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Oppo A53s 128GB $187 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


After I broke my old phone, I was looking for something cheap to replace it. Found this Oppo, which looks pretty decent for the price. Got it this morning and works fairly well (cannot compare to a $1000 phone, but you are paying a fifth of the price).

Two colors, black and that fancy blue. Specs as below:

Phone Operating System Android
Network compatibility 4G
Dual SIM (nano-SIM + nano-SIM) Yes
Colour Blue
Device screen size (inches) 6.5
Resolution (Pixels) 1600 x 720
Display type LCD
Touchscreen Yes
Internal memory 128GB
Expandable memory up to 256GB
Expandable memory format Micro SD card
Battery capacity (mAh) 5000
Processor Qualcomm SM4250
RAM (GB) 4
Rear Cameras (MP) 13MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera (MP) 8MP
Built-in flash Yes
Face detection Yes
Movie recording Full HD
Video Frames Per Second [email protected], [email protected]
Headphone output (3.5mm) Yes
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac)
Bluetooth v5.0
Manufacturer's warranty 2 Years

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  • +1

    Will be great with the discounted coles gift cards!

    • +1

      sh*t, I could have saved another 30 bucks….heartbroken

      • Dont worry, in my rush, I picked up a "her" gift card paid for it and realised it wasnt discounted. Coles manager said they cant do refunds on gift cards :(

    • What gift cards are u referring to?

  • Is the A53 non-S a higher specced phone? Because you'd think they'd also discount the A53 64GB, but it's now more expensive…

  • +2

    Love to see a deal on a phone with a smaller screen. All the ones coming up are over 6 inches

    • don't think there is any 2021 android phone selling in OZ retail store that's under 6"

      except for Asus zenphone 8

      and the very old outdated Samsung s10e

      • whoa whoa whoa…. s10e is awesome. I'm still using a snapdragon 8gb ram version :) And hopefully will be for a while longer

    • +1

      if you find anything let me know…
      for now i think im resigning myself to a 6.5" so i can at least buy a 'current' phone with decent specs

  • No NFC yeah?

    • +1

      OPPO states NFC is market dependant. JB shows the part number as CPH2135AU
      Google it and went to OW site and it states it does have NFC. I'm gathering (knowing oppo), these could possibly be network requested designs (i.e. Optus). The device looks just like the rest and nothing on the box indicates this, but if you are really concerned contact JB. I know my Reno Z, purchased from Officeworks has no networks brands names anywhere, but when I chucked my serial in Oppo's site it shows as OPPO Reno Z (Optus).

      Either ring JB or buy from [Officeworks](https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/oppo-a53s-... also $187) and states NFC: Yes

    • +2

      It has, NFC payments working

      • Thanks for confirming. I remember the A52 when it first released, there was confusion whether it had NFC or not.

        A lot of stores wouldn't list it, I think the Oppo website also said no, but users who bought the phone or went to an in-store demo confirmed it had NFC.

  • You get what you pay for and although the stats wouldn't suit most, they are okay for the price and the 2-year warranty is always nice. I will note, I have the Oppo Reno Z and My mate has the Oppo Reno 10x something and their updates have slowed both these devices down more than that has been experience before. Maybe it's just bad luck, but you may wish to do some review reading before installing updates

    • +1

      Completely agree, for someone like me that is going to use it for maps, text, and the browser, it works wonders. If someone is picky about responsiveness and apps opening instantly, keep away from it. Coming from a high-end Samsung, this is a noticeable downgrade (but, again, suits my needs)

      • its hard to expect more given its just a Snapdragon SD460 with an ancient Adreno 600 gpu.

        This is the sort of combo that effectively dates back to pre 2018.

        They have obviously made it nicer with a 90hz screen and 4/128 is good etc. but the old processing is always going to make it feel slow.

        Unfortunately I dont see much SD600 class stuff even past $300.

        • Not sure I agree. My experience is they start off very fast, and they slow down, generally with updates. I have a Samsung Tab S2 that I refused to update after the initial ones and it runs fantastically. Sure the bait to update is always security but hey. The battery is slightly worse than it originally was but that is after being charged every day since 2016. Lots of factors here, but my Oppo A52 is still running well and of course it is not that old overall.

  • Worth paying the extra $250 or so for the Oppo A74 (also from JB hi-fi?)

  • Ends Monday

  • +1

    I have this phone and it runs worse than the a52, i wouldnt buy it if i had the chance again but its not terrible

  • Can use the Coles gift cards for extra 15% off which brings this down to about $160

  • My Brother and i both bought the A53s and his has upgraded to ColorOS 11.1 and Android 11.1. Mine won't update and says ColorOS 7.2 and Android 10 is the latest version. Any ideas on how i can upgrade?

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