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20% off $200 Zone Bowling / Timezone / Kingpin E-Gift Card for $160 @ Timezone


Save these for their double credit sales and you will get $400 credit at a cost of $160.

This Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, get up to 20% off our Gift Cards! Available for use at Zone Bowling, Kingpin & of course TIMEZONE.

Save up to 20% when you purchase a $100, $150 or $200 gift card

Get a $100 Gift Card and receive 10% off - Only pay $90.
Get a $150 Gift Card and receive 13% off - Only pay $130.
Get a $200 Gift Card and receive 20% off - Only pay $160.
Don't miss out…Set your alarms, available Friday 26 November 12:00AM Until Monday 29 November 23:59PM AEDT!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Nice work OP. Didn't know about the discounted gift-cards.

  • I feel like prices have gone up to an average of $2.50 "vip" discount isn't as much anymore 10cents used to be 20 cents. Prizes have gone up in tickets. Claw grabber machines have gotten worse as well. Maybe it's just my local kingpin though

    • I've been twice with my nephews and can report:

      • VIP is 10% off. Most games are $2.20 ($2 VIP), some $4.40 ($4 VIP), and a few $6.60 ($6 VIP)
      • I loaded up my card on the last double credit day so really the games are 50% off the VIP price. Another 20% off if you use these discounted gift cards.
      • You also get $5 for signing up, plus another $25 for every $250 you load, so another 10% off. Note: I loaded $250 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my $25 credit, had 3 emails from them saying they are looking into it but nothing has happened.
      • Claw grabber machines are really bad, little to no chance of winning. Even the rotating carousels with cheap lollies are hard to win for most kids. The game is over in seconds with no prizes.
      • You can track all tickets earned and transactions of games played if you link your card to the app which is good. There must be a limit though as when I went today it wiped all the history of my last visit and I'm pretty sure not all games played today were listed either.

      First visit was about $60 because I was with the older one and played a few games with him. Also wasted a bit on the useless claw/prize machines he wanted to keep trying. Knowing these things the second visit was only about $40. Both visits about 90mins and 50% off which I think is good value, even better if you use these 20% off ecards.

      I had this discussion with my mum the other day, I remember games being $1-$2 back in the day. With all these discounts and extra credit a $2.20 game really only costs about 70-80 cents.

  • +3

    Good find, but essentially the same discount if you have access to Costco, can buy 20% off Kingpin GC anytime of the year there.

    • Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.

  • How do you get $400 credit for $160? I m a bit confused … as this would be interesting for a christmas gift.

      • buy the $200 card for $160
      • wait for double credit sale, load the $200 to get $400

      these gift cards can only be used instore though

  • Where does it say it's double credit?

    Or there will be another sales just for double credit?

    • One of the double credit sales just passed .
      I `^ed up by not having a power card ( not on the app ) available only from the venues.
      I'm not sure how often these sales occur .

      • if you do a search in OzBargain for "timezone" you can see they have been every 3-4mths

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