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Cooler Master MH751 $74.25 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Built off the Takstar Pro 82 v2 drivers with slightly less detail due to the custom design, this is as good a quality wired closed-back gaming headset as you'll find. Very comfortable, though the seal is fairly loose, and has a good mic.

Highly musical headphone as well if you're not interested in buying the Takstar Pro 82 v2 from AliExpress.

Graph comparing it, the Pro 82 v2, and the AKG K371: https://headphonedatabase.com/oratory/headphones?ids=284,116...


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    Fantastic headphone and mic. Gifted quite a few pairs over the years to friends.

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    Great set of cans for not only games but music too, shame my pair broke about a year in with the right earcup being dislodged but I managed to salvage the microphone (which is detachable via 3.5mm jack) and use it as a makeshift desktop mic held in a desk clamp and using an extension cable to connect it to pc's mic port on the back. Coming from takstar pro 82's (which i loved but have since passed on to the old man), these felt and sounded very familiar and the mic is just an added bonus

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    Great headset, been using this for the past few months and it works perfectly, no issues.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on replacement cables for these? I've heard there's some sort of locking mechanism that inteferes.

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      I think the mechanism is related to some Sennheiser and Bose cables, but there's probably something on AliE. I would hunt around the head-fi thread for the Pro 82 and ask for help if there's not much on offer in the first two posts.

    • Contact coolermaster Au on facebook and they should be able to help. I bought 2 or 3 extras from them.

  • Really comfortable headphones and sound great but note the mic picks up pretty much everything and i've heard reports of feedback through the mic when used on PC.

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