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Ajax Mould Remover $2.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good cheap Mould cleaner, way cheaper than any other place atm i think and anyway great way to make use of any gift cards

White king no longer at discounted price

About this item
Multi-purpose spray for the bathroom
Kills 99.99 percent of germs
Delivers a powerful clean to hard surfaces
Very tough on mold and soap scum
Leaves the bathroom with a subtle, lemon-fresh fragrance

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  • +3

    Will this get rid of Peter Dutton?

    • yeah you just have to drink it

  • can get the Ajax one cheaper again with s&s

    • +1

      minimum 3 quantity that's why didnt mention that

  • White King is no longer available at this price.

  • -2

    Will this get rid of Daniel Andrews?

    • +1

      Spray it at him at the next presser

  • +7

    The best mould cleaner is from Aldi, about the same price too. Not only it’s rapidly cleaned, it also prevent the mould from reappearing again permanently or for much longer period compared to all other brands, because it contains alkaline salt. Tips, don’t stock up on mould cleaner, it loses its strength over time. I kept mine for about 9 months or less and bin it regardless how much it left.

    • Honestly didn't knew aldi's mould killer cheapest around $2-3 ? will have to see them later this week then

  • If this is old stock, it will be useless. This stuff rapidly precipitates to the bottom. The liquid then loses strength and the nozzle blocks with salts from the bottom. You have a couple of months tops to use the lot, or remember to shake it weekly.

    • Oddly enough I shake it weekly and I don't even have any mould killer.

      • I shook it this morning

      • More than 3 shakes and your playing with it…what are we doing…

  • i have unopened bottles ( costco pack)… will they degrade too ?

    • +1

      Generally speaking anything like bleach, sanitizer (powders like the ones that restaurants use), or anything with like sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxides will degrade, i find bleach to be not so much different from mould killer

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