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ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 Dual Band Mesh WiFi 6 System 2 Pack $399 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


Officeworks appear to have this "mispriced" (priced for a single unit but selling advertised as a 2 pack) for $399 Officework

JBHifi selling 2 pack for $699. JBHIFI LINK

It’s only dual-band but if your house is Ethernet wired it’s best to use this with a wired backhaul (5ghz bandwidth faster than the $1000 XT8)
If anyone is looking for a 4x4 Mimo wifi6 MESH router this is your chances.

I’ve been looking at this. Mesh for 6 months and it’s never been below 500 online

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    • Nah that is the CT8 Wi-Fi 5. Asus XD6 is Wi-Fi 6.

  • This is a budget version. Specs aren't good compared to other Asus mesh systems.

    • No it isn't. The XD4 is the budget version.

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        XT8 is much better $616 jbhifi.

      • like the XD4, the XD6 is also dual band, I'd class it as budget product. For a mesh, its good if you can have it w/ a wired backhaul, but as a wireless backhaul, its limited

        XT8 is triband

        • Dual band doesn't mean it's a budget product. XD6 is mid range. Wired backhaul is the way to go.

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            @Twix: fair point, I guess it just depends if you have the option to run wired

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      UK routers don't have 5GHz band c.

      • Does this matter if you are on NBN 100 FTTC?

      • I just meant that maybe the price is dropping for this model (as opposed to it being a pricing error).

  • How does the Asus compare to orbit? I still have my Netgear Orbi few years old. Doesn't have wifi 6 obviously. Thinking of upgrading. Would this be a good choice?

    • Some of the features which are subscription only in Netgear is free in ASUS.

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    Thanks Op!!! I've been looking for months too!
    Bought, triband would have been nice but I can't justify the price given this deal :)

  • Thanks OP bought a pair too

  • Thanks OP!

  • Will this work on FTTP

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      Yep plug it in to the nbn NTD.

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  • Thanks OP. Got one.
    Just curious if anyone knows - Does TP-link have a comparable mesh system to this?

  • This or 3 Pack X60's?
    Only thought with X60's is I can just pick up cheap m5's to place where needed. I havent looked into the XD ecosystem, I'm assuming you can add a XD4 to the XD6 system?

  • Is there any wifi6 system with satelites with VOIP ?
    My friend has big house with wifi coevrage issues but also has VOIP phone .

  • Saw this in Officeworks Black Friday advertise. So not a misprice.

  • Bought one, great price thank you OP

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