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Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder Black €295.45 (~A$469.53) + €40.00 (~A$63.57) Delivery @ Espresso Coffee Shop


Past deal for this grinder for this company.


Probably the cheapest its ever been shipped to Australia.

Pretty much the exact same deal, just copy and pasting because it works with the new code of BLACKFR and the "cheaper" colour of black/Black makes it ever so slightly cheaper at 10€ and the AUD is slightly stronger. My friend was looking for a coffee grinder and this is the one I recomended.

Subtotal€328.28 - Discount(s)€32.83 - Shipping€40.00
Total (tax excl.) - €335.45

Some questions I expect

Woah this is expensive AF for bean cutting why dont I just buy X or Y at cheaper price

Honestly I was the same, was using the breville smart grinder pro. This was SERIOUSLY worth the upgrade, cant believe how much more consistent it is and how much better the de clumping is. Im making so much better consistent espresso with it.

Why dont I just buy it locally?

Its about 300AUD more locally and will take longer to ship. When I bought mine in the middle of the pandemic it came in 3 days from order to door in Sydney from Italy, actually insane.

What does "setup" mean (15BL)

This is just the colour of the trim at the display (15bl meaning black), its a bit cheaper at 10 euro vs chrome. I personally prefer the double black also.

Copy and paste from other post.

  • It's an EU model, it comes with an EU plug (ECS provide an AU adapter), specs (220V and 50-60Hz) are suitable in Australia. Ask for an australian plug in the notes.
  • No Australian Warranty, but comes with a 1 year global manufacturer warranty. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get repairs done.
  • Customs Duty is not payable for imported goods under $1000
  • Your bank may charge international transaction fee (ING refund this immediately)
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Seems nice.

    I dose by weight so this a timer based grinder is not going to be of any use to me but there’s likely a group of people this will appeal to.

    • +8

      You can dose by weight on this. Press the two buttons for the cups (single and double) which lets you grind to your desired amount. It's a great grinder for dosing by weight as there is minimal retention. It's also very quiet

      I bought mine in June this year and paid $600 for it (upgraded from a Lelit) and it's really a fantastic grinder

    • +4

      I single dose aswell (by weight) and the Specialita has super low retention and has a super popular mod for single dosing.

      Wasnt sure if it was worth including or not.

  • I've been using a Silenzio version of this (without LED screen) over a year ago. Nice and relatively quiet.

    I did buy a set of electronic scales for it as that gives me an ability to switch between the grinder and the coffee machine.

    • I'm considering the Silenzio, upgrading from a Breville Smart Grinder v1. Is it notably quieter?

      • I just upgraded from a SGP v1 to the Mignon Specialita and it is significantly quieter. The motor itself is almost silent so all you hear is the burrs grinding the coffee.

      • Eureka is much quieter.

  • +1

    Not 100% sure now but I was looking at this a week ago and reckon it's been price jacked for the sale.

    No need to rush to purchase at this price but do understand it to be a great machine (I'm hoping to get one soon too!).

    Edit - Maybe they just shifted pricing between colors. The red one used to be cheaper. But also they have a longstanding code "3337" which gives the same discount.

    • +4

      I paid €339.37 a couple of months ago, it's still the cheapest it's ever been to Aus (also don't think it's been jacked)

      The black black is the cheapest one and is rarely in stock because of it

  • Nice pickup OP

    Im looking forward to the new eureka oro
    Hope it doesn't get delayed again

  • +4

    also bought one of these to pair with my breville dual boiler, craps over the breville smart grinder. postage was 3 days from italy to adelaide

    • +1

      thanks, i am thinking to get one to pair with the dual boiler too.

      • +2

        I have a BDB with this, 100% recomend.

    • Few comments here not loving the smart grinder. If I was looking to spend under 300 would it still be the go to? Obviously this grinder is in a different class/price bracket

      • +4

        If you would consider hand grinding, get a J-Max or JX Pro instead.

        If you can increase your budget, get this Specialita (or a cheaper model like Silenzio) instead. Or if you can import a DF64 cheaply.

        If you are firm on budget, consider a second hand grinder.

        Otherwise, Smart Grinder Pro is probably the next best option, lol.

        • Or if you can import a DF64 cheaply.

          Its suprisingly hard to get a DF64, I tried super hard to get one a couple of months ago but its a real pain.

          • @Jofzar: Yeah, it sounds like you would probably need to have a buyer in China and get it forwarded here. Doesn't seem to be an easy way to get one anymore, unfortunately.

