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Dell Backpacks - Essential 15 $11.43, Gaming Lite 17 $15.39, Gaming 17 $27.58, Alienware Slim AW323P $39.56 Delivered @ Dell


I asked for a good price on the backpacks and ended up getting the lowest for them all.

Don't forget cashback.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Looking for a decent laptop bag for my new MacBook pro 16" - would anyone recommend the Dell Gaming Lite Backpack 17– GM1720PE for this laptop?

    If not, any other decent choices/recommendations?

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      But if you get Dell backpack everyone will think you have Dell laptop inside, not your new MacBook pro 16".

      • 2honest

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        For security reasons, that could be a good thing

      • Buy a Dell laptop also and put that in, problem solved.

      • If everyone sees you have a 2021 mbp 16", the thieves can also see it.

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      I've got the GM1720PM and its fantastic.
      Plenty of room and nice and sturdy.

      It's even comfy enough to cycle with. Has a built in rain cover which has come in handy a couple times.

      • Thanks for the insights. Will place an order through.

      • How big is the laptop space please? I have a 14” but like a bigger bag. Just don’t want the laptop flying around!! Thanks.

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          It's very roomy. My 15" laptop fits with ease, my 14" flops around a little but the padding is very good so i'm not worried.

    • Go for it

      It looks decent for office

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    Thanks, was waiting for the Dell Gaming Backpack 17 to be restocked in their eBay Store to take advantage of 'PLSDELL', but this works out almost the same price.

  • Which one is suitable for Alienware Area-51m R2 ?

  • How's the delivery on these normally?

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      wheni bought it from their ebay store - it was pretty bloody long. didnt show up for a few weeks.

    • I bought this 2 weeks ago and it shipped in 2 days from Sydney to Melbourne. But I got an email saying it actually shipped early so this is probably an outlier.

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      Bought one last year (so not during the Covid postal crisis) and it shipped in like a week. Not to bad given that delivery is included within the cost of the bags.

    • About 3 weeks maybe a month for mine…

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    Grabbed a 15" for less than $15 delivered can't go wrong.

  • Alienware without RGB ???


  • ezz just bought 3. now just a question of whether they arrive before xmas …

  • Thanks, grabbed Alianware backpack

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    I bought 1 2 months ago. Still haven’t received. I actually forgot I bought it until I saw this post.

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      This is the way

    • True ozbargainer here…

  • thansk OP!

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    Thanks dealbot, got the Alienware backpack

  • Shopback came back as $0.00

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    You can still browse our other great deals here.

  • A Black Friday deal that didn't actually last until Friday. Thanks Dell.

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      Back on.

      • Got it. Thanks for sorting @Dealbot

      • Looks like prices have increased again slightly :(

  • I have the Lite 17 and ignoring the long delivery time (almost a month), the price and quality was actually far better than expected. I was about to cancel my order because it was an impulse buy but once I received it, I was genuinely happy with it.

    It serves as my casual occasions tote.

  • Received a notification that my order has already been shipped by Startrack.

    ETA: 29/11/2021

  • Thanks! Ordered the Lite 17. Tempted by the big 17 but it's a bit too big and heavy imo, probably overkill for me.

  • Cheers OP! Grabbed the 15 and the Lite 17, both delivered for $27 is awesome :)

  • Any recommendations that can fit two laptops?

    • The laptop pocket for GM1720PM definitely is large enough to fit two thin/standard laptops (Latitude 7390 2-in-1 & Latitude 9510 2-in-1)
      Not sure how thick your laptops are.

      This bag is really spacious and amazing for the price (would highly recommend these over schoolbags, excellent for Uni), though the only comment I have is don't drop your laptop into the GM1720PM's laptop compartment expecting protection from the floor to slow it down.
      The way the laptop pocket is designed, shares the same bottom piece as the outer bag and doesn't have much padding on deepest edge of the laptop pocket/compartment, i.e. it's not a free-floating pocket see the Dell Premier Backpack 15 (PE1520P) to see what I mean by free-floating pocket, which provides a little bit of padding from the floor when you slide your laptop into the pocket

      My Latitude 9510 has a tiny dent in it because I didn't realise, but it's built like a tank so doesn't really bother me too much.

      For the GM1720PM, I had to wait like a month and a half for delivery.
      From my records:
      Order date May 19th, from this deal, $36.13
      Delivered June 22nd

      The PE1520P (not in this sale) I waited less than a week, not sure what's the go with the delivery times, feels like a bit of a lotto sometimes.
      Order date Nov 18th
      Delivered Nov 22nd

      Both were ordered off the Dell AU website

      Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts)

      • I ordered the alienware one, is it any good? Otherwise had to cancel and reorder the one you mentioned

        • Sorry, I never ordered the alienware bag, it should be pretty good quality bag though.

          If you're unhappy, keep the packaging intact and you can check with Dell customer support to see if they'll allow you to return it, though I don't see how you can go wrong at the current sale price.

          It's supposed to be able to fit a 17" laptop, so pretty sure you can fit two as well (I have an older Dell backpack 15" from work that can also do it) as long as you're not talking about two alienwares/thick laptops..

          Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts)

          • @cwongtech: Hope I can fit One ThinkPad and one dell precision laptop fingers crossed

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              @Thedesishopper: Those sound like reasonably thin/normal thickness laptops.. I think it should be possible, but hard to tell, can't find any youtube reviews.

              Do post your thoughts here once you get the bag, I'd be curious (and other OzB members too) about your experience for this backpack!

              Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts)

  • Thanks OP, grabbed the essential backpack.

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    Surprisingly my order for the Dell Gaming Backpack 17 arrived this morning.

    Ordered on the 25th and arrived on the 27th, so <2 days.

  • 3x Dell Gaming 17" backpacks

    Order total: $89.91
    Total savings: $243.09


  • Comparing to normal backpacks, do these gaming ones protest the laptops better?

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      Yes, some padding is better than none, however none on the bottom on the bag is its Achilles heel. Pockets help organisation and the zippers look to be done better, also that bonus feature, is its attached rain cover. My kids have a Sierra backpack that has lasted 3yrs they were in excess of $100ea unless on sale to $60ea. One annoying trait is the 4 or so zipped sections are way too much and almost pointless, but it is an explorers back pack used for school duties, minimising those zipped sections with the simpler Dell design will be well received this time. That rain cover has been a godsend many times, the bags are showing real wear in and around the seams and shoulder straps showing small tears, so this is a timely deal.

  • Still haven't received the backpack.

    I contacted Dell, and a man called back to tell me that the backpack won't be delivered, and won't give me my money back.

    I contacted my credit card company to issue a dispute and chargeback.

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