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GME XRS Connect Touring Pack - XRS-330CTP $453.20 + Delivery @ Autobarn eBay


GME XRS Connect Touring Pack - XRS-330CTP

Rare to see it under $500 and cheapest I have seen yet.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I was after the 370 4wd pack
    Or the 330COB

    Different antenna for 4wding

    • +2

      GME XRS Connect Outback Pack UHF CB Radio XRS-330COB $471.71 with Afterpay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164675091238?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkci...

    • Same

    • Yea I was going to go the 370 just based on the magnetic clip for the hand held, it's an extra $30 accessory if you get the 330cob so makes sense to just get the 370 4wd pack

      • Slight bigger main unit, has speaker inbuilt. Metal case vs plastic case.
        Same handheld
        Magnetic clip
        Different antenna

        Did you find a good deal on the 370CT4P

        • Yup I'm just saying that was the main selling point for me 🤣

          Sparesbox has it down to 525 with afterpay promo not the best it's been but best it's been in a few months. Regret not buying when it was sub 500

          • @quikstix: The Repco deal posted on here had none available anywhere near me.

            The new release has GPS in the handset

            • @albanyson: Yea the 390 has GPS but no kits just the unit for like 600 so looking at almost 800 all up

              • @quikstix: Have you had any dealings with the glass mount antenna.
                I could away towards one of them if it's decent

                • @albanyson: Not personally and haven't heard too much about them from review standpoint either :(

              • @quikstix: I was going to grab the 370 4wd pack on Friday from Autobarn as they had them for $560 but there wasn't any stock anywhere. Have you seen the new Uniden Xtrak 80 Pro which is unidens version of the xrs.

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