      • +3

        I depends on what you are pairing it with, in hindsight (I bought a smart grinder pro at 200) I would recommend saving up for this.

        Hand grinding has gotten very very popular over the last couple of years for its consistency and quality but at cheap prices.

        I personally hate hand grinding because I am tired when I am grinding, I want coffee, I dont want to be doing anything other then making coffee itself.

        • +2

          Exactly, wake up in the morning and grind the coffee… nono

        • So funny because I use to hand grind and use a very manual hand pump coffee maker to do my coffees in the morning. I never thought much about the process. Then I got a breville Oracle and I was like wow, this is so much quicker and less mess.

      • initially i was happy with the smart grinder (when I first bought the machine < 4 years ago), but i noticed i wasnt able to pull a nice shot for the last year or so. it was okay, but i think the burrs on the smart grinder became dull.

        i did heaps of reserach and didnt really want to spend so much on just the grinder but i bit the bullet and am happy to have good tasting espresso shots again.

        the alternative if you dont want the smart grinder but dont want to spend as much as the specialita is https://alternativebrewing.com.au/products/baratza-sette-270 (you can probably find it cheaper, that was the first hit off google). having said that, compared to the specialita price wise, i'd go for the specialita. pretty sure the baratza was cheaper when i was looking a few months ago

      • Smart grinder pro is fantastic bang for buck. As others have said is second hand for the money but the risk with second hand is how good the burrs or motor is. On a lot of machines whilst they’re replaceable they can be pricey. My Lelit motor died out and the burrs were old. Cost of replacing them were about $300, replacement machine was $400ish.

        I was debating smart grinder pro or this (there’s loads of reviews of smart grinder vs others); this is no doubt a better grinder but it’s diminishing returns. I don’t like the clumping of the smart grinder (used a mates one) and this also has a smaller footprint (despite dimensions being somewhat similar becuase of the hopper on the smart grinder). I don’t regret my decision buying this one. If you’ve got a hard budget get the smart grinder

        • Cheers I think I'll go for the smart grinder after reading your and know.'s replies.

        • Diminishing returns start around the 1.2k mark and above for espresso. There's a huge amount of variance below that. SGP vs a Niche for example is night and day.

  • How would this compare with something like the 1Zpresso JX-Pro in terms of grind quality?

    I don't make coffee frequent enough for hand grinding to be a hassle (..yet), but this price seems hard to ignore

    • +3

      If you are happy with the JX-Pro dont worry to much about this.

      You will get the itch eventually to not hand grind and spend money on a grinder (it happens to the best of us), have a look around then.

      I would say this is a side-grade to the JX-Pro in the grind quality, but we are talking about Automatic vs Hand grinding, they arent really the same thing.

  • +2

    Thanks… went a bit crazy and ordered the Atom 65 :D

    • +1

      I went for XL, just before this flurry so hopefully no backlog :)

    • +2

      I have the Atom 65, you won't regret it!

  • Great price on an awesome machine. I'm going to have to wait until I'm back in Australia before I can pull the trigger on this ㅠㅠ

  • Just wondering how this is compared to the Baratza Sette 270.. I know that the Baratza is louder, but is this better overall?

    • +3

      Its mostly a side/upgrade when I looked into it further when I was buying one.

      Specialita is built like a tank, has solid parts on the outside and inside, Sette is known for being really good except when things go wrong, reports of melted internals, problems with the plastics, problems with gearboxes etc.

      Specialita has a smaller footprint both in height, depth and width.

      Both have good grinding quality and good retention.

      Specialita has a pretty popular mod for single dosing/belows and has a official 1st party on coming soon.

      The Sette is LOUD AF, while the specialita isn't what I would call "silent" but it wont disturb anyone else in the house

      Opinion time,

      I think the Sette looks bad. Its honestly one of the reasons I didnt go for it, the Specialita just looks premium and fancy. I was woried that buying the 270 was that it was going to die on me like so many people have reported.

      • +1

        I had a Sette 270Wi. I did enjoy it's auto weight function but it felt very plastic and flimsy

  • +1

    I love seeing coffee gear deals here as reminds me I’m not the only espresso/coffee but in town. No one else I know geeks out on making coffee at home.

    I’ve had a Niche Zero since January and very happy, but this is a great deal on a solid piece of kit. 👍🏻

    • I've had a niche since almost a year and now upgraditis has hit for a lagom p64!

      • +1

        You're telling me… I've got a niche, a Lagom p64 and now a Lagom p100 on order. It's a serious disease

        • +1

          You’re not wrong! I’m trying to tell myself I don’t need to upgrade, though I know it is inevitable.

