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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard (AU Layout) $159 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great local price on an amazing keyboard, with AU layout and local AU warranty.

Lots of positive comments in prior OzBargain threads. If you're in the market for a non-mechanical, or even mechanical (I sold mine for this), this is the keyboard to get.

Further discount for AMEX users to $139 thanks to @other guy's comment:

Stack with the $20 amex deal to bring it down to $139 which makes this a great price if you haven't used up all your $20 amazon credits over the last few days

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +10

    I was sceptical about this keyboard because of price, despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback until I finally bit the bullet 2 months ago.

    I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this keyboard and have been using it as my daily driver now.

    • +3

      Absolutely the best keyboard I've used in my entire life, and I've been using computers for 30 years or so now….

      • Absolutely agree. Really love typing on this thing! I also use it for gaming. I have no clue why people are obsessed with mechanical keys for playing games - I want short keys that my fingers sit on nicely, and don't have far to travel before triggering.

  • +2

    Good price.

    Looking for mx master 3 …

    • +2

      If you plan to switch between computers using the unifying interface, consider the M720 triathlon instead. It has the switch buttons on the top rather than underneath like the MX Master 3. I've got the triathlon and was going to upgrade to the master 3 until I realised this

      • Thanks,

        M720 is good, but I would like to try the horizontal wheel.

        • Logitech has a "mice without borders" style feature where you can swipe off-screen on one computer and onto the next. It even let's you copy and paste between Windows and Mac, no button press necessary if you can install the software on both machines.

          • +1

            @saintpat: Its called Logitech Flow and it works quite well.

            I'm fairly sure I heard not long ago that Windows was getting something similar built in

            • @bopter12: Yeh, and I forgot I had it installed and kept wondering why my mouse would randomly switch over sometimes :D

  • +5

    Stack with the $20 amex deal to bring it down to $139 which makes this a great price if you haven't used up all your $20 amazon credits over the last few days

    • Thanks I popped this in the description.

  • +2

    Don't forget the JB Hifi bundle offer. Mx Keys, Mx Master 3 and palm rest for $299. Use the Afterpay promo to bring it down to $279. Using this price for the keyboard, brings the mouse down to 120 and the palm rest is free. Obviously only good if you need both the keyboard and mouse.

    • Hey, is the afterpay promo per store or your first purchase using the service?

  • Best keyboard ever.

  • +7

    Perfect office keyboard for a deductible work expense. While I've always loved a mechanical, this bad boy is perfect when surrounded by colleagues and not wanting to start a fight over your clickity-clacks…

    • This. I bought mine to use at the office and it's been great. Especially paired with MX Master 2.

  • Where/what is the associated amex $20 deal on amazon?

  • What AMEX deal R U referring to?

  • Save yourself and buy a mechanical

    • +3

      Personally I've found it better than a mechanical for day to day and it's still great for gaming. I sold my K70 Browns after buying this keyboard.

    • +1

      You should give it a go and it'll change your perception about membrane keyboards.

      (that's coming from someone who's bought like 4 mech keyboards in the last 3 years)

    • I have a mechanical at home and mx at office and would prefer mx any day. The travel of the mechanical and the key height is painful. ooh! That loud sound.

    • Save yourself

      From what?

      • +1

        From not having a clicky clacky keyboard that, while satisfying as hell, is super noisy when you use a mic and requires much more finger movement to use. Mechanicals are satisfying, but the MX Keys is a better experience in every other way IMO

  • Snagged one, thx OP

  • +4

    Hope Amazon will stock mx keys mini soon with reasonable price.

  • Bought one of these and do not regret it. Highly recommended with an MX Master 2 or 3.

  • +2

    $156.75 on eBay through digidirect with the Afterpay 25% off coupon

    I used my 2x $15 ebay gift vouchers ($15 w/ 100% cashback, and $15 w/ $5 cashback) and only paid $136.75

  • +1

    Wish there were good deals on the mx keys mini around. Would prefer to not have the extra length due to the number pad…

  • +1

    Need a deal on the mini :(

  • Does the normal one works well with Macs/MBPs as well or should I opt for the *For Mac version? Amex deal does makes it a sweet bargain

    also not sure what's the difference with country version layouts, never saw this option on Logitech's site?

    • +2

      I paired this with my Mac as well. Works fine so hopefully should be ok!

    • +1

      Works perfect, I use mine to flip-flop between pc (dongled) and mac(Bluetooth) and it's ideal for that as it has both system key labels.

  • Haven't been keeping up to date but any word on a USB-C Universal Receiver? More and more laptops are only shipping with USB C ports which is annoying

    • I was thinking this while browsing. Im using bluetooth for just about everything because my new laptop has 4 usb c and 2 a ports (both on rear). I need to find a good usb c/thunderbolt hub I guess.

