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$20 off $50 Spend on First Purchase Using Afterpay @ JB Hi-Fi


Nice little bonus for those that have not used Afterpay at JB before. Valid online and in-store until Saturday 11:59pm.

Stay safe and enjoy!

Some choice picks from below:

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 + $2 item
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
JBL Tune 510BT Headphones + $2 item
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K MAX
PS5 Controller Midnight Black

Combine it with JB's Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal for further savings

UPDATE: Personally tested 26/11 5.29pm and still working. Sorry I don't know why some people are unable to complete their purchase. My previous CC was out of date but once I fixed that inside Afterpay I was able to purchase the PlayStation Plus Membership with $20 discount.

As noted by ajooba if you are having trouble checking out with Afterpay, try changing it to delivery and see if that fixes it.

Offer terms and conditions

These are terms and conditions that apply in the event that you use the Afterpay Promo available for use in conjunction with Services provided by Afterpay Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 15 169 342 947) (“Afterpay”).

  • The Afterpay Promo consists of a $20 promotional credit applied to an eligible user’s first Afterpay Purchase of $50 or more at JB-Hi Fi.
  • The promotion will run from 19:00 AEDT on Thursday 25 November 2021 till 23:59 AEDT on Saturday 27 November 2021.
  • Afterpay Promo will be automatically applied to the Afterpay online / in-store purchases of eligible users.
  • The promotional credit will be applied to the total original purchase value as displayed by the retailer (including tax, shipping costs) to reduce the value of your four payments equally.
  • The promotional credit is a limited time offer available at participating retailers.
  • Afterpay reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. If you received the promotional code (directly or indirectly) from a third party, that third party also reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.
  • Promotional credit is available by invitation only, is non-transferable, is not redeemable forcash or credit, and may not be resold.
  • Promotional credit cannot be applied to previously placed orders and cannot be applied topre-order items or any cross border transactions.
  • Each Afterpay Promo is limited to one per order, per customer and account.
  • Each Afterpay Promo may not be combined with any other Afterpay Promo.
  • Each Afterpay Promo applies only to qualifying items.
  • If any of the products related to an offer are returned, the maximum amount you will be refunded is the amount you paid for the product, subject to applicable refund policies.
  • If you violate any of the Afterpay Promo terms or Afterpay’s Terms of Service, the Afterpay Promo will be invalid.
  • Offer valid in Australia only.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • is it part of reward offers or just in general for everyone

    • I believe it is for everyone!

      • +1

        Didn’t work for me i’ve used Afterpay b4 at JB.

        • same! bummer

        • Dammit - just realised I did too, to buy a FireStick last month.
          I only used Afterpay for that purchase because I was trying to get enough points to get on the Rewards program - but I still don't have enough points, and the Rewards don't look very good at the moment anyway - $10 value?.
          Ironically, this $20 discount is not only double the value of the Rewards bonus, but I was humming and arring about something specifically at JB and this deal would have persuaded me.

          Well, that'll teach me for using Afterpay when it's not necessarry, eh?

          • +1

            @sam buster: um and ah
            To be hesitant or indecisive, especially when speaking out loud about a decision. "Um" and "ah" are common filler words used by habit or when one is deciding what to say.

  • +2


  • +2

    what to buy what to buy

    • -1

      Gift card

      • +6

        In deal link:

        You cannot use Afterpay to purchase JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards or digital products like Microsoft 365 subscriptions or Playstation Store credits.

        • +1

          I was thinking of zip pay sorry (which has the same rules but you can get around)

          EDIT: actually same way should work fine. Add afterpay to Google pay and tap. The people working at JB don't need to know which card it is.

          Unlike zip pay though afterpay don't offer a single use card number so you can't do it online.

      • is not possible to buy gift card by afterpay

    • rice cooker - still cheaper on good guys commerical but

      • Which rice cooker would you recommend from TGG, i.e. cheap but will last a while?

    • +1

      If you're a gamer they have Guardians of the Galaxy for $49, just find a $1 item to add and you're golden.

    • +1

      Firestick 4k max $59 $20 back means $39

  • +1

    Can I sign up now and get the offer? And also can you buy JB hifi giftcard online?

  • Bugger, not valid for Playstation gift cards. Looks like I'll have to hunt down those TCN gift cards from Coles.

    • Valid on ps plus though

      • Yeah, but my son wants V Bucks. Maybe I'll jump on the PS Plus anyway for such a bargain price. Hope I'll get value out of it.
        Thanks King Steuart.

