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[PC, XB1, XSX] Dolby Access/Atmos for Headphones A$3.41 + Payment Fee @ Eneba (Argentina VPN Required)


If you don't know already - this gives you Virtual Dolby Atmos (Virtual 7.1 Surround sound) on ANY pair of headphones!

Please read on after the purchase instructions (first 10+ lines only) - regarding suggestions on headphones and usage etc.

While this is not Expired - for some reason it has quadrupled in price - but don't fret…

I can't speak for the other deals listed on Eneba as this is the one I tried… but you could just try searching for the next cheapest Dolby deal on there with a good rating (there are quite a few)?

TL : DR - Just follow the instructions via the link.


BTW you might want to check out my other thread updating a recent one that expired…
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $48.78 Per Year + $1 (+ $15.95 Expired Users) for up to 3 Years @ Ultimate Choice on Eneba (Need VPN)

"Please note - I've copied and pasted and slightly altered a small amount of text from the ENEBA XBOX deal Thread from Jan 26." But it's largely just the instructions format only.

Buy the key from the Linked Deal, Copy your code…

NOTE - you need to set your VPN to Argentina for this one (Not some random Latin American country as I initially tried before I realised my mistake - I tried Brazil for the record)

Clear you Browser Cache, then Connect to Argentina via VPN - (Some people recommend using the free Windscribe Chrome extension(chrome.google.com) but I used NordVPN)

Once connected, navigate to https://redeem.microsoft.com/?wa=wsignin1.0.com and sign in with your normal Microsoft account (or make one first if you are new like I was).

With the VPN on - Enter the code as normal, redeem and turn off the VPN (thanks to @emrik) AND Clear your Browser Cache.

Just install the Dolby Access App in Windows and it should be all sorted!

Don't go just yet - read on below for relavant info to make full use of your Dolby Access!

Don't buy a crappy, limited Gaming Headset… Get quality Studio/DAW/Music headphones and use them for everything!

For instance - I just bought these WIRED Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X.
They are Over Ear (NOT On Ear) so they don't kill your ears (literally squash em), Open Backed (Better, fuller Spatial audio and much cooler too (not as Hot)

Got them for $300 from Umart. I'm not affiliated with anyone - it's just what I bought.

NOTE - I'm pretty sure you can cheaply/easily get adapters to convert to wireless/bluetooth too (this one has a detachable mini XLR Cable)?

I should mention that these were way too tight at first (really gave me a sore head and migraines from clamping soo hard)… but after very carefully bending it back many times it's loosened up a lot since I bought it 2-3 weeks ago) and it is soo much better!

I think I have a pretty big head - not sure?

BTW If you can find a good price - buy things like expensive headphones via one of these two options (as opposed to a normal retail store/site with normal 'fault only returns'.

Buy them on Amazon ONLY if FULLFILLED/DELIVERED by Amazon (makes no difference who sells it)… or purchase it as an Ebay Plus item.

That way - you can rip open the postpack, and the retail box, try it out for like a month etc and if you decide you don't like it or it's still too tight etc - just send it back for a full refund no excuses needed. Free 'change of mind' is what you get with those two options - though you may pay a little more for it.

I couldn't find any good deals online, even though I was prepared to pay extra - so I took a risk and just bought it at Umart.

I won't do this ever again as I'm very lucky I managed to stretch the headband enough on these cans that I didn't have to sell them secondhand and try and get another brand/model instead!

I bought these for (in order of priority) - Music Production, Gaming, and watching Movies/TV (with 7.1x Audio Tracks) and listening to Music.
These are many many quality levels above Gaming headsets.

Only downside is - this model has no built in mic - but you can use a standalone mic (eg I have a Shure SM58 Beta on a mic stand… or buy an attachable mic to attach to the actual headphones externally (clip on etc) or your shirt etc or table Mic stand?

They sound fantastic and so does the Dolby Atmos.
Makes a massive difference in FPS - just to hear people walking and crouching around is amazing compared to my old crappy buds with no Surround etc.

Will make gaming much easier/better - will really level the playing field as I only now realise what a massive disadvantage I had before!

The Dolby Access Software is good for Gaming and Movies, TV, Music, whatever.
Has different modes for each - eg in Gaming you can choose to focus on positional accuracy over other factors for better sound localisation.

My understanding is - you select Speakers or Surround sound in the Game Settings or wherever… and the Dolby Access converts that to Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

Hope it works for you!

