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Pepsi Max Cola Soft Drink 375ml (Pack of 30) $16 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Pepsi 30 cans for $16
Almost as cheap as prime day

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    • Bought one earlier today. Not quite as cheap as the regular $10.50 for 24 cans I get but cheap enough.

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      Its $17.5 in NSW :(

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        Showing as $14 for me? $16 RRP on the Woolies site?

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        Thank the lovely container deposit scheme for that markup

        • $17.50 in woollies WA

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      $17.50 if I add it to my cart in SA (showing $14 on the product page though)

      • Same in Adelaide

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      $17.50 in ACT also

    • $17.50 in VIC

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        Click and collect surcharge. If you go instore you won't have that

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    Wheres the deal on coke cans??

  • Ordered yesterday and got message it will be delivered on 20 dec lol

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      Yay just before christmas!!

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    This is the normal price at Coles and Big W (in Vic) ordered for ease. Also handy it says they're being delivered next month, I don't need any right now.

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    Makes you think …how overpriced these are at restaurants etc

    • Drinks are a high margin item. They don't want to make fizzy cheap cf alcohol, cause they don't want to incentivize people away from liquor with a cheap option. There's always water.

      As an aside rank, The wa(i)ter's aren't even always muted / respectful of the water option, which is a bit insulting given I'm giving the restaurant a thumbs up by giving them business.

      It simply gets too expensive / calorific to get drinks regularly, and sometimes coke / juice's sweetness can impact the taste of food so I wouldn't want them for free.

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      if you reduce their rent, they can reduce price of drinks. running a restaurant or a take away shop is very expensive business.

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        Everywhere you turn some bastard has got their hand out or gone directly for your pocket.

    • Restaurants can't break even on every item they sell

    • There's probably still a huge mark up, but restaurants don't get charged these prices.

  • Last time I bought Pepsi Max cans from Amazon they were shipped from Perth to Brisbane via Australia post, probs same this time, not sure how that makes sense but takes time to arrive.

    • I've ordered one on 20th and delivered on 21st. VIC

      • I ordered more in the 10% cashback flash sale on Fri night and hasn't even left the warehouse, perhaps they don't like Queenslanders :)

        • mine was delivered using amazon delivery, may be that's the difference.

  • Money saved can go towards jw blue mixer

  • Been at this price for the past week

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    Pretty sure I only paid $14 for this at woolies this week

  • Ships on the 24th of Dec??? wtf.

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