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Pay with MasterCard, Get $5 Bonus Cashback on Any Gift Card Purchases Over $15 @ ShopBack App (Activation Required)


Hey everyone,

We're super excited to bring you an amazing deal from our Official ShopFest Partner Mastercard®!
Keep your eyes peeled for more deals to come!

  • For a limited time, ShopBacker's who Opt-In and Purchase Gift Cards valued over $15 using a Mastercard® Credit/Debit Card will receive a Bonus $5 Cashback!

Offer activation required using the ShopBack App.
Simply Opt-In to the Challenge here, and make your eligible purchase with a Mastercard® Credit/Debit Card.

I've also covered some important info under "GYB's Notes", so please take the time to read through these.


Cashback Info

Offer: $5 Bonus Cashback on Any Gift Card Orders Over $15 paid for using a Mastercard® Credit/Debit Card.
Dates: Between 12:00am AEDT on Friday 26th November 2021 and 11:59pm AEDT on Monday 29th November 2021 (unless capped out prior).
Opt-In Cap Limited Opt-Ins Apply (we are monitoring opt-ins and will increase if needed).

GYB's Notes:

  • Do not use your Cashback balance to pay for this promo, as it will reduce the amount the system recognises from your Mastercard®.
  • You can stack this offer with any other Gift Card Bonuses available within the promotional time period.
  • This is $15 or more on Gift Cards, so you can purchase multiple lower denominations to add up to $15.
  • Pre-paid and disposable (one-time use) Mastercards® are excluded from this offer.
  • Vouchers from ShopBack In-Store are excluded from this promo.
  • As long as it's listed on the ShopBack Gift Card's page, it will be eligible.


  • Receive $5 bonus cashback from ShopBack when you spend $15 or more in a single transaction via the gift card portal in the ShopBack app using Mastercard® ($15 or more must be charged to your Mastercard® credit or debit card to qualify) between 12:00am AEDT on the 26th November and 11:59pm AEDT on 29th November 2021 (unless the offer is modified, extended or terminated prior).
  • Offer is available to new and existing ShopBack and Mastercard® customers and only available through the ShopBack App.
  • Only purchases made after you ‘Start’ this challenge will qualify for the bonus $5 cashback.
  • Limited opt-ins apply.
  • Bonus is limited to one per ShopBack account. Additional transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  • The $5 bonus Cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you’ll receive for buying a gift card via the ShopBack app.
  • This bonus will be added to your ShopBack account within 72 hours of making an eligible transaction.
  • Cashback will be forfeited if any fraudulent activity is detected (or there is reasonable suspicion of such activity) on, or arising out of, your ShopBack account, or if your order is cancelled.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offers at any time without prior notice.
  • The products and services purchased to enter this Promotion are provided solely by ShopBack, under such terms and conditions as determined by ShopBack, and Mastercard® accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such products and services.


  • ShopBack In-Store voucher purchases are excluded from this offer.
  • Pre-paid and disposable (one-time-use) Mastercards® are excluded from this offer.

Have a question/issue? Send an email to [email protected] or DM me directly and we'll help sort it out.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4025)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • This is similar to the catch of the day model :)

  • That’s just 6 mins wait?

    • +2

      Sorry, I couldn't hold back!!

      • Hi Rep,
        I purchased 3 x $5 Shopback Superswap gift cards in one transaction. My Master card was charged $15.
        Could you please confirm if this purchase qualifies for the Bonus cashback.

      • GYB- any gift card for BigW

      • +32

        I did mention numerous times that it was on the Gift Cards homescreen.
        I apologise if you missed it.

        • +4

          No apology required on your end, I even went to your post beforehand to see where I should be looking

        • I followed all your tips. Wasn't in any rush and it all went through nicely. Without them I recon I would probably have missed out Cheers.

    • +33

      We had 4,000 users camping the screen at midnight.
      You call it rigged, I'd say it was insanity.

      • -3

        4000 unique ip addresses or accounts?

      • -2

        Very poor design

      • +4

        You call it rigged, I'd say it was insanity.

        A lot of folks had their payment declined due to "heavy traffic".

        • +1

          This is why I opted to pay for it from "available cashback funds" rather than risk the hop to the payment processor validating credit cards being inundated with traffic. Figured it'll be faster and less hassle that way.

          • @Kenb0: Very smart thinking, indeed.
            Hopefully, I will remember to do the same next year.

          • @Kenb0: But ultimately a mastercard is not used. Will this impact the cashback?

      • +9

        You offered something valid for 2000 users and your systems failed when 4000 showed up … that's not insanity it's poor planning and poor infrastructure.

        • Yup, It should have had a queueing system and followed a process of letting 2000 people through max at a time and the rest queued up. That way no random payment error messages etc.

  • Thank you!

  • +2

    Can I buy $10+$5 super swap gift card?

    • +1

      Yep, I've just updated the notes to state this :)

  • Can I buy 3X $5 SSSC?

    • Same question.

    • Yep, I've just updated the notes to state this :)

    • what is SSSC

      • ShopBack super swap card? Not sure

      • Shopback Super Swap Card

  • Can you do 3x $5 cards to qualify?

