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Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station $499 Delivered @ Panmi


Price drop on this popular robot vacuum for Black Friday and cheaper than Aldi. The S9 is an upgraded model of the standard S9 and offers UV sterilisation.


  • Auto-Dumping 2.0
  • 2700Pa Strong Suction
  • 5200mAH Large Capacity
  • 950W Strong Dust Collection
  • 381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
  • 5 Floor Map Storage

Package Contents

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Automatic Suction Station
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush
10 x Single-use mop
1 x Mop (Reusable)
3 x Dust Bag

$ Specs

RRP $999.00
Navigation LDS + SLAM
Suction Power 2700Pa
Battery 5200mAh
Max working time (Min) 100-270
Climbing 2cm
Dusty Box (ml) 300ml
Water tank(ml) 250ml
Electric Water volume control YES
Cleaning Area 320 m2
Motor 950W
Filter HEPA
Noise <70 db
Size Ø350*98mm
Sweep YES
Vacuum YES
Wet Mopping YES
App control Mijia App
Smart control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Mapping / Path planning YES
Automatically Docks and Recharges YES
UV Sterilisation Technology YES
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I have the xiao mi robot vac. It is 3 years old and it works well but missing modern features - mapping zones, mopping, auto empty etc.

    I am really considering this, should I make the jump?

    • The same. The very first model. Roborock S7 looks like worth to wait for the price drop as it has kind of "revolutionary" floor scrubbing (not just passive mopping as others) feature. Optional unload docking station as well. Extremely expensive at the moment still. But as for me worth to wait.

      • +1

        Just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=372cej7NvF8
        and looks like Deebot T9 is even better in mopping
        Deebot T9+ is also cheaper than S7 + Auto emptying dock (purchase separately)
        The (+) simple means the T9 with the Auto emptying dock in the same package

  • +4

    Ordered one on 28/10/2021, still waiting to receive it. Contact customer service and they did lodge a file with AusPost (19/11) but I haven't heard back from them yet. No replacement was offered for me too. If you can get from Aldi, GET IT FROM ALDI so you won't get stucked like me.

    • +3

      I am on the same boat as you but forced them to sent a replacement. Customer Service is horrendous.

      • +1

        they really are

    • Can you please private message me your order ID to check internally ? Does our customer service send you a new one?

      We are improving our customer service to add more customer service staff locally.

      Please understand delivery delays are out of control. But we are trying our best to improve what we can do.

      • Thanks Hana, I was offered a full refund early this week as I can't wait for the delivery anymore. Thank you for the follow up.

  • +1

    Had this for a few weeks now. Vacuuming function works surprising well for a household that has a Samoyed and a golden retriever. Mopping function is acceptable (in Y mode) given my expectations were tempered for a robovac.

    My biggest issue is with the software and mapping. It's been very very temperamental for me in terms of trying to set up virtual walls and restricted areas. Was able to set some up initially but have since gotten a "virtual wall and restricted areas cannot cover the charging stand or machine" error when trying to modify existing or setting up new areas. Even though they are no where near.

    A post on another thread elsewhere mentioned a limit of 10 restricted areas which I have not exceeded. Just wondering if any other users have had this problem?

    • Haven't had that issue but have you tried just starting the map again from new?

      • Yep, would inevitably run into the same issue once 4 or 5 walls /restricted areas have been set up

  • I got one of these from a previous deal, delivered last week. I wasn't aware it would need half a metre either side and 1.3m in front clear for the dock, there just isn't enough space in this house for that. So I contacted them on Monday asking to return it - after an initial reply clarifying the language in the manual, I am yet to hear back from them. Very disappointing - I was considering ordering a stick vac instead but will steer clear of them in the future. If your customer service is this bad you shouldn't be operating IMO.

    • +4

      I've put mine directly beside furniture (with stuff on both sides)and no problems at all. Haven't got anything in front of it though.

    • +3

      You don't need that much space at all.

      You are complaining and haven't even used it yet?

    • +3

      Although the manual says that mine has about 30cm either side and it's done about 3 cleans so far, undocks and docks fine at the moment.
      I did read that in the manual however so far doesn't seem to be an issue.

    • +1

      Thanks for the replies. Considering it's just sitting here I might just give it a shot, I thought it would be better to return to it completely untouched given my uncertainty that it would be usable in my environment. We also have pretty thick carpet and not having had a robovac before I didn't even consider that it might not be very effective on that. But whatever, it's only a few hundred dollars either way. My complaint was really about the total lack of contact, it's about the worst customer service I think I've ever seen - I won't be back.

