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JBL Cinema SB110 2.0 Channel Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer $98 + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C/ Metro Order) @ Officeworks


Generally $125 to $199 but now only $98.

May be good for people living in apartments

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  • Is this better than a $2000 Sony tv inbuilt speaker

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    • $2000 RRP or on sale?

    • Short answer is "yes" .

      Long answer is "depends if you listen loud" .

      A tiny enclosure can be effective at very low volumes, its how some thin TVs have managed DolbyAtmos support out of the box.

      But if you ever crank it up, like, if you want a football commentator yelling at you, like a live game, it will start to sound 'messy'; and thats where a 120wRMS soundbar will do better than your 15wRMS inbuilt speakers.

      But, as said, 15wRMS isnt to laugh at; thats more than most factory (non amped) car stereos.

  • review please ?
    thinking to buy for 2nd tv.

  • Compared to a YAS-108?

    Parents have a 65Q8 and I'm not a fan of the sound so thinking of either picking this up for myself and give them the YAS-108 or give them this

  • Bought a Samsung "smart" TV two weeks ago to replace a 15 year old LG. The sound from the Samsung is TERRIBLE. I assume its to force you to buy their ridiculously priced soundbar too.

    Can anyone confirm that a cheap bar like this is going to be noticeably different to the inbuilt audio? And does this draw power 24/7 or require turning on every time we watch TV? Or is it all automatic and magic?

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      Yes, any speaker with 'depth' to its case will sound better.

      It will draw power 24/7 just like your TV does unless you switch it off at the wall.

      The draw drops to single watts in standby, but it will draw, 24/7.

      look into a Thor B12R

      This will let you turn the powerboard off, without needing to get down on the floor.
      Remote power switch!
      Will solve both devices 24/7 power draw, as you're physically isolating them.

  • Built in subwoofer?!
    Not just a woofer? A subwoofer?
    Id love to see its frequency response below 120hz with a speaker that size…

    Its either ported amazingly and copping some HUGE power thrown at it, or JBL should know better.

    And thats not a random number; thats Dolbys specification for their subwoofer channel, since this its advertised as supporting a dolby digital signal (If it were thx id have said 80hz, and if it were none, id have said 200hz).

    Id be gentler if it wasnt a speaker company making the claims.

    It could still be a great soundbar.
    $99 at bigW also.

    But im not happy about the (likely) above false advertising. But if they have a response chart, im happy to be wrong.
    Well designed ports can do magic.

  • Hey Guys, if anyone knows this deal is still ON ?

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