Thank you for your time

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  • +29

    connect to Argentina VPN to get the deal.
    Instead of gaming headset, get something better, eg: Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

    You're welcome

    • +4

      meh - you've taken all the passion out of it

      • +1

        haha sorry op just trying to make it easier for people that's just "hunting for deals"
        tbf I have jumped in that rabbit hole of headphones before… ozb veterans should already have a handle on what cans they like/prefer
        currently eyeing a HD6xx

        • -1

          no worries - like I said - it would be much clearer if it didn't mess up all the formatting…

          Could clearly see then that it's just the first 10+ lines or so that are the essential instructions.

        • I bought a 6XX on the last deal that came up on here and I have been really impressed. Not as 'fun' as other headphones out there, but really, really, impressive.

    • Instead of the Beyerdynamic DT 900, get the 770's.

      You're welcome.

      But in all seriousness, the headphones are one aspect, and this is the other They work amazing with a quality set of cans!

      • this is the 900 Pro X - new version.

        Besides, I've heard the 770's have a killer treble that'll make your head explode?

        • The treble was always with the 900 series,

          The 770 series were the flat sounding ones - hence my recommendation.

        • It does have a more present treble. Some like it, some don't. I found it a little fatuguing but you can EQ them (or an AutoEQ profile) and they sound amazing without being so sharp.

    • Thanks for the TLDR. Would be good if all posts are like this too

      • Yeah - I think they made TL : DR's for me specifically.

        Must remember to use them.

  • +2

    Who the hell is @emrik?
    Is that copy paste from another bargain website? If so, give credits

    • +12

      More paragraphs about shopping for a pair of headphones than about whatever the product does

    • +3

      There are other bargain sites?!?

  • perhaps add comment in title for PC/Xbox

  • +8


    I'm new at this ok first Deal post…. only a small bit was copied re vpn etc -
    "Please note - I've copied and pasted and slightly altered the text from the ENEBA XBOX deal Thread from Jan 26." But it's largely just the instructions format only.

    I did give credits in the other thread I'm waiting to post…. forgot to put that in this one ok.

    I've added the PC / Xbox to the title.

    I have explained exactly what it does - doesn't take any more words than that.
    Re Headphone info - I'm trying to help - take it or leave it.


  • +56

    Instructions unclear.

    Ordered headphones from Argentina.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha

      • +15

        Ja ja ja ja ja

    • Instructions unclear vpn to turkey thinking it will be cheaper there.

  • How do you stop it from messing up the formatting…. removes paragraph arrangements etc no spacing?

    • There should be a formatting help at the bottom, and a preview button so you can check it's not messed up before you publish. Also available for comments

      • If I try and edit it, I don't see any options.

        When I hit preview - it shows 'the wall' as it appears - but all the spaced out formatting is still intact in the 'edit' part?

        BTW - I checked the formatting options but there is nothing in there to stop it removing the spaces between lines/paragraphs?

        ok, cheers

        • would still love an answer to this as I get the same problem on Gumtree and other general forums?

          • @RahRahRand: Do you have some sort of adblocker on your phone (assuming that's where you posted from)?

            • @albert0pia: I use the same Nordvpn (i think you get up to 5 devices?) on my android phones and android tv, chromebook etc.

              But actually I posted this on my PC - could you imagine writing that tome on a phone?

              • @RahRahRand: I was just wondering what could be messing with your ability to preview text formatting correctly.

  • +12

    I'm sure the deal is good it's just that I'm intimidated by that wall

    • +4

      Make OzBargain great again!

  • Does this only work with xbox?

    • Works for PC and Xbox because it converts Gold to Ultimate

      • why the downvote for answering his question?

  • This is fantastic! Is this for lifetime use??

    • yes

      • -2

        wow ok. I reckon you could just turn on incognito instead hey?

        • ?

        • +2

          Incognito isn’t a VPN…

          • +2

            @PainToad: Shields are down captain!

            Engage incognito mode!

  • +2

    So what is this deal? I don't understand

    • +3

      Software you buy which converts audio into Virtual Surround Sound using regular headphones.

      Go look it up on youtube etc for a better sense of what it does

  • +2

    Does anyone have experience with this and want to offer their opinion?

    I've tried a few software based virtual 7.1 programs and they have all been pretty bad (just end up muddying a good stereo signal).

    • I love Dolby Atmos - I use it on all games now and find it to be the best of the bunch thus far. Just works out of the box.

    • You can also try it yourself with the free 7 day trial.

      That's what pushed me over the edge.

