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Dyson Outsize Total Clean $995 Delivered @ Dyson Australia


Dyson Outsize Total Clean - Dyson Official Store AU

$945.25 (after cashback) + free delivery

$995 Black Friday sale - 5% Cashback w/Cashrewards

45 day moneyback guarantee with Dyson.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Been after a good vacuum (upgrading from Dyson Animal v6 which the battery is going in) I was waiting for a good deal on the v15, any one know how this would compare?

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      Try this first in store, this thing is huge

    • Tried it in store, its huge, very bulky, its essentially a v11 but with a larger bucket (holds 1.9kg from memory), great for a relatively big house, wouldn't get for anything 3 bedrooms or less. This also comes with 2 of the floor attachments being a the roller and normal vacuum head.

      Overall I passed up on it as it didnt feel comfortable using due to its size, v10 and v8 is also on sale, I have a v6 atm too.

      v15 has some extra features but nothing hugely worth while imo over the v11.

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    $900 Delivered @ Bing Lee eBay add a $6 item & use code PLBFSS eBay plus required

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      Dang. This is a bargain! A little concerned about the size.

  • Waiting for the v15 to be $1100 again or v11 to be less $900. Tried this one in store and it is a bit heavy.

  • We have this and it's definitely a bit of a monster - probably why it's on sale. Not ideal if it's for someone elderly needing to lift it on and off the wall dock. Great price if you have a large house and don't mind the extra heft.

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    I’m 61, 152 cm tall, and just over 50 kg. I have a 2 bedroom house, carpet, and two Labradors, champion hair shedders. I thought the Outsize looked too heavy in store but bought it anyway. I’m very glad I did. Absolutely no regrets. I can fill the canister in one day in Spring and that’s every day. Rapidly got used to its size.

    • Thanks for your review. I just bought it after reading your comment. We have an old Vax stick which weighs about 3kg, so extra 400g won’t really make much difference.

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