. Hope that helps!

      • To add to this LG uses IPS screen tech which are generally more responsive and have better viewing angles but lacks the deeper blacks and higher contrast levels of the VA panel Hisense uses in the U7G. Both have pros and cons though so go with what suits your TV room set up.

  • Is this the best option at the 1k price point?

    • Possibly yes. VA panel with decent brightness and contrast which is further boosted by full array local dimming (NOTE: don't confuse with the US version of U7G which is completely different panel and runs on google TV, the AUS version is different). I've been looking around and this is probably the cheapest Quantum LED (Hisense calls it ULED) with FALD. TCL comes close with the C727 but it's only sold at the Good Guys and I haven't seen it get as cheap as the U7G. Big plus for the TCL is the android operating system over Hisense's VIDAA5 but I've seen reports that VIDAA is slowly getting better by adding popular apps like Disney and Kayo that it was missing.

    • I'll also give a shout out to the Hisense Q8 from last year which could be found for around/under 1K which is a well reviewed popular model but I believe stock is now hard to come by.

  • Applicaneonline has 20% cashback on zippay upto $80. Maybe pricematch with them so would work out $859.

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