nbn Alternatives, Please Help!

So we have just moved house and just found out the NBN is not currently available at our new place.

(New building, owner has informed us he was told upto a 6 month wait for nbn to be connected)
So rather then wait and see when nbn becomes available, I’m looking for an alternative.

Unfortunately I’m not particularly tech savvy when it comes to specifics and internet lingo so I’m hoping for some help.

Previously we were on ABB nbn 25/10 and it was consistently hitting decent enough speeds which was nice (speed tests were always around 20/9)

We basically use the internet for streaming, mild gaming and a small amount of WFH, but nothing too intense.
Probably use between 100-200gb a month

25/10 did suffice but a bit higher would of been better (never went higher as we had issues at our old place that didn’t allow us to get better speeds)


So basically, what are my options for steady internet at minimum 25/10 without nbn?

I was looking at something like the Orbi 4GX Router
With a telstra sim but not a huge fan of their data options and unsure of their stability and speeds.
(No 5g available in my area)

Does the type of router affect the stability?

Are there other options I’m missing?

My google skills haven’t turned up too much other then this or adsl which seems quite slow.

Thanks for your help!


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    4G Home Internet From $25 (20 Mbps unlimited data)

    5G Home Internet from $35 (100 Mbps unlimited data)

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      Thanks for the suggestion, but thats capped at 20mbps off peak and Vodafone is fairly rubbish at the best of times (at least from my experience) in my area.

      No 5g available either.

      • I have Vodafone 5G available at my home, but the max it reached was like 43 Mbps download, but usually stays around 20-30Mbps download too,

        May i know do they really cap 5G for phones too (tested on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9t 5G, have gotten upto 350 Mbps on Optus network not that far away from my home)

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    Check how strong your signal is from ??Telstra and ?? Optus…and then go for Mobile Broadband. It is fantastic an soooo easy if you have a good signal. You only need a little modem like this:
    Optus have the same…
    lots of phones, pcs, tvs etc can be connected to it via wifi all at once…too easy.
    I love my mobile broadband,,,so easy and no trouble like with NBN

    • I am actually with Optus…120GBs per month $60

    • Haven’t tried telstra yet but have Optus and Vodafone options at the moment and tested through a hotspot then speed tested.
      Optus is not too bad in our area.
      Vodafone is atrocious.

      Will have to look into those modems. Thanks!

  • So we have just moved house and just found out the NBN is not currently available at our new place.

    Who told you this?

    • Landlord.
      Its a new premises and its not yet set up.
      I doubt the 6 month wait is likely but not willing to risk it.

      Plus I’m curious of other options anyway.

  • I had a similar problem and found Uniti, an Adelaide based microwave solution. Their little dish on the roof gave me three years of seamless internet

    • I’ve seen two or three possibilities for similar in Perth but they are looking to be a bit on the pricey side and not too sure of their stability and actual speeds.

      Happy to pay a bit more (currently $65pm) but if i do, I’d like to know its faster, stable and customer service is decent.

      • get mobile broadband and take it with you wherever you go…

  • star link

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      Wouldn’t mind it.

      My neighbour has it, said its around 800 set up fee and 120 a month.
      Excessive to our needs as two users though.

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    Not sure if this is going to suit you, but this Optus Deal is still valid (100GB for $30 p/m with endless data (shaped to 1.5mbps once monthly allocated data exceeded) + BYO Modem of your choice). You can get up to 12 months half price but the plan is month to month, so you can cancel at any time.

    You also get Optus Sport for free, plus 12 months Amazon Prime if you subscribe before 5th December (both through SubHub).

    Dont forget Cashrewards if you decide to sign up.

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      I’m heavily considering optus as the cheap trial sim for trying out a wireless modem.

      This deal sounds great and can make an extra Amazon account for my wife with the 12 months and let mine just lapse.

  • 4g + Antenna setup

    Throw in some lucky line of sight and you can easily get 100mbs +

    • Recommendations?

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        Depends on location and nearby towers

        Have a look on here

        Buy a test sim and try different carriers on your phone (then find antenna for whatever frequencies local towers are)

        • How close should towers be for best results?

          Is it better to have a few towers around us or does it go via the closest tower?

          Seems 1km for telstra
          1.7km for optus is closest

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            @El cheepo: Both of those are really close

            It'll come down to line of sight + available bandwith/other users

            Optus has the best value plans.

  • So I’ve gone with an Orbi 4GX Router and a telstra sim to try out.
    $130 instead of 400 for the orbi was worth a try imo

    Gonna try a few other sims too and see how we go.

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