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[PC, XSX, PS5] Battlefield 2042 $49 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Mwave


Battlefield 2042 for $49 at Mwave. Lowest price I have seen across all three major platforms. Click and collect is free otherwise there is a delivery charge. Seems like it is eligible for $30 off if you're a first time Afterpay user and this is your first purchase, making it $19. There are other games on sale for $49 as per the link.

PC and PS5 out of stock but XSX still available.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Wish I'd waited. Got it digitally and it's a broken mess. Might be worth a go at $50 on disc.

  • +1

    Damn the $13 delivery bums me out. I can buy battlefield for $2 more on Amazon which would probably get here quicker. Thanks though op!

    • If you are a first time Afterpay user it seems like you can get $30 off which should make it $32 for you in total when factoring in delivery. Still cheaper than Amazon. I would buy it but I've already got an active Afterpay account with an existing order so it probably won't work.

      • Yea unfortunately I used afterpay yesterday to snag Guardians of the galaxy for $31 delivered haha.

        • then you made a great choice. That game is unexpectedly good.

    • I work near Mwave so free C&C ftw

  • $65.95 on Amazon with free delivery….I would expect it go down further for Black Friday today.

  • Bomba

  • -1

    Don’t buy BF2042, please DO NOT buy BF2042…

    • I heard it was pretty average, any reason why you don't recommend it?

      • The game is broken but if you can get it for $19 with the Afterpay deal it's probably worth it.

      • +1

        The game doesn't feel like a battlefield game. It has no real direction in terms of gameplay and themes. It has so many elements blatantly obvious to milk you for your money.

        • +2

          Spot on…this is not a battlefield game at all.

      • +3

        Buying it just perpetuates publishers released unfinished piles of garbage. Have to vote with your dollar.

      • It has a fair few issues right now that need to be patched (bugs and balance issues)

        Still fun though and portal is excellent. But the game feels like it's lacking. Worth it for $49 IMO, but not worth more than that.

  • Hmm. I've got $20 mwave dollars, eligible for $20 off using afterpay, and I'm still not sure whether it is worth getting BF2042. It's definitely nothing like 1942 or 2142…

  • Do your research before you buy this game, it has many problems and issues, many of which have been highlighted by the community (check Steam reviews, Reddit etc). If you have Xbox game pass, you also have EA Play, in which you can play the game for up to 10 hours.

    Also I think Afterpay is limited to like $900 or something like that, so if you are ordering other stuff from Mwave and exceed that limit, then might have to split your order up.

  • I predict $30 6 months from now, $10 and free on gamepass 12 months from now and Battlefield 2042 what? "No one cares" 24 months from now.

  • Is this a disc version or digital download?

    • For $19 I don't care, I'm assuming a physical copy that I'll pick up after work on Monday.

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