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Premium Saffron Threads $55.92 (after Discount of 20%) for 10g Pack + Free Shipping @ Saffron Market


Got an email saying they've got 20% off for BF. Just ended up ordering 10 grams.
Not associated but have used their saffron for over 2 years now and they sell the real thing.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Pretty good price! Genuine question though, are you aware of any fake saffron being sold?

    • Yea mate. There's a lot of fake saffron around. Google's your best friend to find out more. Lot's of flower stigmas are passed off as saffron.
      In my experience, there's also a lot of "weak" saffron around (some of the stuff you get at colesworths and other grocers) as well. Its very weak in potency (flavour and aroma and colour). From memory, Negin saffron is the best.

      • Thanks. I had no idea. Maybe I've been lucky, or more likely never noticed.

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    Thanks OP, bought a couple 5g for some xmas presents

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    Thanks OP!

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