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Uoni S1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $144.99 Delivered (Was $299.99) @ Uoni Amazon AU


About this item
【Easy to Use】Just use the remote and you can control the directions it goes as well as the speed, but you don’t have to because it has sensors all around it. You can also set a schedule for it to clean everyday even when you’re not home. You can control your vacuum cleaner remotely with the Uoni Robot APP, there are so many helpful options- low to maximum suction power, different modes for different areas. It pairs easily with Alexa and Google Assistant.
【Ideal for Pet Family】2000Pa strong suction power, Its does a great job at picking up pet hair, cat litter, crumbs, dirt, lint! Simply by pushing the on power button, S1 robotic vacuums will enter the automatic cleaning mode! There are also a Spot mode if you want to do some targeted cleaning, and the Edge mode where the robot goes along all the walls of your house, deeply cleaning each edge and corners. The end of your pet hair problem!
【Worry-Free Cleaning】Uoni S1 robotic vacuum cleaner has a slim 2.85-inch body, so it can get under furniture without getting stuck. With extra-large wheels and automatic carpet boost, the robot vacuum can climb and move effortlessly from hard floors to carpets for deeper clean. S1 robot vacuum cleaner has anti-drop sensor for stairway and never falls down. Smart safe cleaning, zero attention needed!
【Virtual Boundary Compatible】There are certain areas within your home, such as your kid's play area or your pet’s bed that you want S1 robotic vacuum to avoid. Set Boundary Strips to create no-go-zones. Uoni S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner equipped with dual-hall sensors to detect boundary strips to keep your robot only clean the home and areas you want.
【Cleans Quieter and Longer】Powered by 2600mAh Li-ion battery, the vacuum cleaner robot allows you enjoy up to 150mins of constant cleaning, super quiet volume no louder than a microwave make night vacuuming possible. It will automatically return to the charging base when the battery is low, ensuring it’s always ready to clean. The 500ml dust bin is plenty big enough to house a ton of hair/dirt/junk and very simple to empty.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • non lidar robotic vacuums are rubbish

    • +2

      What's the best bang for buck lidar unit?

      • I am trying to find this too.

        I think the one in the xiaomi post might be the cheapest one at $265.

        • I'm giving the higher model Uoni a go based on spec and Amazon post sales service.

  • I am new to these robot vacuums and I got an ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 3-Stage Cleaning System
    It is 199 from 279, had great reviews and 10/10 regarding pets which is the main reason I was after one.

    The reviews were the main reason I got that model over any other.


    • Got one of these a few years ago. They are alright but it regularly gets stuck. Would recommend people put the money to a model with mapping.

  • +1

    I got this puppy - The price was too good to resist, so it is my first foray in to the Robot vacc market.
    The App is fine, it's got a scheduler and works good. I have a tiled living, kitchen, dining, which blend in to carpeted bedrooms, study etc. It does a great job on tiles, and the equivalent of a light vacc on carpet. It's not super smart, so seems to randomly travels around the house doing it's business. They provide metal tape if you want to section off an area as a no-go.
    No room mapping or any fancy features. I haven't used it upstairs, but I suspect it'll throw itself down the stairs if given the opportunity.

    • "but I suspect it'll throw itself down the stairs if given the opportunity."

      hahahah the best part.

      I got that Evocac I mention before, less than 48h with it:

      • it is dumb
      • its mobile app cannot find it lol and the reviews are correct
      • no mapping, no fancy features, it finds its way bumping everywhere hahaha
      • the apartment does feel clean, the bedroom carpet looks 10/10
      • 2 cats, I can walk without having a flipflop made of fur
      • you do everything from its remote controller. The scheduler is easy to set up and works as expected

      I was thinking to return it but this is my first robot vacuum, it gets the job done, does what it was supposed to do. For what I paid for, I cannot ask too much.

      As far as my recent experience and review goes, if you really wanna something 10/10, you better be ready to spend $500 at least up to $1k

  • Its down to $144.99 now, even lower so can't be too bad for the price.

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