How Much $$$ Have You Spent This Black Friday Sale?

Low key shocked on how much I spent this week… And its not even over yet…

Curious to see how much $$$ you OzBargainers have spent (and so I don't feel too bad about it ^.^)

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  • 368
    I don't fall for sales ($0)
  • 153
    Noobie ($1 - $99)
  • 408
    Intermediate ($100 - $500)
  • 144
    Pro ($501 - $999)
  • 306
    True OzBargainer ($1000+)
  • 27
    I don't even want to know ($??)


  • +2

    Got a oculus quest. Was hoping for a $399 price tag. $479 with a $100 Amazon credit was close enough. Been eyeing it for ages.

  • +1

    There are big discounts across all markets. I'm trying really hard not to BTFD.

  • So far just $30 in terms of things I didn't already plan to buy.
    The couple of things that I wanted to buy on special aren't going on special yet (by a meaningful margin). Maybe by Monday …

  • +1

    Not sure if i spent or saved. Had to replace my 6 years old set of tyres. Got the mycar deal and spent around $440. Would have spent more otherwise if i went to replace in 2-3 months.

    Other than it, nothing as i really dont need anything. There are certain things i want but dont really need them. So skipped.

  • +5

    A bit under $3k. Got $3k worth of apple gift cards at Big W, getting 20x Woolies points. I've since used the Apple credit buy an iPhone and a Macbook Air. Though I should mention that I've been planning on getting both devices since mid year, so it wasn't exactly a Black Friday impulse purchase.

    For any interested, I applied all points in my Woolies rewards app and ended up with $360 in rewards dollars.

    • +3

      Damn the Apple employee must have been shocked when you took out a suitcase worth of gc

      • 3k can be as little as 6 giftcards

    • Gold Star for you.

  • +3

    Am very keen on an 85 inch tv but maybe next year. Only spent money on some clothing which I needed due to covid weight gain and some black RM Williams which I didn't even need.

  • Around 3.5k-4k

  • so far I only got the tradingview pro+ sub for like $220 AUD and the Protein from Amino Z

    trying to look for a MX master 3

  • Copped a Corsair 4000d Airflow from Amazon and a couple of Black Friday week deals before the Friday for 32GB RAM and the Asus ROG Strix Arion from Wireless1

  • +2

    $326for Pirelli tyres

    • Same

  • Kindle PW and case
    Bunch of toys and clothes for my son


    • have to wait 2-3 months on the PW?

      • +2

        Originally said 23 Dec, but i actually got it yesterday to my extreme pleasure.

  • Over $2K, mainly because I brought a new laptop costing $1.6K.

  • +2

    It's been a bit of a disappointing Black Friday for me. My main purchases have been gift cards.

  • Dell XPS 3060Ti, Dell 27 Inch S2721DGF, Logitech MX Keys, Creative Pebble V3, IKEA Desk setup, 3kg Protein from Amino Z, Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve Single Malt, Roku Gin, 12 Bottles of Red, Bowden's Own Wheely Clean, Various Catch Of The Day Christmas presents and Peter Alexander Disney Pyjamas.

    • Which desk from IKEA did you buy if you don't mind me asking? Wasn't aware they even had a sale.

  • Not much myself due to unemployment. Wife has spent a fair bit more.

    • +1

      How do you survive with unemployment

      • +1

        It is a bit rough, had savings, less now. Luckily my wife's job pays pretty well and our expenses are low. She earns too much for me to get anything from Centrelink, but not enough for us to be really enjoying life, so it won't work long term.

        I've been applying for jobs and studying, mainly because I have been pushed out of the sector where I have spent over a decade. Some people have gone to quite some effort to make things difficult for me, but that only makes me want to work harder.

  • i7-11800, 32G ram, RTX 3080 laptop for $2999

  • A lot this year. But all of them were planned expenses and was waiting for deals in bf season. So actually was saving abit if I bought them at other times

  • Close to $1k. It hasn’t been as good as last year (I keep saying this every year but it’s accurate), but yet I keep spending more than planned :(.

    I got a switch + extra joy con controller, which I have been planning for months. Not the best sale ever, but enough to pull the trigger. Got a couple of switch games. Also spend about $200 at the Converse sale (I have kids) and the best hot sauces at 15% off (terrible sale but I was going to buy them at full price since they never have sales).

  • Good deal this year with Afterpay, Amazon credit back and Commbank, eBay plus offers

    Saved $90 spent $260 not bad

  • +1

    $385 on parts to fix a few different laptops from Aliexpress that I will fix then sell for a nice profit. The parts themselves weren't discounted but I was able to use a code that took $30USD off $250USD (before shipping and taxes).