          Coffee machine will definitely happen before next grinder.

        • Nice! Keen to sell the p64!?

          • @Abrez: More likely to sell the niche! The p64 is super versatile with different burrs.

  • I have this and it's a great grinder. Chose this over the Sette 270 and it's good. Low grind retention, seems fluffier but most of all the flat burr grinder suits my taste palate.

  • Is it true they sell demo models


    Reviews on Google are hardly inspiring

    • +1

      Mine was brand new, no issues with it and shipped fast.

      They are a super super popular store for buying Eureka products as they have good shipping and ship out fast to USA and Australia.

      espressocoffeeshop and ECS is how most people call them in the coffee community, so search for that if you want more reviews.

    • Even in that story they did replace it with brand new.

      From what I've heard they are pretty good and customer services might be better than local online retailers.

  • +1

    I have this grinder and love it. Replaced my Macap. It is incredibly quiet, doses accurately, has low grind retention. They say the best coffee machine upgrade you can make is to upgrade your grinder - this grinder would not be a mistake. Price is pretty good too.

    • Which macap did you replace?

      • M2M - downsized my old Compak K6 after moving from a giant house to a small apartment - in truth i reckon i rate the Specialita over the K6 too.

  • +1

    Picked this over a sette 270wi and love mine. Consistent grind weight for the time set, don't really need to even use the scale.
    Bought local 4 months ago, should have gone with this company and saved the 300aud.

  • Is this the new Xbox Series X that goes with this?

  • Noice.

  • +2

    One of the best quality/value grinders on the market and I can vouch for ECS. Bought one a few years ago from them at an awesome price, arrived within 3 days of ordering and it has been used every day since. Australian retailers will not come close to this price.

  • Can you tell me more about the conversion of the plug? I don't want anything bulky.

    Even better, could you show me a picture of it?

    • -3

      Good luck getting it fixed under warranty

      • What is broken?

      • Not much can go wrong with a grinder mate.. savings are worth it. And mine came with AU plug.

    • https://imgur.com/a/CMlUWSs

      It's more like a plug on a plug, it's super securely held in and is very good quality. No issues with it.

      • +1

        Oh looks like a purpose built plug adapter that fits in. rather than just a standard adapter.

        • Yeah it fits perfectly and other then being slightly bigger its super sturdy.

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/LESAAD-Adapter-Universal-Grounded-...

      I have this , works for most of countries and very cheap and secure(tight)

  • Cheers OP. Ordered. Going up from SGP and pairing it with my BDB - same as you.

  • Oh man, I really want this, but we just got the Breville Oracle, my wife will kill me. Grinder on the Oracle pissing me off, I set to 10 and it can barely push any espresso through, I set to 11 and it's doing like 50g shots haha. Maybe I just order and put in the basement for a few months hahah. What do these go for normally overseas?

    • +1

      Pretty much everyone buys from ECS, it's cheapest for America, EU it's the cheapest because shipping is cheaper.

      It's kind of a weird Goldilock situation where ECS is the best seller because they work so closely with Eureka

      • Thank you, that's good to know

    • I am really really sorry… Fell free to downvote me…
      I was always saying built-in grinder is a disadvantage of Oracle.

      • It's underpowered for the Oracle that's my only problem, you are paying to much "extra" for the grinder. But it has its place in the market for people who want something that does everything

      • Nah I'm with you, I mainly wanted the auto milk as a time saver, if there was a cheaper version with no grinder at all I would have jumped on it.

    • Geez 10? Mine is 22 or 21!

      I find my grinder does it perfect first shot of the day but then every coffee afterwards I have to dial it 1 finer. Not sure if it is the heat of the machine or that I have mine placed near a window that gets direct sunlight most of the day (north facing)

      • Current beans I'm using are a lighter roast so I've got in down to 8. I think you can calibrate the actual burrs though, maybe I need to fix mine up. You would think they would all come out of the factory the same though.

        I think you have to go slightly finer each day as the beans lose freshness.

        • Takes a few weeks for that to occur. But if don't smash through beans, yes eventually it is a slippery slope

  • Is this a worthy upgrade from my trusty 10 year old Rancilio Rocky? Has anyone had both and able to compare?

    • +2

      Definitely an upgrade over your Rocky. It's the next level up and sits alongside Sette 270, Niche Zero, DF64.

      • The Niche is a different level to the Sette and the DF64

        • Agree. DF64 is not as good as I expected, but I am looking forward to the next improvement. Niche is a fair one for $1000. Sette 270 is not as good as this IMO. I am currently on eureka.

