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[Prime] Tenda Nova MW5C Mesh Wi-Fi 2 Pack $65.40, 3 Pack $89.40 Delivered @ Tenda via Amazon AU


Quite cheap possibly the cheapest it’s ever been.

The MW5c product sits between the Nova MW6 & the Nova MW5s and represents excellent value for money in terms of features and performance. Supports a maximum of 80 connected devices simultaneously. MW5c-2pk covers up to 235 sq. m. 3pk covers up to 325 sq. m.

3 year warranty.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I got the Tenda Nova MW5G-3 for $79 yesterday. Was that a better deal or is this better?

    • From what I can see they are the same.

      • I don’t know if I should cancel that order and order this instead then.

  • So do we need to get rid of the old modem and just use this or can this be used with existing modem via Ethernet cable?!

    • Sometimes depending on your internet connection type (eg: FTTN) you may need to use this along with your existing modem/router.

      Yes, you can use this along with your existing router in bridge mode. This option would show up when you are setting up the device.

    • In most instances you NEED to keep your old modem router and use the Tenda mesh in bridge mode. It might work without, but you'll get really SLOW 1mbps upload speeds. Some kind of bug I think. Widespread problem.

      • I believe this was discussed at length here on ozb on another thread and was simply a settings issue. Setting them to bridge mode solved the issue. Which you should know because you were part of the thread.

        • Yes correct but main callout is you NEED another router to bridge to which is quite inconvenient for most people.

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    does it compatible with my existing mw3?

    • I need to know this too! I've got two MW3s but would like to expand range.

    • Yes it’s compatible. I’ve got both.

    • I added 3 packs of MW5G to my existing 3 packs MW3. All now linked in a same mesh with one MW5G is the primary node. Great upgrade as most of my devices now connect to 5ghz band instead of 2.4ghz band. At this price it's truly a fantastic system.

  • Finally pulled the trigger for my first mesh wifi system!
    Happy that I waited since Friday and able to nab this at its cheapest!

    • +1

      it was 79 few days

  • How does this compare with TP-Link Deco M5 currently at 200$? Is it worth double the cost for the M5?

    • I use both tplink and tenda.
      Tplink app is better. But I’m very happy with my tenda at half the cost.

  • what are the differences between M3 M5 and M7?

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      • wrong answer. M3 and M7 is 4

  • If I want 4 of these, can I buy two 2 packs and link them up?

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      "The APP allows you to add more units in minutes"

  • Considering the MW5c-3 pack however There's a review about this having a low encryption grade for the Apple ecosystem, which may make connections week or worse may not work. Any experience with iPhone or Apple devices with the MW5c ?


    "Beware if you’ve have an Apple ecosystem. This product uses old encryption method which iOS does not support, you will either be shown a “weak security” message or worse not be able to connect. There is no option to connect to the router other than use the Tenda app, which itself does not allow to change the security method. Customer care is hapless , never answers or is busy.
    Returned it after struggling with it for two days. None of these are mentioned here or anywhere"

    • If you're just at home with your family them I wouldn't worry too much. Just watch out for white surveillance vans parked in your street or pastey white kids in cars with P plates driving around with antennas sticking out the windows

    • +1

      There was an October 2021 firmware update v1.0.0.35(9805) to fix this issue and supports ios14 onwards. Applied to the MW5G-3 pack I have via the app.

  • When I plug an ethernet cable into my secondary Nova to my PC in my room it is slower than just using the wifi? Don't know what I'm doing wrong..

  • Would this be good for a bigger home with a few wifi black spots and the basement due to walls and a terrible router- telstra smart home?

    • Yes it would!

  • Deal ended

  • The two pack is showing $109 on Amazon. Am I missing something?

  • Just purchased the 4 pack MW6 thanks to this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659210
    I am on NBN HFC and have my own DNS filter (pi-hole) and router (Meraki). So the APs job will only be to pump out strong Wifi. That’s the plan.

  • Was too slow and missed out :((

  • Anyone know the difference between the MW5C (here) and MW5G (which I grabbed the other day for the folks)?

    … And there’s also the MW5S - ha!

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