    On things for myself (so far)- $86.5.
    * 3KG Aminoz WPI Protein - $55
    * 4L Omo laundy detergent - $15.5
    * Skyrim VR - $16

    I'm considering a smart band for 24/7 heart rate tracking that's on sale for $60 and bound to find another bargain on cyber monday. I'm hoping to get a decent 1TB NVME for around $100 (missed the Kioxia 1tb deal for $99 delivered yesterday). Final spend will probably be around $600 all up, with $380 of that being parts which should generate $1500+ in cash sales after I fix the laptops.

  • +1

    wasn't even thinking of buying a TV but ended up buying a C1

  • +3

    I’ve “made” money out of them by raising price protection claims on items discounted that I paid more for earlier in the year.

  • Not much this year compared to last -

    Wireless Earphones ~$130
    Boardgames ~$40
    Clothes ~$80
    Video Games ~$50

    Wife spent about $300 on clothes.

    Tempted to grab a dashcam for the car as well though.

  • Dyson V12. $1015. Courtesy of Hardly Normal pricematched to BingLee $1,069 minus 5% GC discount.

  • +1

    I bought some new glasses but my new budget isn't very flexible :(

  • +1

    Around 5k I suspect. Too many good sales. Some stuff though I bought in advance, like a set of pirelli tyres for 50% off that I know my wife will need in a couple of months.

    Also bought heaps of grog, glasshouse candles, the Sony XM3 but just cancelled that because doesn't work with ps5 for some reason. Also bought a TV from JB Hifi, gaming mouse and keyboard for son. Bought a couple of rugs. Bought a canvas for wall and office chair. Bought other stuff but can't remember.

    • PS4/5 cannot just connect to any Bluetooth headsfree. You either use an adapter or get a HDMI splitter/switcher that gives out 3.5 audio (audio extractor)

      Otherwise a USB adapter to add another Bluetooth audio out device not sure PS5 version exists

  • Was there a black Friday I didn't even know gone.

    • +1

      That’s what cyber Monday is for

      • Ah stealing people's identies, right understood.

        Gone to install Linux and it's repos on a rj-45

  • Nothing much this year. Bought a pair of Adidas continentals for $25

  • +1

    Leather handbags. Oroton had 20-30% off, with an additional discount of 20% at checkout. And they're an Australian company. Winning!

  • +1

    4.02 usb c2c cable x1
    57.15 google nest hub 2 x1 + plastic bag x1
    59 google nest hub 2 x1
    99 google nest hub max x1
    99 fitbit inspire 2 x1
    21.05 colgate mousewash x5
    31.45 klask x1
    1.49 1000 pieces puzzle x1
    119.97 skeches sport shoes x3
    49.48 tontine pillow x4

    totally 541.61 (no shipping fee paid)

  • a suddenly dead TV provoked action we wouldn't have done otherwise

    went to buy a popular big screen TV - all sold out - 'selling like hotcakes' - couldn't guarantee before xmas

    at the third store with this story, the salesman said we have a better TV - sticker priced at $600 more

    and you can have it delivered on Monday

    after some walkaway encouragement, he came down $500 incl delivery

    so we got a better TV for $100 more than the hot bargain - that's the theory anyway

    as a frugal I would have got a used one for $100, but you know what they say -

    'the man is the head, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants …'

  • +1

    $510 on something I wanted but didn't need ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    No ragrets (yet)

    Item RRP Actual (BF)
    Samsung S20 FE 4G - $799.00 $469.00
    Case - $19.99 $12.10
    256GB MicroSD - $92.00 $29.69
    Total - $910.99 $510.79
  • Personally I think it would be more interesting to see specifically what people spent they hadn't intended to. For example I bought a CPU and a trickle charger. I planned to buy the CPU but trickle charger more impulse!

  • A fair amount, but the sales have at times been substantial from tracking the price.
    Furnishing a new home we just bought. Lounge, dining table, fridge, tv cabinet, tv, bed, bedsides, tallboy, mattress etc etc
    Quite a few discounts were discovered on this forum as well, so thanks to all the hard workers keeping and eagle eye out for the sales and posting!

  • $0

  • +1

    DJI Mini SE fly more kit for $499…I've been eyeing it for a while.

    Initially placed an order with Harvey Norman, the order got rejected for no apparent reason. So I contacted Paypal and Harvey Norman for a cancellation. I ended up picking up for the same price + shipping from Retravision in WA (I'm in VIC)…I wish Retravision were back here in VIC the majority of major electrical retailers here are only Harvey Norman, Good Guys and JB, which are as bad as each other (Good Guys being the worse)

  • +3

    Bought Christmas gifts for people I like. So $0

  • +1

    I caved on demon souls for $49, but so far I’ve been pretty underwhelmed so far

  • +1

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond @ $64 - $8.73 = $55.27 (after cashback from Cashrewards)
    Toiletries @ Chemist Warehouse: $15.72 - ($15.72 * 0.01) - $5 = $10.56 (after cashback and $5 bonus cashback from Cashrewards)
    Dell Gaming Backpack 17– GM1720PM @ Dell: $111 - $83.42 = $27.58 (with promo codes)
    National Geographic Key Organiser + Multi-Tool v2 @ Orbitkey: ($54.90 * 0.85) + ($15 * 0.75) = $57.91 (Black Friday Sale)
    Deliveroo gift card @ Shopback: $20 - ($20 * 0.08) - $5 = $13.40 (after cashback and $5 bonus cashback from Shopback)
    Woolworths Gift Card $50 + $5 bonus gift card @ Prezee: $50

    Total: $214.72

  • +2

    More importantly you have to tell everyone how much you saved!

