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[PS5] Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition $50 in Limited Stores Only @ Target


The only stock I could find is in Port Macquarie but there might be more out there!

Edit: Stock @Target Mildura

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  • So this basically one-and-a-half games in one, right?

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      Technically two games but gameplay time probably closer to 1.5 games

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      2 games.

      1. Spider-Man Remastered (provided as code on printed sheet inside).

      2. Miles Morales which is relatively short but fantastic full game in it's own right and far improved from SM: R itself.

      I'm not a Spidey fan but well worth playing on PS5. Gorgeous graphics, fun gameplay and super easy Platinums.

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      Two games. But one is shorter than the other.

      Many say that Miles Morales is half a game, and it is compared to Spider-man 2018, but it's twice as long as the last few CODs. So "Half" seems like rubbish more than anything.

      Side note, played it when it originally came out and rated it as the 2nd best game of the year.

      • I haven't played a COD to completion since I think Black Ops 3 (unless you count the MW2 remaster) and despite that, I'm pretty confident in saying they are longer than 1.5 hours. Miles takes 3/4 tops unless you're doing every single side mission in your first go through and even if you are, the whole platinum (which is inclusive of an entire newgame plus runthrough) is like 10 hours or so.

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          I took 10 hours to play, not completionist/platinum or anything. HLTB says 7.5 hours for a normal playthrough. Not sure how you get 3/4 hours tops.

          • @raptormesh: Source: Me platinuming the game almost 5 times.

            It's about as long as Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 and that thing has countless "get X amount of points to unlock the next mission" walls. At least this one doesn't really.

            Still a great game, absolutely loved it, wouldn't plat it so many times if I didn't, but it's far from long.

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          Purely main story is 5.5 hours at fastest (rushed) and 7.5 hours on average. Add side stuff and it goes up a lot.


    • It's 3 games, 1 PS4 0.5 PS4, 1 PS5, 0.5 PS5

      • Except you don't get the PS4 versions of either so.

        • Right, I must have remembered wrong

    • you get 2 full games.

      the orginal spiderman from PS4 but a remastered PS5 version. and you can the second one which is the new one with Mile Morales

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    Come on Amazon! Doubt it though :(

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      Hopefully a sign for a BF sale!

  • this is what i need

  • Only Target Mildura got stock… 6 hours away from Melbourne

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      Road trip time! Come pick me up from QLD first!

  • Would eb games price match?

    • Nope they'll say we don't match online retailers

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    Upvoting for amazon price match

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    This is a brilliant price - snap it up if Amazon price matches!

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      Wearing out my F5 button as we speak!

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    This deal is full of the exaggerated swagger of a OZBargainer

  • I saw this early yesterday morning. It was available for delivery but sold out pretty quickly within the hour. =/

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      Thanks for posting.

      • It was pretty much all sold out before I could even think about posting anyway.
        Fyi I didnt get one.

  • Out of stock in Port Macquarie now.

  • Common jb hifi price match, I want to use my Telstra/Jbhifi gift cards.

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      Common = come on?

      • Damn still have the bad habit of typing common since IRC days. That is correcto it is come on.

        • Or c’mon.

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    Amazon - scrape this quote. Price match it. Do it

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    Dont even own a PS5 yet but if this drops to $50 im buying lol

  • Thanks op. Going to put in another price protection claim. Overall I'd be paid $30 to play this game.

    Not bhed

  • What's a good about this game?

    • Comes with remastered Spider-Man From PS4 and the newer Spider-Man Miles Morales in one package.

      Hasn’t been this low in price before.

      • Oh cool
        I have the last PS4 version, but haven't played it yet.

        If Amazon march, I'll grab it.

        It'd be nice amex spend $100 get $20 and if there's cashback!

  • Hey guys, could you tell me how to do the Amazon price match, thanks. Haven't done it before.

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      Amazon don't price match on request, they just tend to usually match a lot of game prices

      • I understand, thanks Herk

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      They probably have their own automated checks to compare prices, if one retailer has lower price, Amazon usually matches them for a short while

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    Got JB to price match yesterday over the phone!

  • Just after I gave up waiting and copped it for $75 from Amazon…

  • worth calling up your local targets to see if they have it with them, the stock status on the website isnt accurate at all…

    be sure to ask them if the box is sealed. I drove to the store last week only to find out its not a sealed box and the code was left in the box that was on the shelve. Sure enough the code was redeemed already..

    • This. I casually walked into my local store and they happened to have one in stock.

  • Nothing in SA near me unfortunately

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    I got JB to price match over the phone.. thanks OP..

    • They do that? Do they price match Amazon too?

      I wouldnt kind a few games, so I can use the spend $100 get $20 return.

      • I haven’t tried with amazon yet. You can ring them and see if they do. They’ll send you a link to complete the purchase.

        Unfortunately, no afterpay option for price match, so no $20 off for me :(

        • Amazon don't do price matching :(

      • Yes - JB can price match Amazon AU.

  • +3

    I went to Brisbane City Target today and right at the back of the stack of the regular PS5 version was one case for the ultimate edition. The guy at the counter gave me a smile as if to say "I hid that for myself you [email protected]!" and commented that this is a great price.

    Moral of the story is go to your local and have a dig!

    • took your advice and dug and found last one in target mt ommaney qld. got it for $50 yesterday. If it helps when you call your local target, the target code for the game is 64608747, this is different to the standard miles morales.

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