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Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Digital Download) + 3 Months NSO Individual $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like JB have beaten Big W and Kmart for the Switch + MK + NSO deal!
Another $20 off if you qualify for the Afterpay deal.

Good luck!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    Beat me by 9 seconds nephew :(

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    Another $20 off if you qualify for the Afterpay deal.

    Better to combine with TCN gift cards from Coles at 15% off

    • Can only be swapped in store though

    • Or why not both?

    • Hi @Pricebeat

      What is a TCN Gift card ? and how do you get that for 15% off

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      Thank you kind sir (or madam)!! Was just about to hit the trigger on the Afterpay deal but instead hauled ass into the shop and got the TCN gifts cards instead :D And now using the Afterpay credit on PS Plus instead haha.

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    Stack with discounted gift cards for even more savings

  • The question is.. What would Amazon do?

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      Grow trees?

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    It says tomorrow, but this is live now. I just bought one with Afterpay for 379.

    • Same. And got an email says it's ready to pick up. How cool!

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      What's the afterpay deal?

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        [Afterpay] $20 off $50 Spend on First Purchase Using Afterpay @ JB Hi-Fi

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        FWIW if you're new to Afterpay, get someone to refer you and you'll get $30 referral bonus on first purchase.

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    Before the inevitable questions come:

    YES - This is the same as the Kmart/Big W deal. The only exception is that it doesnt have the "Mario Kart" artwork on the box and the codes inside. You get the codes delivered digitally or on the receipt if you buy in store. Everything else is the same.

    NO - It is NOT the new OLED Switch.

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      I bought this deal last year and im pretty sure none of them have the artwork on the box, it's just digital download codes attached to existing stock.

      • It does exist. I saw a kid unwrap it last year to much excitement.

        Honestly, unless your a collector - its not going to matter.

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          Yeh I actually loaded it up and pre downloaded and installed MK.

          My kids got excited when opening, then went ballistic when they turned it on and saw MK ready to go!

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      Yes so great as a gift as can gift the console and then resell the codes for cheaper deal.

      Also I used the Amex Black Friday $20 off JB deal so pretty happy with the deal

      Thanks JB

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    Where is the after pay code

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      Afterpay is the payment method not a code

      • I poorly worded it. Where can I see the $20 off offer?

        • when u get as far as complete payment - click on afterpay then next…

          log into afterpay and it'll show the break down amount/dates

          and $20 discount if you havent used afterpay with jbhifi previously…

          up until this point order hasnt confirmed

          then you confirm it if you're happy with the t&cs

    • dude lol

  • question is, should I stick to my old switch ?

    • Eh?

    • this is the same old switch you got

      • Could be the updated switch with better battery life.

  • What's their change of mind policy? If Amazon has a better deal tomorrow

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    Take note Kmart

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      F*ing own goal from Kmart. Some people have speculated there was a change from the supplier that forced them to reneg on the original price they'd indicated would be available. To that I say they should have eaten it, for the harm it must have done them in many peoples' eyes.

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    Those who got up so early and line up outside kmart today and ended up empty handed sure should have just wait for this deal instead.

    • some ppl were able to speak to managers and get it confirmed at $369 thou

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        No evidence.

        • Actually, I posted a picture of the receipt in the other thread.

  • I'm a bit confused.

    On JB's landing page says, it ends 26 Nov. Does that mean we have less than 3 hours, or still got whole day tomorrow (26 Nov).

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      Yep, I got JB email with subject 'Nintendo Switch $399 | 1 Day Price Blitz deals on NOW!' and the click link said ends 26th Nov, but bet even before midnight they will be all gone!

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    Quick turnaround. Came across the deal ten minutes ago. Bought online with 5% off GCs. Got the text that it's ready to pick up, walking down to collect from the shop now.

    Much better than my (twice) cancelled Kmart orders at $409…

    • Where did you get the 5% GC from?

      • Suncorp have them

        • :( no Suncorp access

          I went with the $20 afterpay deal. Which works out the same


  • going to get it refunded at Kmart tomorrow :(

  • Jb HI-FI 1 Kmart 0

  • it was $329 for the same combo last year at amazon when stacking with zip offer :( but still reasonable considering the shortage of CPU

    • Do you remember which time it was released last year?

    • Exactly this. It's tech that is another year older. I would have jumped at it sub 350. Personally not a deal for me but I get a lot of kids want one of these.

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    Already used the $20 Afterpay deal for the PS Plus deal, but got the 5% discounted gift card from Suncorp app and it was $379 woo!