  • My roborock s5 died just after the 2 year warrenty period. the round sensor thing wont spin anymore. not too sure if i had a crappy one but bit ruff to go with the product again if it only last for 2 years :(

    • +2

      my older xiaomi had this too, the laser unit is driven by a rubber belt, came off and got stuck, opened it up and set it back in the grove and all is well.

      • i tried that, literally the unit stopped spining. some guy on youtube showed how to reactivate the rotation by rewiring the usb to the head unit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhIcGlQKdGs.

        it works but then dies like less than 2 uses. i did this for a month and gave up coz it wasn't worth it

  • My hair is long and the wheels on my old roomba would get stuck as the long stray hairs on the floor would cause them issues. I'd then have to try and remove these tangled hairs from the wheels with scissors. Not an easy process.

    Are these newer robot vacuums better equipped for long hair?

    • +1

      I have long hair and no issues here with the wheels. Had it for about a month.

      The spinning compartment also comes out and while there usually can be a fair amount of hair stuck in there, the dock comes with a part you can use to easily slice the hair that's in there. It is a bit annoying, but it doesn’t take too long and is fairly easy.

      • Thanks meowkat

  • This or the Uoni V980 Plus for 499.

    100sqm apartment, 2 carpet bedrooms and hard floors for everything else. I guess the mopping and object avoidance is most impotant, no pets.
    Does one mop better than the other?

    • also on the same boat the Uoni V980 Plus is 488 on Amazon AU if you buy the vacuum and bin seperately.

      I guess the plus side on the Uoni is that we can deal with Amazon (Prime Product) and have a hassle free 30 days return period.

      • The Amazon part is the biggest perk. Both vacs look more or less similiar. Biggest difference would be 1 side brush vs 2. Kinda a divided topic. My only concern with 2 brushes is the extra cost with consumables.

        That said I might get the Uoni v980 Plus from Amazon instead of this. Amazon AU have a 1 year limited warranty. They are amazing when it comes to returning items. They pay for the postage and it's hassle free (i returned a deebot under warranty with them), fast, and drop off the package at any australia post outlet.

        As for Panmi. I'll bet there will be a lot of back and forth with them delaying. They probably won't willingingly pay for postage either.

        • Yeah make sense i think ill do the same - worst case if i think is crap you got the 30 days return policy.

  • Tempting! I'm looking for a robot vaccum for my shed. Big shed, at a guess around a 9m x 20ishm space, concrete flooring. I had a Deebot ozmo 920 I tested in there last year. Worked well and it's something I wanted to get once the auto empty stations were available.

    How is this on hard floors?
    Are replacement brushes/wheels available anywhere for cheap? Running on concrete will wear them down quicker.
    Is navigation adequate? Uses LIDAR right? So should be about as good as the Deebot ozmo 920 yeah?
    The no go zones work okay? Will only need to set up a couple being the large roller doors. I remember my deebot was just low enough to fit under them and found it outside once lol.

    The N8+ deal looks good. But that's an extra 50% price ($750) for something that is gonna be purely in a shed. Although if spare parts for that are more readily available, especially if cheaper, i might talk myself into getting it as Amazon have an awesome warranty/return system.

  • I have a Viomi V3

    it works
    suction is good at maximum power but won't pick up say a thread from the carpet which is not too stuck and my traditional vac picks up at first pass.

    Not sure if other robovacs are similar.

    Also the room mapping and navigation works most of the times.
    App has issues like forgetting maps and there is a particular place at my home that the vac gets stuck in an infinite loop and unless I put some obstacle in its path, it keeps looping until it runs out of battery.

  • Can anyone quickly summarise for me the differences (benefit to spend more on) the following EcoVacs:


    T8? (Higher RRP but currently cheaper than the N8 at JB)


    Also I notice they sell bags for EcoVacs, are they bag less? That seems like a large ongoing expense?

  • Over 24hours & I haven't received a delivery notification yet, just wonder how long it normally take to be processed?

    • Have you heard of anything? I ordered on the Sunday.

      • nah nothing :(

        • Just got an alert just now. Sadly it's being posted with Aramex, fingers crossed.

          • @monchee: Mine is coming from FASTWAY but the tracking ref provided isn't active…

            • @MiaSanMia: Mine is coming via aramex too
              Got a tracking number but still shows as “not ready for collection”

    • +2

      Sorry guys for the delay. Due to high order volume, our warehouse is dispatching all Black Friday orders since Monday. There are orders shipping out every day. All orders will be shipped out before this Friday afternoon.

