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[Switch] Assault Android Cactus+ - $9 (Was $30), City of Brass - $1.99 (Was $19.99) @ Nintendo eShop


Nobody had posted these yet, so I thought I would

Both Australian-made games and both at their all-time low. I downloaded both last night, but didn't play any yet (remember to combine with discounted eShop cards btw).

Link to City of Brass:

Both games have decent reviews, with AAC actually having terrific scores on Metacritic (86, 8.4), but are in nice genres. Assault Android Cactus is a co-op twin-stick-shooter and City of Brass is a first-person rogue-like.

That's as far as my knowledge extends. Hope you can find something to appreciate

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Thanks! Picked up City of Brass…

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    I have city of brass on switch, no joy imho.. Needs mouse and keyboard.

    So I wouldn't buy it.

    Also, been free on epic before.

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      "for two dollars what can go wr- oh. Damn"

    • Yeah… I just had a go..

      I got an eShop card and had about $13 worth if Gold coins. Picked up Tetris Effect, HyperCharge Unboxed, Assault Android Cactus and this. AAC is very high quality at 60fps and fun in co-op. HyperCharge is probably the best-looking Unreal Engine game on the system and 3-player Split screen holds its frame rate pretty well. Apparently it's receiving more content in future too. Tetris effect is a really terrific experience. Exactly what you'd expect which is a good thing.

      City of Brass just feels… Off? It has a seemingly uncapped frame rate and controls sluggishly. I feel that the latter may improve with time played, but the initial hook isn't as fun as other Roguelikes on the system. I've been spoiled by Risk of Rain 2, Hades and Dead Cells. Probably should've gotten Spelunky instead even at the $13 price difference

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    Assault Android Cactus is amazing fun, very highly recommended. Great in both single and mulitplayer. Quite forgiving to new players as well, though if you end up attempting to S+ the levels then you definitely need to sharpen up your skills a little. Top stuff though.

  • Played android assault. 4 player mode, the screen is so full of bullets and enemies you will often loose your player !

    Was fun, not sure how long it will last, but think you will get 5-10h out of it and worth the price

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