  • i got $48 product, any 2$ item>?

    • +41
      • +9

        I laughed so hard at this, I dont know why

    • Please tell me what do you have for $48?

      • +1

        JBL Bluetooth 510 headphones for WFH calls. Had some positive reviews

  • Do they know if you purchased gift cards? I know Amex always so excluded but it always works.

  • +15

    Thanks!!! Got the PS plus for the Guinness world record of $33.3!!!!

    • Thanks to your comment, so did I :)

  • Are we allowed to use gift cards to reduce the amount we afterpay?

  • +1

    Thanks got the firestick 4k max for $39

    • Now that’s a wonderful idea.

    • tempted to return my fire tv that arrived today for a refund …

      get it for $20 cheaper …

  • When is the offer meant to come up? I don't see anything

    • when you login to afterpay from JB checkout.

      • +1

        Doesn't show any discount applied to the price after log in. Could have sworn I haven't used Afterpay on here before…

  • +2

    I joined AfterPay and click through get all the way to confirm order through AfterPay and it keeps saying “Sorry we are unable to accept order” and says to go back to job and change my pay method - I’ve tried both credit cards and won’t work either either.
    Any help?

    • +1

      Just a thought but is your Afterpay account all setup and verified with Email etc.

      • +1

        Yeh, all Afterpay sent me was a “welcome to AfterPay” email and that I qualified for $600 initial spend limit?
        - Just tried resetting all internet settings etc. and still getting that message

    • also getting this error…

    • I keep getting this as well… Maybe because its a new account?

    • +2

      Faced same issue when trying click and collect, worked when I changed to delivery.

      • This worked for me too.

      • Legend, thank you. This was the fix to swap to delivery

    • Anyone got this error to go away if still using click and collect? :(
      edit: worked after 1 hr.. don't know why!

  • is there a way to tell if i've purchased anything through afterpay from jb before?

    • It showed me in the app under orders

      • The website only shows me 2 orders like in the last month… I feel like I bought a nest max a few months ago because of a similar deal…

      • Damnit, looks like I used it on a JB deal a few months ago!

        I had $50.40 for 2xUHD titles ready to go too…

        • Yeah same sucks unfortunately

  • +4

    Nice, picked up CrysisTrilogy PS4 for $30. Good that shipping is part of the $50

    Of course by the time I get to play it, it will be $19

  • +7

    Managed to get Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 for $30.99 shipped.

  • Is this like Klarna which does a credit check or is Afterpay fine?

    • +2

      Afterpay doesn't do credit checks 👍

  • could prolly stack with this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664735

    • You're not able to pay with a gift card though as you're paying with Afterpay.

      • +3

        am pretty sure u can use both ..but remaining amount after GF has to be > $50

        • confirmed. I had a $100 GC to use and it let me AP the balance with the $20 promo.

    • New accounts only

  • +2

    Made my first Afterpay order with them 2 days ago. I hate my life.

    • +24

      Your life is worth much more than 20 bucks 😊

      • -1

        Depends if you're a The Project viewer or not.

  • +6

    thanks got Pokemon Legends: Arceus for $49!!

    • Works on preorders?

      • yes and I chose click and collect so no delivery cost

  • How do we know if we are eligible for this offer or not? It says by invitation only. Cant see anything mentioned on the afterpay app

    • Take a gamble

  • +2

    Got a PS5 controller for $62.

  • Can you use this with a gift card?

    • Should be, as long as you spend 50 via afterpay

  • +2

    echo show 5 for $39

  • +1

    Wanted to get the HyperX cloud alpha headsets from JB today, lucky i had the patience to wait it out and found this. Thanks OP

  • Once you buy PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription, does 1 year start right away? Or can I activate this later?

    • +1

      From memory it'll be a code to enter on the console/online - the year starts from when it is entered.

      • +1

        Or stacks on top of any current sub

  • +1

    Ayee also managed to snag Guardians of the galaxy for $31 delivered. Thanks op!

  • if the item is above $50 to begin with but is below $50 with the $20 off will it work

  • Paper Mario: The Origami King worth $29 +$1+ item…?

  • can you combine this with giftcards at check out?

    • +1

      As long as the Gift Card doesn't cover the entire amount, yes I believe it should work.

      • cool! figured that was the case

  • does the $20 discount happen at the JB check out or in the Afterpay payment window?

    • +1


    • At the Afterpay payment window.

    • Afterpay window.

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