Reducing Netflix monthly fees

Currently paying $19.99/month for the Premium plan.
How do you guys reduce the monthly payment further?

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    Change to standard or basic plan

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      Exactly what I did

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        Is the quality drop noticeable ?

        Considering dropping down to standard then using the Shield Pro to upscale if needed

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          qualityu not sure but the saving is noticeable

    • Why buy a 4K TV and pay for gigabit internet then.

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    Share it with someone else.

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        Looks like you need to teach everyone how to mind read as you do not want to find out how to reduce your bill, but want promo code or discounted gift cards .

    • You get up to 4 logins on the premium plan and 2 on the standard plan. so yes!

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    You cancel it and then your monthly fees go down to $0.

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      Are you sure? have you tried this…. /s

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      And just chill by itself?

    • exactly what I did and best decision ever 🤪. I might re sub by sharing cost with a friend for couple of months to catch up on what I had watched back then (its been years) and cancel again 😁

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      Do you have a step by step guide so I can obtain this great price? Thanks.

    • Amazing.

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      … and get the movies from Telegram 😝

    • Cancel make many different email addresses and sign up trial

      • Don't you need a different credit card every time?

    • Citation required.

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    Argentinian / Turkish plans, should cost under $10 per month.
    You’d need a VPN, free one works, do a search on Ozbargain.

    • thanks.
      will need to look for some free vpn for iphone now :)

      • check out tunnel bear?

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          data limit

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            @Griffindinho: VPN is just to subscribe and activate the monthly payment, I believe, don't need much data

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        Use Windscribe, it has a free version with a Turkish server.

    • Any tips on cards used to pay? Have tried quite a few providers…. ING, CBA, BOM, Revolut…

      • I've just bought gift cards in the past from TurGame with no issues. Just need 48hrs usually for the card to activate, even though you get it straight away

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        Talk to livechat, tell them you are having trouble paying, they'll send you a secure form to give them your card details and then it just works™

    • I was on an Argentinian plan and just cancelled as the Argentinian government has put a 30% VAT tax on streaming services. There is also some other tax added to it as well now and the overall effect is the Arg plans now are only a dollar or two cheaper than the Australian plans. I was on the UltraHD Arg plan and it went from AU$13 to AU$25 which is just too much for me and the amount of use it gets.

      • same, going to cancel it when the renewal comes up, shame you cant get Argentina netflix gift cards like you can in Turkey and Australia to avoid this huge tax.

      • urgh really?

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    Turkey based plan, shared with others.

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    Switch to Plex and buy an eye patch.

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      The only correct answer here.

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        As much as plex is awesome, having Netflix etc still has tons of benefits.

    • Can anyone explain how Plex works in this case? I can never see the benefit of Plex

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        Plex catalogues Ur library but U have to sail the seven seas for content.

        • As in download a copy from the seven seas and then upload to Plex?

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            @spammingb: Haven’t used it but no you don’t upload the movie. The movie is always stored locally but Plex basically let’s you watch a movie that you may have on a hard disk or a computer via your local network on streaming devices and also makes the interface look all sexy and professional and organised

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            @spammingb: This is a great explanation here - no need to upload, just direct plex to the folder i.e Movies, TV shows.

            • @mmd: Legend thanks, this was the explanation I needed!

          • @spammingb: No you just by an ocean pass to get all your content.

        • yarrhhh, let me get my eyepatch

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          I can't wait for the day someone books a
          trip around the seven seas with one eye
          covered and wonder why nothing is showing up on his/her plex server.

    • how does Plex compare to Seren kodi add on?

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    Sell 3 of the spots on Classifieds for $4 a month

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    Cancel and do it month to month

    You will be surprised you won't use it some days.

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      Given it takes 10 seconds to renew I find this is best. Unless you use it literally every day.

      Might as well save a few days of payment each month.

    • but you will need to know that in advance. Usually you only find out you don't use it some days only after the fact, so unless you know you will have a busy month/s in advance on a regular basis, doesn't really work

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    $5000 stake on

    • Yep that’s what I do too and it works great I get the CRO the day my Netflix is paid by the card. Took months to get the virtual card though. In their defence they did backdate it.

      • What did they backdate?

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          All his winnings on crypto

        • The CRO “cashback” from when I first applied for the card. I just needed to show them evidence I was paying for it.

          • @billybob1978: Oh this was before they implemented the virtual card? So you spoke to chat or

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              @capslock janitor: Yep I spoke to chat and they told me to send through evidence and then it took around a month to process the refunds.

              • @billybob1978: hey mate so were you paying the sub on a non-Cdc card and they rebated all that??

                • @capslock janitor: Yep sure was, all they needed was evidence it was paid and in my name.

                  • @billybob1978: oh WOW it just clicked in my brain what u did .. so how did ya go about it, bank statements/screenshots?

                    wonder if PayPal history will suffice - and how far back does it go, opening of Cdc account or creation of card? or summ

    • don't they only refund the standard subscription?

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        Maximum 1 reimbursement per merchant per month: Netflix: USD 13.99 equiv. (standard monthly subscription - HD, 2 screens)
        so whatever $13.99 USD translates to at the time of purchase refunded in CRO.

        • Nice… I just upgraded to Indigo a few days ago :)

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        I'm on premium and I get about $19.17 worth of CRO per month.

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          13.99 USD = 19.58 AUD

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    I’m paying for..

    Your tube premium
    Apple Music x2
    I think I’m missing something to..

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      ozbargin gold membership

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        Something might be seriously wrong with me
        AUS Services
        Prime AU
        Optus Sport(free with plan)
        Apple TV+
        Apple Music
        Amazon Music
        YT Premium
        Ring Protect

        USA Services
        Prime USA
        HBO MAX
        AMC+ (US version)
        Paramount+ (US version)

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          That comes to approximately $4237.99 per year on just those services….

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          ozbargain PLATINUM black membership

        • At that level wouldn’t it be cheaper to purchase things outright?

          • @nsuinteger: He might be after the Credit Card points lol

          • @nsuinteger: Nah I mean let’s say my household watches 6 hours of entertainment which can be 2 movies and 2-4 episodes a day. Let’s say each movie can be $10 and each episode is $3.5. So let’s say that’s about $30 per day. $30 *365 = 10 950

            • @kedaking: Today I watched 30 mins of mr and Mrs smith and 2 episodes of Everybody loves Raymond. My dad watched 1 -2 hour worth of comedy shows probably. My sister is still watching shit on her phone and has been for most of the day. Mum just watches with dad and then just watches other stuff on YouTube too

          • @nsuinteger: It's be cheaper to sail the high seas.

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          Sad flex, but okay.

    • LOL

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