PC Game suggestions for casual gamer who hasn't played for the last 10 years

I have bought Legion 5 Pro laptop with RTX 3070 8gb, 32Gb RAM and 1Tb SSD drive, as per the deal below:


The reason I bought this is that I intend to start playing games again after not playing at all for the last 10 years (due to having kids etc, and I had Macbook Pro 2014 which i still have now). Now that the kids are growing up I look forward to start playing games to enhance my mental health, and most likely casually (whenever I have free time here and there).

So I need some suggestions from experts here of what games I should be playing, based on the laptop that I bought, as I am sure that the gaming now is very different from what I had played before. I am not sure how well latest games can run on my laptop config above.

In the past, I played games such as Mortal Kombat, Starcraft 1 and 2, Command and Conquer, SimCity, FIFA, NBA, NFL, Football Manager, racing games etc. I had challenges playing Wolfenstein or Doom due to motion sickness. Not sure if the new graphics would improve so that i don't get motion sickness or not. I haven't tried.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on games but I know the old age of copying games is pretty much dead (please tell me if this is not the case). I did recently signed up XBox Game Pass Ultimate for $2 ozbargain deal which will expire in March 2022. I am male, and in the 40s, if that makes any difference.

I look forward to hear from all the gaming experts here!


  • I am addicted to simulation games on my PC. I have hardly played my PS5 since getting a gaming PC in December, I have saved lots on games also as there are heaps of gaming stores that sell keys for games for PC

  • Something that's pretty out there, but if you are into games with a high skill level and learning curve then you should also consider the dark souls trilogy or sekiro shadows die twice.

    These are the kinds of games that require significant dedication, but if you are just playing a certain part of the game here and there every hour or so, you may find it enjoyable.

    I think these games are designed to be binged tho, cos you'll definitely die a lot until you work out the system controls

  • Sounds like you are bit like me with gaming. Being time poor (not really but these days I can’t be bothered investing heaps of time into games) I enjoy games that I can pick up lazily here and there and enjoy a quick round.

    Fire watch (storey driven game, haven’t seen this one recommended but it’s brilliant)

    Farcry (any really they are all similar)

    Civilisations 6

    Red dead redemption 2

    Stardew valley.

  • Nothing wrong with being over 40 and still gaming (I'm in the club too). With that graphics card, definitely play Cyberpunk 2077. I truly enjoyed it and I didn't encounter any show stopping bugs or whatever on the PC, it's very stable and well polished. Unless if you are not into FPS, of course.

  • +1

    Try escape from tarkov, very relax post apocalyptic russian shooter, you loot around and occasionally encounter players and TTK is very fast, gun modding will blow your mind

  • Apex Legends, Warzone and League of Legends. You will be ready to take another 10 years off from gaming.

  • I think most of these have been mentioned, but can't hurt ot echo them:
    - FarCry 3 - imo the best the series has been. Just a super fun, open world FPS. Should be dirt cheap too, given that it's approaching a decade old. I've played a few of the newer Far Cry games, and none have managed to capture the same magic. Most of the characters are very generic and forgetable (with exception of 1), so don't pay too much attention to the story.
    - Subnautica - A fantastic survival game set almost entirely underwater. It basically just throws you into a world and lets you explore at your own pace, and it's consistently awe inspiring as you explore further and further. It's very beginner friendly as the game starts you off in a very safe area (you can also turn the survival elements off entirely if you prefer). If you have a fear of deep water though, this might not be the most relaxing experience.
    - Outer Wilds - Just another great world (or in this case, universe) to explore. There is an underlying story and mysteries to uncover, but honestly, just spending time seeing all the amazing planets in the game are worth the price of admission.
    - GTA 5 - Still probably the benchmark for open world games. It's lost its lustre a bit, but it's still a remarkable technical achievement and the same dumb fun that GTA has always been. RDR 2 is also incredible but wasn't as fun imo.
    - Portal 2 and It Takes 2 - Lumping these together as they're both tied for the best co-op multiplayer experiences I've had in the past decade. Bonus points to Portal 2 for also having an amazing single player experience.

  • Age of empire 2 definitive edition for your RTS fix

    or the latest Doom game for your nostalgia / FPS fix (also a fukn sick soundtrack)

  • I hate the whole idea of Game Passes but they sound ideal for you. Sign up for a month and test the waters on a dozen different games.

    Otherwise my recommendations to jump straight into:

    Football Manager 2021 (best edition yet since 2016)
    Portal series
    Rocket League
    This War of Mine
    Prison Architect
    Fallout 3 GOTY
    Stardew Valley
    all very fun, very forgiving for new/returning players

    The jump into this list, some of my favourites of the past few years

    Witcher 3
    Crusader Kings 3
    Disco Elysium
    Kerbal Space Program
    They are Billions
    The Long Dark

  • Many excellent games have been offered for completely free on Epic Games lately. Make sure you subscribe to the Epic Games store page here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/epicgames.com so that you don't miss any freebies.

    Twitch also offers free games when you are an active subscriber of Amazon Prime.

    We also have a dedicated page for free games.