  • How is this compared to Mr Suit or Frog TKL

    • Very different types of products, targeting different customer bases.

  • mx keys mini is out now too for people who want 65/67%

  • Anyone know if/how is this better than the Logitech K780? TIA

  • Isn't this 99 at kogan?

    • Sure, if you like spanish

      • Me gusta Español :)

    • spanish keyboard layout and grey import. DYOR.

  • Finally bit the bullet on one of these to replace this cheap Logitech at work. Still not 100% sold on using a chiclet keyboard 8 hours a day but I'll give it a shot.

    • What's the difference? The button labels appear the same. Looks to me like it just doesn't include a receiver.

      • +1

        Mac version comes with an usb-c to usb-c cable instead of usb-a to c. The color is also different and i don't think mac version has the usb receiver.

        • The Mac version does have the USB receiver but it is also USB-A as the regular version.

      • Honestly from the pictures I thought the Mac version has the rectangle shaped return key (not the L shaped one), but it looks like the Amazon page only has 1/6 pictures that show that feature (fourth picture down). So look honestly no idea the difference except black vs grey keys. The model number Logitech 920-009418 MX Keys for Mac seems to reflect that in Google images? But I'm not 100% sure what the truth is now.

    • Also interested in knowing what the advantage of this is. Doesn't the regular one have both system labels?

  • I noticed in the picture that the PC version also seems to have mapped keys for Mac. What is different in the Mac version?

  • There's been better deals for this on OzB, I'd hold off

  • anyhting on mx3 mouse?

    • Have a look and let us know

      • kogan @ $109 seems best

        • Seems like it. Digidirect on ebay with giftcards and afterpay works out about the same. If you are getting the keyboard+mouse slightly cheaper. Or the JB combo if you havent used the afterpay deal there yet.

  • don't forget the free 1 or 2 month Adobe Sub if you have any use

  • $99 at Kogan.

    • Spanish model

      • Can not price beat Kogan

        • Thought OW beats any online store?

          Edit: okay not any, some restrictions applied. Kogan excluded.

  • +4

    $149 at PLE if you you dont have any AMEX deals
    https://www.ple.com.au/Products/637745/Logitech-MX-Keys-Rech... can pricebeat OW

    • Do you know what the shipping is? It doesn't show unless you create an account.

      • $12.04 for me, but I'm in WA.

  • mechanical vs mx keys is a personal preference. I sold mx keys to keep my mechanical keyboard.

    • +1

      Your coworkers don't thank you.

  • I bought one Wednesday on Amazon for $170 so i'm not too gutted. It arrived today. But I'm not sure if I should get another one for my work desk.

    • I think you should. they're quite heavy and I had a stint carrying it in my bag dragging it into work, but gave up after a bit

      • Thanks I have the ergo K860 at home so I might just keep it and take the mx into work. I've only had it 7 months, one leg is broken and the wrist rest is worn on each side so it looks fairly used. I haven't had any wrist issues while using the K860 at home so I think I'll use the MX at home for a couple of days to try it out and take the MX into work.

    • You can contact them and see if they'll refund you the difference, sometimes they do

  • Not backlit? Linked deal says illuminated but does that mean a different type of light?

  • In case anyone looking for Logitech G815 Tactile, just spotted one selling for $149.50 on amazon at the moment, the lowest I can find so far.


    Edit: just found out that JBHF had lower the price to $149 too, so better to buy it there if you grabbed the coles 15%OFF JBHF gift cards

    • I would definitely like to try one of these, any idea is any store has them on display? This or the 915?

      • don't know but JB HiFi and HN both have them instore, I think 915 is just the wireless version of 815, for me wired is always better

  • I have been contemplating from morning whether to buy one since my existing Kogan Brown kbd was doing just fine. But Amex $20 and CR $5 made me do it.

    • CR’s cash back includes items in the Computers category?

  • +1

    Great keyboard, but a word of warning - it drops out when connected to the same Logitech Unifier.

    • +1

      Had this problem too (like it would take a microsecond to reconnect after some inactivity so you miss the first keystroke).

      Didn’t have the same problem using Bluetooth low energy.

      • Yep, that's the exact problem that I had but also didn't have the problem on Bluetooth. I haven't resolved the Unifier problem either, have you?

  • how much are these normally?

  • Just got mine in the mail from a previous deal! Looking forward to trying it out.

  • The price is $171.45 now

    • It's weird camel still shows as $159

  • How do you get it for $159? It shows $171.45 for me
    This looks a better deal for $69 (or $49 with $20 off afterpay)?

  • -1

    for this money, just build a way better custom keyboard.

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