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Samsung 75" NEO QLED TV QA75QN85A $2499, Samsung 85" NEO QLED QA85QN85A $3499 + Shipping @ David Jones (In-Store Only)


Long time lurker first time poster.

Mrs wanted to go shopping for bed linen in DJs, after spending an hour there I started contemplating buying one to use as noose but instead made my way over to thr TV section and came across this deal.

Snagged the 85 for $3499 + $150 delivery after waiting about 30 mins to find someone to serve me.
He said very limited stock left and couldn't believe the deal. This was at 9pm last night so hopefully if you try this morning there will be some left.

About $600 off cheapest price I could find posted here. Went to JB after to see if they would price match (just for s&gs) and they guy said they couldn't even come close and suggested I go and purchase it immediately.

Good luck!


Key Features
75" Neo QLED Ultra HD 4K screen
3840 x 2160 resolution
Direct Full Array
Quantum HDR 24x
Quantum Dot Technology
200Hz motion rate
Ambient Mode+
Dolby Digital Plus
Samsung SMART TV
4 x HDMI
2 x USB

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +1

    Have tried Indooroopilly and Queens Plaza.

    Indro doesn't do TVs and they were able to order it.

    Queens Plaza has one but they have it at the normal price.

    I'm guessing this deal is dead.

    JBhifi weren't interested in price matching. Would only match online in stock items

    • If you ask them to scan it sometimes it scans at discounted price. They just look at the price tag and don't realize the offers.

    • +1

      Try in good guys Oxley store
      $2800 for 75’’
      $3800 for 85’’.

      I got 75’’ .

      • Hi, could you please share your 75" receipt with me? Thank you so much. Wanted to buy one.

  • +3

    OP, thanks for this! Just bought one from DJ at this price as I was looking for 75 or 85 inch TV deals. FYI, they charged me $55 for delivery, not $150.

    • +2

      which DJ? is it a 75 or 85?

      • +1

        DJ Sydney CBD. Got the 85 for $3554 including delivery

        • +1

          What a steal! Good job!

    • Which DJ store?

      • Sydney CBD

    • Good stuff! Tried to talk to him about the delivery price but said he couldn't do anything on the 85 due to the size and price.

    • +1

      Lucky dude

  • This is a very good price for 75" any DJ store?

    No TV at my local DJ

  • Nice price

  • Called Bondi Junction DJ and apparently they only had 74 units in stock which are completely sold out across all stores. Did anyone hear something similar?

  • +2

    Expensive bed linens 😊

  • Just called and the guy I spoke to knew I was calling for the TV.

    • Did you manage to grab one?

      • Can't even get through

  • +1

    Upvoted for the relatable shopping trip in Manchester section.

  • Just tried at Karrinyup WA. They don't do TV'sand also no luckordering it. Lady said there was only 1 left in a syndey warehouse, and they need a minimum of 4 to be able to order it through their system.

    • +1

      I'd order 4 and sell 3 for $500 profit each, if there were more than 1 (i.e. 4) available. No, I'm not Broden.

    • id take 1. In WA . Just need 2 more people :D

      • I'll take one too. In WA

      • +1

        I think they meant there needed to be 4 in stock in the warehouse available to be able to place an order. Not 4 people ordering.

  • Jus spoke to the Melb city salesboy and was told the deal ended yesterday. It's only 35% off now.

  • difference to q70a?

  • For those still wanting one but can't get it at this price, I went over to JBHIFi next door to DJ and they were able to so it for me for $4600 with the free delivery. $188 cheaper than the current sale price.

    It's better than nothing, but not quite $3499 which is apparently $1700 below cost price according to JBHIFi

    • Yeah that definitely sounds like an honest JB HiFi employee selling something $1700 below cost price… lol

      That would mean their "normal sale price" would be $1512 below cost price.

      • +1

        They're saying they can't match this deal of $3499, which is below cost price….but that would make the cost price $5200, so getting it for $4600 is still $600 below "apparently"

  • They don't sell tvs in Hornsby NSW.

    And I've been on the verge of buying this 75 inch for the last few days…

    • Feel your pain

      • +1

        It hurts.

        I've literally been obsessing about buying this exact model for awhile now. Will head to Good Guys or Harvey Norman shortly and just get one there.

  • Hey guys I got this for $4200 from local tgg for 85"

    • Ebay or direct in store ?

    • I price matched the billy guyatts deal the other day, said it was almost their cost price, so DJs would be losing money on these surely

    • Which tgg store did you get it from?

