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$25 off $60 Spend at OzSale @ CBA x Little Birdie (e.g. Asahi Super Dry 24x500mL $44.99, North Bayou F100A $37.50 Delivered)


Greetings everyone, Little Birdie x CBA are currently offering $25 off $60 spend via their spending program through the CBA app. However, I have found a way to get this link to work publicly similar to Big W (thanks to Pricebeat and other users for information to assist).

The URL in the direct link may not work based on URL redirection by Ozb, so please follow these steps to retrieve the voucher:

  1. Log in or create a Little Birdie account.
  2. Go to this link and then press on Generate a Voucher.
  3. Go onto OzSale and create an account or login to your existing account.
  4. Add any item over $60 to the cart and apply your voucher in the cart. This will save the voucher to your account and can then be used on any items site wide.

Note: Part 4 is important for anyone wanting to buy alcohol. The coupon blocks alcohol purchases but you can get around this by adding another item, applying the coupon and then removing it and adding the alcohol you want.

Note 2: $60 minimum spend is before shipping costs are applied.

Some Great Deals to be had:

Plenty more deals held by CUB under $60 spend, if you add some items to get it over the threshold there are some other great deals.

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Cheers to ozbargain Black Birdie Spirit

  • How to activate little birdie for BIGW? I do not have anything in CBA app.

    • Big W expired last night unfortunately.

      • Well app never showed me any banner/card. May be better luck next time.

    • Bigw voucher expired last night

  • Great price for Asahii 500ml cans. Thanks mate.

    • It says it excludes alcohol purchases in the terms and conditions. You got it to work?

      • Read description of original post

      • Yep. Read the OP.

  • Exclusive to CBA x Little Birdie Members. Vouchers each have $25 value with a minimum spend of $60 required, limit of 1 per person, expires 11:59pm 30th November 2021. Excludes alcohol purchases. OZSALE reserves the right to refuse usage of vouchers.

    • +1

      I’m not a CBA member and used a coupon to buy alcohol. Read the post.

  • Thanks, great price!
    Cancelled my amazon order for the F195A, this is almost half the price!

  • FML
    Just ordered F100A from amazon and delivered.
    It seems return cost $7

  • Great price on the F100A!

  • +1

    Absolutely stonking price on the F100A. Great monitor arm.

  • Got the voucher without having to do anything on the CBA side.

    Feels like my CBA info (like having an account with CBA) is being shared around.

  • Non-import MX Master 3 for $110 seems pretty decent.

  • Carton of Corona for $38 delivered. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    I keep getting voucher code is invalid or expired.

    I did use a voucher for ozsale a couple of weeks ago . https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662857 .

    I wonder if its the same one.

    • I'm getting the same error. Why can't I use the damn voucher, I've tried with two items in cart that is over $60

      • Deal has been marked as expired.

        • ah I got the same error

    • Don’t forget to report it on coupon page at Little Birdie

      • Yeah I did report it.

        • Seems like Ozsale has turned it off on their side in panic.

  • +1

    I'm a little confused. CBA isn't required for this voucher?

  • +2

    For those who aren’t looking for beer and computer gadgets
    Shishedo Lipsticks are $12-$15
    A bunch of the Olay sheet masks are 10 for $20
    Napoleon Perdis Ctrl Concealer $14

    Actually there’s a lot of Napoleon products and some Mac.

  • +1

    This price for Xiaomi light bar is actually not bad

  • +2

    Can we still get the deal if we are actual CBA members?

  • +1

    $25 off $60 spend @Ozsale was in comment by OP in original 19/12 Deal Redeemed code then.

    Asahi for $45 was recommended in discussion.
    Luckily I was tagged with suggestion to buy!
    Had bought 2 cartons from Ozsale @$48.30 through Klarna… Now cheaper!

    Bought earlier today for $45 delivered.
    Required adding $60 of other products, applying code, adding Asahi & removing rest.

  • Coupons are working again, deal is back on :)

  • Still doesn’t work for me.

    • +2

      Did you try and generate a new voucher or use a previously generated one from this morning?

      • The previous one. I thought one voucher per account? How do I generate a new one?

        • Ah they may only work for newly generated ones as I just tried and it worked.