    • Same question

    • yes that's what i did for the Mastercard challenge offer earlier and it worked fine for me

  • +2

    Got one $15 eBay Gift Cards :)

    • same ! not bother to get the swap, will straight use on ebay anyway for the $5 bonus with $5 purchase

  • Lol. This one was easy at least. :)

  • Does this work with bundll?

    • If the bundll card is a Mastercard branded one, then yes it should.

      • It’s showing up as MasterCard in the ShopBack app, so I guess that’s a yes

      • Yes, thanks.

  • 2 $10 gift cards ok for this one GYB?

    First bit says gift card over $15. Second bit says spend over $15 on gift card portal.

    • Yes a little clarity needed. Is it $15 and over or more than $15?

    • Yep, I've just updated the notes to state this :)

      • Thanks for clarifying.

  • where can I apply master card all my cards are visa or amex

    • Most debit cards with your bank's savings account are MasterCards nowadays

      • my st george NAB HSBC debit cards are all visa

        • =S

          If you don't mind getting a new bank account, MeBank issues a virtual card (Buck, MasterCard) which you can add onto Google/Apple Pay. So maybe you can get a card within by 29th that way?

          "Open an Everyday Transaction Account and add your Buck card to your digital wallet in 5 minutes flat. "

          Not sure if the digital wallet card will give you access to the dates and CVV/CVC though

          • +1

            @zrmx: HAHA they ID verification is worst by far, have to go to Post office to get my Street Address verified as per Gov Photo ID, But Auspost always refuses to confirm that they match because ME bank system sucks, cant put in MANUAL STREET TYPE only those selected options, any other ending of your street name, AUSPOST refuses to sign the paper saying ID matches the address.

          • @zrmx: thanks

    • +1

      I remember Westpac's digital mastercard is available to use instantly after opening account.

  • +1

    Oh well, consolation prize for the $15 eBay GC losers.

    Payment swipe said processing, error heavy load, repeat 3 times then sold out.

    • +2


    • It's more of a way like to above double dipping i guess (So those users could buy $15 GC, and get 100% CB + this $5 Cashback)

      Thats my opinion

  • Can you do 3x $5 cards to qualify?

    • +2


  • At least with this deal, there shouldn't be any heavy traffic. ;-)

  • The terms and conditions state a single transaction, are you sure that you can do 3 separate $5 transactions?

    • 100%, I'm just going through all the DM's and comments.
      I'll do my best to update shortly.

  • I used my mastercards to purchase $25 but was only give $0.50?

    2021-11-25 ShopBack Voucher R34Q2Z-93YB-A A$0.50

    • +1

      Did you Opt-In to the challenge prior to purchasing?

      • yep shows Congrats you're In! and I literally click on the 'Shop Now' button from there to make the purchase

        • SB system is not world class mate, they will take upto 2 hours at max to confirm for GC purchase Bonuses

          • @USER DC: but it did come back giving me $0.50, got it through the Shopback - Your latest transaction email

            • @pooks: Well yes thats the standard CB, you will receive the bonus cashback within 2 hours

            • @pooks: If you opted in first and then transacted, you'll be sweet.
              My assumption is that due to the insane traffic, the system will take a few hours to update for some.

              Reach out in the morning if it's not updated :)

    • The $5 bonus Cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you’ll receive for buying a gift card via the ShopBack app.

  • +1

    Lol I'm such a dumbass, bought a card with my Visa, fail

    • +4

      LOL! There's too much going on, it's hard to think straight…

      • Haha ikr, can't complain too much since I got lucky in that ebay gift card run at midnight!

  • Not sure if it's only for me but it's telling payment failed. Was using same card before as well.

  • Hi do you know how long does the challenge takes to complete? I just purchased a $50 gc with commonwealth Mastercard 20mins ago, and the cash back already appeared and tracked, but the challenge still not completed and no extra cashback received.

    • +1

      Challenge might take a day max to update.
      Send me a DM if it hasn't updated by midday tomorrow.

      • Thanks for reply!! Appreciate it!

  • can it combine with the kogan gift card challenge promo where you buy $50 and get a $5 bonus

  • +1

    28 degree ok right?

    • +1

      Yep :)

      • What about Velocity Bundll credit card?

        • As long as the card is a Mastercard branded one, then yes it should be fine.

  • $15 or more must be charged to your Mastercard® credit or debit card to qualify

    got 3x$5 and there was only one transaction on the Mastercard. so hopefully it works

    • +2

      Yeah it'll be sweet, just send me a DM if you have any problems :)

  • +2

    Just a reminder to beware if you are planning to use your cashback amount in the transaction, that you aren't reducing the amount you're paying to go below $15

    • Thank you! I completely forgot to add this to the post.
      I've added it in now :)

    • My cashback amount all goes to the $15 eBay card

  • Any limits on this deal? Or can all of OzBargain hope to get this deal instead of just the quick few?

    • 15000 slots for now

      • That's activations, right? Which I have done without purchase, right?

        • Yes once activated, guarantees your cashback once you made the purchase before 29th Nov. Nobody will take it. You don't have to buy it now.

          But I guess you will need some giftcard to buy something during the black friday anyway, why not buy it now and use it straight away.

          • @ce5himm: I’ll wait for another SB gift card offer to stack with.

  • +1

    Nice bonus, bought a super swap gift card. Hopefully the challenge updates soon.

    • Reach out to me via DM if it doesn't update within the next day.

  • multiple purchase works?

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