  • Amazing amazing deal !! Well done. But seemingly over - rang Brisbane city David Jones and told me prices have returned to normal - says it seems this price was in place for a while (not sure if ever available at this price in Qld)

    • +1

      Try good guys oxley store
      75’’ -$2800
      85’’ - $3800

      • Which sales person did you talk to?

        • Please help share your invoice if you get 85" at oxley store.
          Thanks in advance

  • This 85" or Sony xj95. Was waiting for the Sony to be on special but this TV seems quite good even at $4200.

    • Sony.

  • Any stock at Bourke Street?

  • No luck

  • anyone tried chatswood yet? 21 in stock for 75 inch when checking from another DJ which doesn't sell TVs.
    No one is taking the call in Chatswood DJ.

    • What about the city, sydney City any in Stock?
      How about the 85 inch any in stock?

      • the stock is in warehouse, there was 21 75inch and 1 85inch when my local DJ checked this morning.
        But my local DJ doesn't sell or order TV, so not sure if Chatswood or Sydney city could match this price.

        • Thank you, i will check them out

          • @hamerix: Good luck!
            please let us know the results, looks like only one guy was successful this morning but no store details

            • @Mandalorians: Tried chatswood, they say its not in stock, but i think they just don't want to honour that price. They said you have to oder online

    • The guy in Bondi store told me there's only one 75 and it is in Perth

    • +2

      Went to Chatswood just then. Attendant unhelpful and just said out of stock and walked off

  • Does this model have the one connect box?

    • No, only the 700/800/900 models have the One Connect now.

  • It's allowing online orders for the 85, so there must be stock?

    • Online showing 4788 right?

      • +1

        Yes, higher price but able to order….so if they're saying no stock, is that their way of getting out of the deal?

        Given it's not a clearance model, why can't they just backorder?

  • Is there still stock instore to order?

    Will try at Sydney DJs later today

  • +2

    Chadstone said it was only for NSW

    • Haha, did Chadstone also mention DJ Vic and DJ NSW are actually 2 different companies?

      This is funny

      • They were very dismissive, was total BS

  • Great purchase

  • There's no stock in-store in NSW as of 2:02PM. Online only.

    Source: Called them. Also verified by their live-chat. No stores have any anymore.

  • +2

    guess it's time to mark it as unobtainable deal to save everyone's time and expectation.
    looks like DJ changed their mind and decided not selling at this price anymore.

  • +2

    Ok I’ve rung DJs and no more stock in any Sydney stores or warehouse.
    I ran tgg and they knew all about this but said djs screwed up the price and not price matching.

    I can’t find anyone willing to sell either tv at the prices listed above.

    Deal is dead.

  • For those that are chasing the 85", is there a reason why you can't just backorder at that price?

    • That's all everyone trying to do today :) But apparently DJ doesn't want to

    • +1

      I think it's their damage control method of getting out of the deal

    • +1

      They don't want to sell it at that price anymore

  • This a lot better than Q60?

    • Yes. This is a mini LED, not regular QLED.
      I've got an older 65" Q70 and 65" Q85A and it leaves the Q70 for dead.

  • Can the ppl who have got this please upload their receipt?

  • I just bought the 75 inch at HN an hour ago and used all the past Amex offers ($450 +$40 credit) alongside asking the sales guy to waive delivery fee and reduce price by another $40.

    • You got that price at HN? Well done to you if you did!

      • Not the price up above ($2499) since that DJ deal is no longer possible. I even called up two of my local stores and got no luck as well today.

        So I just ended up going to HN. Understandably, the sales guy would not reduce the price down to $2499.

        So in total, I got my 75inch TV including delivery and $490 amex status credits for around $2855.

        • Could you please share your HN 75" receipt with me? Thank you so much. Wanted to buy one.

  • Spoke to a few jbfi sales guys, wouldnt go below 4600. TGG offered me 4200 but I got a whole bunch of jb vouchers…..this is for the 85" model

  • Thanks op. I just showed this pic in good guys store & got 75’’ for $2800.
    There was 85’’ for $3800.

    • Which store?

      • Chey 1 hour 9 min ago
        Try good guys oxley store
        75’’ -$2800
        85’’ - $3800

        Guess you can try it at TGG in your state.
        Keen to know if any NSW TGG could match $3800 for 85"

    • Mate, can you share your receipt? Or PM me? Thanks.

    • @Chey can you please PM copy of receipt?

    • Hi @Chey,

      If you don't mind could you please share the receipt with me via DM or here?


  • -2

    Note the qn85a 75" and under uses a IPS panel inferior to VA on the 85"

  • +2

    Can anybody who got the 85 inch for $3800 at TGG please share their receipt (with their info blurred out) or PM me?
    I’d greatly appreciate it

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