  • Leetcode annual Premium US$129, thinking spending whole Xmas at home with Leetcode :)

  • $53.30 for Bravely Default II on the eshop after seeing they were cheaper than Catch (how I have no idea but sure)

  • I bought $120 uniqlo pants and shirts..reduced to $90 because of cashrewards

    Bought some pandora charms for myself $120

    I went to Highpoint and did not find much sales instore…they were all online lol

  • I stopped counting after I went over $3k. The largest purchase was dyson v15 and I can say it’s worth every cent absolutely amazing piece of equipment can’t believe I am saying that about vacuum cleaner. I prefer to buy everything at shops only one purchase was made at a online only store. In total about 15 shops. When you can’t travel you have to spend your money somewhere and the sales were worth it.

    • i didn't see any deals for the v15. where did you get it?

  • +2

    Is it still "Low-Key" if you post it on the world wide web?

  • $551 on tyres and alignment :(. Alignment needs doing.

  • +1

    $2950. Finally bit the bullet on some KEF R3. Only ended up slightly cheaper than I could have gotten anyway.

  • I normally grab some black Friday sales but his year didn't jump in. I had already picked up a Sony XR90J at ozbargainer prices in September. Probably should have waited on a laptop I got but didn't want to get caught out with lack of supply prior to kids starting high school in 2 months.

  • at least $150 plus on gift cards

  • +1

    Super disappointed that none of my watch list items went on sale

  • "Sales" this year were generally rubbish, lacklustre at best. And a LOT had hikes that never went back down "OnSale"
    Stuff I bought (mostly storage) was historical low prices mostly. 4 16TB drives, 2 256Gb flash drives, another Gooloo jump starter, a few random memory cards for security cameras and dashcam, a 1TB card for my phone, some random USB adaptersI was after. Skipped the Note20 and the Mini2, lame discounts.

  • (profanity) heaps, by my standards.
    About 2300 if my records are correct but I got some good deals on stuff I have wanted for a while so all good.

  • $42 on Black Friday sale

    $98 on Cyber Monday Sale.

  • Bought a Kathmandu sun shelter at 30% off. Ready for summer.

  • My AMD Destop productivity and Gaming Build, minus the GPU

  • Gaming PC ~$4500:

    AminoZ powder ~$100

  • Yes alot from Amazon, as I was doing Xmas shopping there too with black friday deals. $648.29 total, but if the sale wasn't there, it gonna cost $972.14

  • +2

    Was there even a proper deal apart from vague cashback deals?

    • There were heaps of steam game deals but nothing that was a big pull. Lots of clothing on sale and lots of camera gear on sale for 15pc off. Sony did their cashback vouchers so you could get 15pc off + 50-200aud cashback afterwards on some lenses etc.

  • Not much this year

    4 4K movies from JB Hi Fi as part of the 2 for $40 minus the 30% off which made them $56.00 in total for all 4 movies

    Also a new paperwhite kinde for $169.00 (the old non paperwhite one is on its way out)

    So a lousy $225.00 in total this year

  • got myself a wacom cintiq 16 for $715 after all cashbacks and discounts

    we bing chilling

  • Almost 4k, the Sony a80j sucked me right in, price matched and shop backed, couldn't pass it up.
    And here I was thinking I was going to be sweet with the Kogan recharge bogof and Timezone 20% gift cards. Even Myer got raided with some nice jeans, discounted and shop backed too.
    Glad it’s Tuesday now.

  • Its was all little purchases, a $7 here, a $40 there, but over the span of the entire thing I've spent over $300…

    Too dangerous. I hope nothing I really want show up during the XMAS sales. I need to save 😫

  • I could not resist the LG C1 77" deal at $4665 after Cashback.

    • Yes that looked like an amazing deal lol. I had to close my browser!

  • Just spent around 4k this year, gosh didn't expect to end up buying the LG C1 48" TV. Very worth it!

  • way too much on Monday. had to cut down a lot as well

  • My spend is a lot less now that god damn Myer has cancelled my order for the missus xmas present. Flowerbomb gift set on BF sale, with 20% myer shopback, only for it to be cancelled 3 days later and now out of stock! Never trusting Myer again with a time sensitive purchase. Will only fleece them for 40%+ discounts (which is BAU really)

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