          You can create a new little birdie account to create a new voucher (don’t even need real details or email to claim as all you need is the voucher).

        • My original one wouldn’t work either. Had to make a new account to get a new one, don’t know if there’s an easier way.

  • +1

    Thanks Doweyy!
    Looking forward to my $90 Airtags after AfterPay sign up

  • Thanks Op! Resisted creating Little Birdie at launch, resisted the 4k Fire Stick, but couldn't resist the Japanese-brewed Asahi cans!
    Was surprisingly easy to create account, thanks for detailed info for ordering :)

  • Thank you OP - took a couple of tries but got there in the end for Asahi!

  • Stopped working again?

    • +1

      Just tried again, still working for me with a fresh code.

      • I'm an idiot. I didn't read the big, bold print in the OP re: alcohol. Sorted now - thanks

        • Too easy, I’m glad you managed to get it sorted :)

  • @doweyy can you please send me a message? i am unable to do so need some help

  • Wow … that was a great offer! Thanks Op… ordered a Tenda Nova MW3!!

  • Dang, shipping kills for the products I’m looking at.
    Is there a free shipping method?
    Or just certain items free delivery?

  • +1

    No more Asahi deals please, I have 4 cases staring at me already…

  • Grabbed Everdell for $55

    Edit: this covers shipping with Gamerholic so if you want any other games that are already reasonably priced they'll be free shipping.

    Note: People have had issues with items not being well packaged or having orders cancelled in the past. I haven't personally had any issues.

  • +1

    2 x cartons (16 pack) of Pirate Life Pale Ale for $64.90 delivered is pretty damn good.

  • nice, thanks for finding the coupon code and how to make it work if we don't dance (or bank) with the devil

  • Code doesn't work anymore

  • +1

    Not bad. I had a $25 voucher issued from the little birdie opening for ozsale so with this -$50- I paid $10 for a xiaomi camera ^ ^

  • +1

    Some items I've seen good value include Havaianas and Samsung 25W chargers if anyone needs to top up their cart

  • Asahi Super Dry cans and Asahi Black both sold out.

    • Seems like the cans are back in stock now.

  • I think Ozsale refusing to accept any code now?

    • Just tried it with a fresh Ozsale and LB account and it worked okay, you might need to generate a new code for it to work.

      • Cheers mate. I used new ozsale account and LB code generated yesterday and didn't work. Will try fresh one now.

      • +1

        It worked

  • Just got it to work thank you!

  • Thanks OP
    That Asahi black is a killer deal. I think that's the cheapest I've ever seen it. It's also back in stock

  • Thanks OP. Asahi black was sold out so I went for a case of Mountain Goat steam ale, good price. Cheers.

  • Does CBA have a fee-free account? And if so, do they get these exclusive deals?

  • I got myself 2 vouchers, pretty sure I saved them, but missed out on the midnight deadline for spending them (should have copy and pasted them somewhere else for safe keeping.)
    Anyone have luck with procuring them via their account click history/list of followed deals, etc?

  • Is anyone able to track their order? When I try track it in CouriersPlease, it just loads but nothing pops up

    • im also having the same problem, couriers please website tracking isnt working, tried 17track and aftership and they dont work either.

    • same here.

    • same here, ETA was yesterday but no delivery yet and can't check tracking number

  • Ordered Asahi black, just got it today and it come with a short expiry date ( 06/01/2022). Is anyone else the same?

    • That's a bit disappointing, I got the cans delivered yesterday and expiry was 26/7/2022, the blacks must have been short dated unfortunately.

    • Ordered Asahi black as well, but it hasn't got shipped out yet. I'm in VIC. This is def taking quite a while to be processed.

    • My corona arrived today - expiry August ‘22

  • Ordered Asahi Super Dry case, supposedly dispatched on the 28th Nov, AusPost still have not received the item… Good grief

    Anyone dealt successfully with support before?

  • Delivered last night! Quick note to say Thank you to OP. Great deal!! Cheers mate!

  • Anyone still waiting on their Asahi black? I have a tracking number created but nothing further! Their inbox is full and leads to a bounce back

    • I'm still waiting for Asahi black. Last time I checked, nothing was dispatched yet.

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