  • +1

    Headphones only have two drivers. Left and right.

    Does this codec actually make any difference or is OP just experiencing better sound because they purchased new headphones?

    • +6

      No the OP is not an idiot.

      It's called Virtual Surround Sound for a reason.

      And yes it makes a huge difference depending on the application.

      • +2

        I mean, you're a bit biased (kidding)

      • +1

        I know what virtual surround is, it's simulated surround, aka not real surround. No amount of simulating can replicate the sound of 7.1+ speakers into two speakers.

        • +1

          correct… thus virtual

    • -1

      Does this codec actually make any difference

      Two channels will always be two channels.

      You can convince yourself it’s not, but you can convince yourself of anything.

      • +4

        Incorrect. You need to remember that we hear in only 2 channels. It's the time delays between sounds hitting each ear which dictate the direction. We are getting pretty good at emulating that and whilst it's a bit more complicated than that, that's the brief summary.

      • Have you ever tried Atmos virtualisation on mobiles? I think it's quite convincing given is on stereo speakers placed so close to each other.

  • +1

    Anyone got a free VPN that has a server in Latin America? (Windtrace doesn't have one there which is free)

    • +3

      Choose your poison

    • From my experience I'm assuming it must be Argentina

    • NordVPN has one in Argentina.

      • +1

        lol that's why I used it!

        • Me too. It helps that I'm semi-fluent in Latinx Spanish too :)

    • +1

      Tunnel bear free 500 mb limit

    • yeh just checked and TunnelBear has Argentina.

  • was going to buy this yesterday full price you saved me mate cheers

    • +1

      glad to hear it :)

      I wanted to post a deal on here because I snagged a crazy deal on a 3070 Ti recently because someone was kind enough to make a thread on here!

      Pay it forward yeah!

  • +1

    You cant change the laws of physics

    • +6

      yes my son, but as morpheus said - you can bend them

      • haha nice one - good job replying to it all

        I'm just here for the comments - I'm sitting here with stereo headphones and have no idea what's going on (but my soundbar setup is Atmos, so that's something..)

        • dude give it a go - clearly won't break the bank!

    • Marketing want you to believe otherwise.

  • +1

    Looks like you can trial the software from the MS store

  • Actually does seem to make a difference on my Sure Aonic 50 and Corsair Virtuoso

  • Does this actually make a difference?

    • +1

      I used did trial and I could hear the difference. I'm using the official xbox wireless headset.

      Though this seems like a bit of work. So not bothered.

      • +2

        lol you could have paid for it by now instead of posting that comment, it's really not that hard.

    • Yes…

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP.

  • I've tried the free trial and it actually was so good with movies and 4k youtube (haven't tried gaming yet). I was also using audio technica (gaming) headphones.I might give this one a go later. Thanks OP!

    • :)

      Remember, for movies and tv etc I think you might need to select the 7.1 (or the best there is) Audio Track?
      Maybe someone who really knows this stuff can chime in?

      • I tried it quickly cause I bought a mixamp for my PC and I just did the default movies setting and it was already great. I guess I'll play around it once I get to buy it hehe.

  • Isn't Dolby Atmos free for Windows nowadays?
    Or is this product somehow different?

    • +1

      That's the application to set up Atmos, you still need to pay for it.

      • +1

        or give the 7 day trial ago

        • Ok, thanks ppl. I'll have a look when I get home.

      • Wrong, it is actual atmos software for Windows and it's free! I've been using it for years having my laptop hooked up to hk950 atmos soundbar and it works flawlessly.

        The software you actually have to pay for only covers headphones!

        • I just assumed they wanted to use Atmos with headphones considering this deal is for that.

    • I think I read somewhere there might be an older lesser version free for Windows 10 or something?

      But I'm not sure

  • Does this work well with Sony's XM3s?

    • +1

      Sony xm3 has bad imaging capabilities in the hardware. Wouldn't imagine it would improve it much.

      • Phew. Luckily I didn't purchase anyway.

        • dude - you've got nothing to lose by trying the free trial

  • Does it work with speakers instead of headphones?

    • I think it might (though maybe not quite as well as it's for headphones?) - I'm going to try it - but sending it from the PC

  • Is this better than the open source Equalizer Pro (PC Only)?

    Someone in this forum put me on to it.

  • BTW you might want to check out my other thread updating a recent one that expired…
    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $48.78 Per Year + $1 (+ $15.95 Expired Users) for up to 3 Years @ Ultimate Choice on Eneba (Need VPN)

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