      Normally it takes 1-2 business for dispatch & to receive the tracking number. We are adding an additional warehouse to accelerate dispatching lead time

      Previously we ship them by AU post but noted some orders delays for more than 1 month. So recently we change to Aramex…..

      For orders delays for more than 1 month, will send a new one or fully refund.

      • Thanks Hana, ordered on Sat and received today (metro Syd).

  • I bought via paypal and received this email, they also know my name. do you guys think its genuine?

    Thank you for your order on our Panmi Group Buying platform ! In order to protect the order safety for both of us , we would like to verify the order with you as our compliance team notified there are the following issues of this order :

    • Billing address or credit card's address wasn't available

    • Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available

    • Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with credit card's registered address

    Can you please confirm your order as attached ? Also can you please provide a copy of your photo ID to verify your identity.

    We will process your order once it's verified .

    If you don’t reply to this e-mail within 7 days, please understand we have to cancel the order according to our compliance rules

    Your understanding towards this would be much appreciated.

    Best Regards


    Panmi Pty Ltd

    • @HanaZhang ^

    • +1

      I also paid with Paypal and didn't get this email. Paypal wouldn't give out your credit card details so it's either not a legit email, or their messaging in the bullet points is incorrect (should refer to Paypal not credit card).
      If the billing address you specified on your order matched your Paypal primary address, then definitely talk/chat to support to confirm your order rather than providing the requested details in an email.

    • Hi,

      The system will automatically monitor all orders for safety purposes. It will flag us when it detects some potential risks, e.g. you may try to pay but fail at the first time, then the system could think it might be a risk.

      We will send a verification email to double-check with customers for these orders. Roughly it happens on less than 2% of orders. Your understanding would be appreciated.

  • Have a first gen xiaomi robot vac, ordered one of these. Thanks op!

  • Was trying to stay away from Cyber Monday sales but just bought this

  • Thanks OP! Bought one to supplement my Roborock S50.

  • Received mine today, metro Sydney

  • I am still contemplating buying one of these, but the reviews say that the after sales support is horrible and it's prone to breaking within a few months …

    still undecided, anyone using these for extended periods of time??

    • +1

      I decided against it as I am waiting for a good cheap bagless solution.

      That or I'll just get a normal self charging robot vacuum and empty it myself.

      Don't want to invest in a bag reliant solution.

      • awesome, cheers bro, auto-suction with bag does sound kind of silly :)

        • +1

          For some it might be nice to contain everything.

          But personally when it comes to rubbish I prefer to eliminate the excess bags as it will all go to landfill or a treatment centre anyways so less is more in this regard.

          I can always just clean out the bin if needed with soap and water.

          Yeah bags will come in more packaging more rubbish the cycle repeats and continues lol so less rubbish is better :)

          But having zero waste leakage is important to some I know.

  • I cannot get this vacuum added to the Mi Home app, it goes through the settings and then asks me to name it and then it looks like it will work, but the vacuum never shows up as a device.
    Anyone had this problem?

    • +1

      If anyone else has this issue, it was because my Mi Home app was set to mainland China (to get my Xiaomi cameras to work), switching location to Australia allowed me to select Viomi S9 and it works now

  • Terrible experience so far. Ordered this on 30/11 only for the delivery date to be changed 3 times. Expected delivery now 20/12.

    20 days to ship an item from their Sydney warehouse to my Sydney address? I should have just paid the extra $50 and got it from Aldi. The Panmi customer service just don't care.

    • That's pretty rough, has it even been shipped out yet. mine was shipped out on the 1st, appeared on tracking on the 3rd and is still on the way from sydney to launceston 3 weeks later on the worlds slowest boat i guess.

      • Bought 8th December, AusPost says it'll be out by Friday 17th

        • Arrived today, 8 day (6 business) is pretty good turn around time …

          Also got the stick vacuum, for some reason they left the vac at the door and took the stick to the post office … will test over the weekend and report in

          • @weezlebub: first run through worked good, it couldn't find the base station (my bad, stashed it away) …

            second run through worked better, although it may have picked up something that tells it the dust bag is full (when it's not) … will need to find some time to poke the holes and clear it up …

            haven't tested the mop function, my floors were pretty bad so i thought a few test runs with the sweep function first

      • I feel like Panmi could be a little deceitful here and are actually drop shipping these? There is no way a COURIER COMPANY can take 2 weeks to delivery a parcel from Sydney to Sydney - COVID or not.

        My delivery date has now changed to 22/12. I contacted Fastway Couriers (Armaex Australia) and they have said they will investigate but days later no reply. Panmi said they cant do anything until its been a month.

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