    • +1

      Huge upgrade, it's what I went from

    • Thanks for the feedback. Bought one.

  • +2

    +1 for “bean cutting”

    • My uncle told us he was a bean cutter .. or what that cheese cutter (I forget)

    • Yep, need a bean cutter to make "hot bean juice"

  • +1

    I…must… resist…

    • +1

      This is the best price I've ever seen.

      • Agreed. Black Friday is not the day to resist. Take the plunge.
        Been looking for an upgrade from our smart grinder.

        Thanks O.P.

  • I bought this grinder about 6 months ago. I've found this grinder generally disappointing, the main issue with it is that it actually retains quite a lot of grind, despite what multiple reviews say. The main cause seems to be build-up and clumping around the 'clump crusher' (e.g., https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comments/pbc4yd/upgrade_re...), and removing it causes extremely inconsistent grind output and, not surprisingly, huge amounts of clumping (and static). But removing it does reduce retention a lot.
    In order to get good grinds the grinder must have excess beans in it (people say at least 1/3 full but I find if the beans sit above the little 'roof' over the grinder hole it's fine).
    Even worse, it's not like there is some kind of internal FIFO system inside it, so if you have say 10g retained in it, it will constantly blend in old grinds with fresh grinds. I find you actually need to purge around 35g for good consistency.

    TLDR; spend a bit more and get a Niche Zero. Or spend a lot more and get something else with a hopper.

    • 3D print a hopper for this?

    • +1

      I don't have this issue,

      Have you thought about buying the single dose mod? They are super popular for people who are looking for super low retention.


      Edit: the niche is also almost double the price if you can even find it for that price.

    • so if you have say 10g retained in it

      From my tests it is under 0.5g.

      If retention is your biggest concern - get Niche.

      • -2

        Look again! After a week or two of use it’s a chocked up mess. Could be the beans I’m using, but even for non-single dose it’s almost unworkable.

        • Might be an operator's error.
          I've been using Specialita for few years. My experience was very positive.

          • @SickDmith: I doubt it. I didn’t work out what was going wrong until I got a Profitec Pro 700 and investigated further due to my shot times strangely getting shorter despite a well warmed up machine, flushing etc.

            Dump the first 35g and fill the hopper and it’s a good grinder. But I doubt that’s economical in the long run. Get the Niche. Specialita is massively overrated.

            Also hand-waving ‘operator error’ for a push-button machine isn’t helpful. There are plenty of stories online with the same experience: https://www.coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/51305-eureka-mignon-spe...

        • Not sure why the neg… here’s some evidence for you - this look like 0.5g to you?

          And that doesn’t even include what was in the chamber.

    • 3D printed hopper with bellows is the way to go, mate

      • -3

        Yes, I’ve ordered this. But it’s a workaround - shouldn’t be using single dose techniques on this type of hopper grinder. When single-dosing I can even see the grinds getting courser at the end of the grind

        • mate, people turn their 100$ espresso machines into a 1000$ one by modding, buying accessories etc same applies to the grinder, which I learnt after buying it

          • @sqheaven: I suppose i just want buyers to be aware of the grinder’s shortfalls.
            There is no way by modding this grinder it’s comparable to the Niche, so you are getting something for the extra $500.
            That said grinders are expensive so totally understand if people buy this grinder.

            • @pos: I got curious, i run the grinder a little longer to get any retention, I don't think the next day I get any stale grind.

              My grinder is set to double dose, when I pour the beans the lid is closed. So I run the grinder and open the stopper, the beans hit the burr while it's fully operational. And when the dose is ground, the grinder runs for 2 more seconds to get rid of everything.

              I have not received the 3D printed dosing and bellows yet, I also don't have the retention issue. Bellows would probably clear more efficiently but it might also make more mess on the counter. We'll see, we'll see.

    • Yes it does retain a few grinds, I just give it a knock on the bench after each grind

      • -1

        Does not work - the grinds get quite compacted behind the clump crusher so they never break free when you knock the grinder on the bench.

  • I've had this grinder for ages, imported from this shop, paired with my Oscar 2

    Nothing within cooee of this price comes close

  • +1

    Would I not be making the most of this grinder if I'm using Aldi beans? Asking for a friend…

    • +2

      Assuming you are going to an Aldi which has a good salesthrough of beans there is no issue with that.

      Aldi beans are my "oh shit we are running low on beans and I havent ordered any yet, let me quickly pick up a kilo" beans, they are really good for their price.

      I personally recomend rotating through sales here on Ozbargain for beans.

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