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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti $949-$999 (Sold Out) / RTX 3070 $1299 (Sold Out), Galax RTX 3080 $1899 + Delivery + Surcharge @ Mwave


it's black friday i suppose, be quick or stay gpu less

1%/2% surcharge applies for select payment methods

3060ti Sold Out



3070 (Sold out)





This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +5

    Woo a Mini!

  • +5

    Luke, is it you?

  • Asus mini or galax?

    • +1

      get mini, cheaper and almost same performance
      small card has better re-sell value, slightly

  • Which of the 2 minis from Asus? The OC one?

    • Normal one is fine. OC is insignificant and won't show any performance gains.

    • get non-oc one, not a good idea to oc any of those three small card. And the power limit of only one 8 pin couldn't have good results, comparing with triple fan and higher power limit two 8 pin ones.

    • You can always go the OC and downclock it but you'd be better off with the $50 in your pocket honestly.

  • +2

    sub 1k 3060 tis that are instock… from a major retailer? am i hallucinating?

    • +1

      yeah.. tempted to get one for my daughter's PC, but not until we move now. She'll have to just bide her time on the XBoneX until we're settled..

      …and we'll be back to MSRP + 40%

  • +2

    AMD 6600/6600 XT also available for $679 and $799.

  • +5

    Remember to enter coupon code: bf21ac46797 for a free headset. Some shitty kmart quality MSI one but hey, it's free ;)

    edit: coupon code expired + ASUS 3060ti Mini Non-OC OOS

  • Ugh…don't need one…but…

  • +3

    gimmi a 3080ti deal someone pleeease

  • man I paid $1500 for rtx 3060 12gb

  • Thanks for post! Just snagged one!

  • Thanks OP

  • -1

    I knew I should of waited… I snatched one for $1116 :( Ah well… I could of saved $100

    • +7


      • -4

        have what?

        • +3

          Should have, or should’ve, but definitely not should of.

          • @GregRust: Some imbeciles are keen to write "of" because the literal contraction of "should have is should've" and it sounds like should of…so they figure - let's prove to the World that we are English Language skill deficient!

            Truly…they are! Every time I see it written I think to myself "why would you advertise that you're a fool?" and if there are fools or idiots out there who believe I am a Grammar Nazi [can that term be used these days?] for this diatribe…you know where they can go…

    • Hopefully you've been mining on it for a couple of weeks which helps make up for it! I bit the bullet knowing that even if it dropped $35 a week I'd still be even

  • +1

    Cryptominers will buy them all.

    • +1

      should be out of stock by now, maybe they are sleepin? go wake em up hurry…

  • +1

    I don't know about the rest of you guys but when I add to cart - I get the original price not the discounted price. Tried a couple of cards the 3060 ti….

    • The Asus Minis are out of stock so revert to full price. When I just clicked the Galax was still in stock so still showed up as discounted

  • +1

    3060ti a big upgrade from 1080? Should I look into the 3070s? Still able to run todays game with my 1080 and wondering if its worth investing in the 30 series or just wait it out

    • +2


      If you can get a good price for the 1080 go for it. But honestly, they are both still quick unless there is a game you want to play that is better with ray tracing or just demands more frames. If you sold the 1080 you'd probably get $600 for it so up to you whether the $400-600 upgrade cost is worth it to you

      • +1

        Thanks for your advise, Im not into the whole ray tracing scene and as long if I achieve at least 60fps which I currently am using my 1080.

        I'll probably wait it out if your saying the 1080 cards are still relevant today ^_^

        • +1

          I'd honestly keep the 1080 if it's still reliable and faithful. It may pay to find a video on how to re-paste it though. It may be thermal throttling, that'd give you some extra frames!

        • +1

          I also have gtx 1080, like right now there is nothing i feel like playing so its hard to justify, I also got a ps5 so i got options. The game i'm waiting for is elden ring which im sure will be a breeze to run on gtx 1080.

          • +1

            @manpigbeer: Same here, hoping the gtx1080 can pull 1440p 60fps, the ps5 was struggling in the network test.

            • @Super King: From what i just read about Ps5 elden ring looks like it might just be server issues, so on release fingers crossed will either have a good time on ps5 or gtx 1080 :D

    • +1

      One overlooked feature is DLSS in the the RTX series. There’s a noticeable performance improvement in supported games.

  • +1

    Don't forget 0.7% cashback with cashrewards

  • -1

    Almost grabbed another 3060ti
    The 950 one is OOS

    Grabbed a 6600, couldn't argue at 650 for a low power cool running 29mh/s

  • Ah Afterpay fail. Teach me to get tempted by the "$30 discount" to discover "max limit". Oh well, you live, you learn.

  • +1

    i'll be holding until kingdom come

  • I spent $2199 on a 3080 just a few weeks ago. Shame on me.

  • 3080 OOS

  • 5 cards per model?

  • All stock gone and sold out. I am missing a case and a video card for my pc build. At this rate by the time I can get a video card, I will be too old to play any games.

  • Just got one, seems like 3060tis back in stock

    • Galaxy at $999 for those playing at home. Nice

      • Now at $1099

  • Anyone got shipping confirmation on these cards yet?

    • yes, mine was shipped Friday afternoon

      • which model?

        • 3060 ti

          • @ln28909: galax or asus mini? have you received it? mine still 'processing' since Thursday night.

            • +1

              @8horse: Asus, and auspost says will deliver today

  • I just bought the Galax 3080, don't know why it's cheaper than other brands but I had used their 2070 before and it was a solid card, so I'm hoping this one is just as good.

  • Anyone got their card yet? I placed my order on Friday, haven't received it.

    • Yes, Asus mini OC in Melbourne via startrack

      • how long did it take?

        • Ordered Friday, attempted delivery Monday but we couldn't come to the door, redelivered Wednesday.

          I assume auspost would have been slower but would have taken to post office if delivery failed

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