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Garmin Edge 530 GPS Now $291.91 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Cheapest I have ever seen a Garmin Edge 530. Was as low as $334 last week but this is even cheaper.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Theres a V2 model isnt there?

  • Will you have to buy the AU map for it?

    • You can download maps for different regions for free, only takes a few minutes:


      • That method doesn't work any more because it's no longer maintained. I'm checking out some other sites in the comments.

        • I have a Fenix 6 and can download official maps via Garmin Express for other continents.

          Hoping to do the same with the 530

          • @Commenter: I also have a Fenix 6. It doesn't seem like owning the Fenix (and with it, the AU maps) gives any access to the same maps on the Edge 530. All I see in Garmin Express is updates for the EU maps.

            • @ShoeyAU: I couldn't download other maps so bought them from Garmin for $21.

              Now, I see two separate Training Status, Load Focus and 7 Day Focus numbers which is annoying.

              Since I have been doing more cycling, my Fenix shows no Training Status. Wish I had known this as I would not have bought the Edge and woul have used the Fenix as a bike computer with a suitable mount.

              • @Commenter: I went the paid route too, $21 is worth my time vs hunting around for other options.

                Have you got Garmin's Physio TrueUp setup for both devices?

                • @bxpressiv: Yes, I did setup Physio TrueUp but it didn't help. Lots of people complaining about the same in Garmin Forums.

              • @Commenter: I jumped over to Garmin from Wahoo because I had thought Garmin has been in the mapping business for decades so they ought to be the best game in town, and it would offer integration with Fenix as an ecosystem.

                I guess both are true, just that they would charge a premium for the former, and use a lot of apps to bridge things for the latter (Connect, Connect IQ, Explore, Express …). I still find the Edge a bit difficult to use vs the Wahoo and the first few rides I couldn't figure out how to log (turns out I set it to Indoor but all it tells me is GPS is off).

                • +1

                  @ShoeyAU: I didn't find Edge to be hard to use. May be as I am used to Fenix navigation.

                  I used the fenix as bike computer for couple of weeks and it was great with 8 data fields vs 10 for Edge. In Edge Aerobic and Anaerobic are two separate fields but on fenix shows both values in one field giving me 9 data fields. I havn't used the maps yet as i use the same route so can't comment on it.

                  Main benefit is that it lets me view Strava segments and compete against myself. Battery life is great and stands at 68% with 10 hours of rides.

        • +1

          There is another one called bbbike.org that does extracts from OSM/OpenFiets. I have gotten that approach to work (need to choose Latin instead of UTF8)

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    Amazing price, but beware Garmin is awful for warranty when claiming internationally. You will have to send it back to the UK.

    • Would have thought that was normal. From personal experience Garmin are one of the better ones for warranties (and even out of warranty) with locally bought products.

  • Any advantage in this over a edge 520 (nonplus)?

  • +1

    Currently on Amazon: $291.91

  • Bought one

    • So did I absolute bargain

      • Now, looking for power meter bargains

        • yeah haven't seen any of those unfortunately

          • @Bernie inn: Bought 4iii power meter from probikekit for $337 using 10% off discount

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