  • Much prefer the artwork on the box ^^ I feel Amazon will beat it maybe. Usually trumps most stores

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    JB doing one better than Kmart! Just ordered one from JB.
    Even though I think Amazon might beat the price, I'd rather have one secured

  • Ordered 15 min ago. On my way to local JB. Get text it's ready to go.
    It's not even for me but a surprise for my other half.

    Great work OP.

    • Did you got an email with the game code? They didn’t give it to me on the store because it was click and collect… waiting for the code now…..

      • Same here, website is saying within 5 business days

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          Gonna sit and watch the switch menu empty for five days….

          • @Pelta: Luckily for me I was able to score BOTW for $49 from Amazon

  • Does having an active AfterPay account affect your credit score?

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    Done with AP $379. Thanks OP.
    Son will be happy!

  • Oled worth the premium over this deal? Differences seem minor…

    • I've read that it's only the screen that's been upgraded. So if you play on a big screen most of the time then even less of a benefit.

    • If you are playing in handheld/portable - then potentially yes, worth it. Screen is def nicer.

      If its going to be docked and connected to a TV, almost zero reason to get OLED.

    • +1

      No definitely not worth paying extra… OLED should have come in at the $469 point and older should have been dropped to say $399..but these are the times we live in…

      Ive had my switch for a fair few years now and got it from a lightning deal from Amazon for just over $300 and with cash back at the time being available it cost me $290 ish… I honestly believe that's the right price for it… (I'm a long time Nintendo fan)

      • Guess I got a fair deal then, cost me about $250ish if I exclude $50 for the game and $10 for 3 months NSO online!!

  • Have an oled and also owned this model and would say not worth the premium especially when Mario kart thrown in. Essentially it’s $200 premium over this given the value.

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    Thanks. Wife's xmas sorted… maybe I won't have to fight off the kids for the xbox as much now.

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      If Amazon were to release it for $150 I'd buy two for shits and giggles. Won't happen.

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    anyone knows Ring Fit deal?

    • +1

      Amazon has it for $94 now. Waiting JB to price match it

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    Same deal at Amazon
    Limited-time deal: Nintendo Switch Console [Neon Blue/Red] with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Switch Online 3 Month Bundle https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08NBFDR2Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

    • thanks heaps!

    • Thank you!

      I tried buying this from JB via Afterpay… got rejected Banks are happy to lend me enough to buy a fully geared investment property but I can't get a $379 BNPL loan. Lol

      Anyway.. pay via the Amazon App to save $10.

      Even better, I recently got a $100 Amazon voucher from doing a survey that I forgot about. Fortunately the credit was linked to my account.

      • What survey was that?

        • It was one related to my work.

          I don't normally do surveys (usually $25 or so).. but when one offered $100.. I said why not?

          They claim it's a 10min survey which drags out to 30mins.

          After 20mins.. you go geez how much longer can a fkn 10min take? So continue to the end.

  • Interesting…are those surveys with the $100 voucher still available?

    • No, see above.

      Targeted due to my work.

  • Amazon price match?

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    Got one with 15% off gift cards. $340 total. Not bad

  • thanks got with some 10% cards

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    Was at a store picking up my C&C order when a lady and her kid came in wanting to buy the deal with 5 discounted gift cards that weren't accepted by JB… Hilarity ensued… Thanks OzBargain for your endless entertainment.

    • Why were they not accepted? Did she accidentally buy the wrong gift card?

      • Yeah not sure hey? She said they were from Coles or something and she was all giddy until they stopped working… A true Karen moment.

  • Switch is a good console but way too overpriced and underpowered

    Outdated technology at a premium point FTW

    • +2


      Unfortunately, logic doesn't apply when your son wants one for Christmas

    • was cheaper last year - but increased rrp due to chip shortages worldwide…

    • And yet it's the only way you can play the rather excellent Nintendo first party games… what can you do?

    • Yeah I really want one, but those prices are insane.

      I think the Steam Deck is going to be a better option. Might just pick up one of those instead.

  • Just to confirm that by doing click and collect you are required to wait the “up to 5 business days” to receive the code for the free game?

    • +2

      Seems so. I click and collected, picked up around lunch but still waiting for the codes. I was hoping it was more of a soon after thing and that the 5 days was just to give an upper limit. Wish I'd just done it in store since doesn't seem to have been any issues with stock and it said in that case it appears immediately on recipt.

      Incidentally does anyone's online account show a pdf tax invoice? My account only shows a plain view of the transaction for online orders (no pdf). For in-store orders there is a pdf attachment…but online all I see is the Web view of the order no pdf and I really need an invoice for this order.

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        I also click and collected and the store person said that I “should” receive it via email but she didn’t seem confident and rather confused

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