    • So my understanding is the free Twitch games are really just now the ones that come with Amazon Prime Gaming?

  • if you like single player games try the sniper elite franchise

  • The only game you will ever need: Final Fantasy 14 ;)

  • Halo Master Chief Collection, followed by Halo 5. By the time you get through them Halo Infinite will be released

  • +1

    emulate wii u botw, grab a controller with motion controls and have fun

  • Inside and limbo are good casual games, metal gear v is awesome but not super casual but it may work for you have a look at youtube of it first

  • Escape from Tarkov



  • Command & Conquer remaster
    Diablo 2 remaster
    Doom remakes

  • +1

    Hell Let Loose is the best game at the moment, so great!

    • It's great isn't it? One thing I've noticed as well is how many older players are on it. I'm > 40 myself, but there are definitely voices that are of 50 possibly 60 year olds getting their WWII FPS fix.

  • nobody mentioning Goose Game, most fun i have had in a few months

  • Red Dead Redemption 2.
    What an epic game. Being able to play cowboy and explore a whole open world has been great for my mental health. Perfect escapism.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • You're on Game Pass. Go play Psychonauts 2 without spending a cent. Heaps of fun!

  • Be afraid - mega post…


    I'm in exactly the same situation as you - coming back after like 10 years, 3070 Ti OC, 12th gen pc.

    Here are some tips I've picked up that might help?

    Xbox Ultimate PC Games - incl Doom and Wolfenstein Series.

    Motion sickness - maybe get a more modern 144/165hz or higher - high refresh rate gaming monitor as that might help? Compared to the nasty old 60hz Office monitors that I used to use.

    Also now it's common to be able to turn off things like 'camera bob' and motion blur etc… might help too?

    You may not have thought of using an external monitor plugged into your laptop but that is very common these days for gaming. Most people buy a KVM to make it simpler if you want also.

    Plus can plug loads of other stuff into that hub and just one cable into your laptop… handy if you are coming and going alot.

    For an external monitor I'd suggest 1440p at the Max Settings (at least the ones that actually improve things) on a 27"… This will also make it better for anything you do on your laptop, especially watching Youtube etc.

    If you're playing modern graphics intensive AAA games at that res then I don't think it's worth getting a refresh rate any higher as you can only use what the GPU can put out.

    Only after I got my new high refresh rate monitor did I finally understand how/why it feels/looks so much better…. soo much snappier, faster. Really helps in FPS especially.

    I bought the msi mag274qrf-qd (note the QD version is better)

    The stand is just soo good - I really didn't expect that. With the lightest touch you can move it up, sideways or forward/backward angle, it moves very far… totally sweet. No need to buy a separate Monitor Arm!

    Plus it has a USB connection so you can change monitor settings etc via software instead of those fiddly buttons and plug other stuff into it too - even just to charge.

    Same thing for HDR if games that need it.

    See my thread about extending your Ultimate pass - though not sure how it'd work if your account is still active? Might need to wait until expires or maybe you just forfeit the last month? could ask others

    You could always just use a different email address and sign up new and do it now.


    Also - don't forget you get EA Play games with the Xbox PC Sub but they make it hard to find/install them…. scrolll down on the Home page to find a link to the full list…

    But even then you need to click on them and install them in the EA Play Beta app.
    And you have to close Origin to even open that…. stupid system.

    But they have 10 hour previews of Fifa 22 Battlefield 2042 and others as well as free games.

    Be warned - if you didn't already notice - you cannot pause XBOX downloads - full stop.

    It's a pain in the ass so i'd just do a game at a time when you aren't gonna use your pc for gaming etc.

    Just be careful actually buying games as some with some OR all online content might be completely dead/eg no one plays them (or at least not enough aussies or servers with low enough pings for us) so it could be a waste of money.

    A lot of games are getting remastered/enhanced, extended etc so worth checking before you buy anything or even play anything you already have. Usually might as well play the prettier/better version.

    Get a proper Microsoft Xbox Controller for PC. Personally I'd recommend Wired myself.
    360 version is fine, but grab an XBOX One version if it's cheap enough or a newer one still.

    It's worth googling whats the best controls for any game before you start as a lot more use controllers these days.

    If you have ultimate - you could always pick up an old xbox cheap and play loads of games free that aren't available on pc with the ultimate pass (and games you can't play on mac)

    I just bought Insurgency Sandstorm for $20 on sale at Steam. I had the old one and it was fun.
    I like America's Army so it's kinda similar - but different in play mode/style.

    Only played the new one for a few hours so far - but it's definitely worth the money and it's very popular right now so should be lots of servers/players even for us.

    So I think that will replace my AA itch as that is so bad there's often only 1-3 servers max with acceptable ping and enough players to be worth joining.

    You might want to consider other PC Gaming Subscription services too… see my thread about that as well as many game suggestions in the comments (we have quite a lot of overlapping taste in games so might be useful)


    Also - grab Dolby Access for everything not just games… the thread explains it all

    If that or the xbox ultimate deal sell out - just look on eneba as there are many near identical deals you could use instead.

    So what did you end up buying/Playing since you bought the new laptop?

    good luck.

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