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Toolpro Safe Case Small Black $12.99 (RRP $34.99) + Delivery ($0 Click & Collect) @ Supercheap Auto


I was looking for a hard case for my camera audio gear and came across this, price is very good price a good case.
Case is compact (260 x 245 x 175mm) and can fit all my audio gear easily, Rode Wireless Go, compact mixer, USB brick, cables, batteries…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    These cases are amazing value at RRP and are bargain at this price.

    I bought a pile of these, around this time last year:

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      Nice! Got one for my Quest 2, appreciate the info.

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      I was going to ping you! Remembered you hunted around for more of these.

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        Just ordered another 10pc from Bondi Junction ;-)

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          once each burner phone i asume

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      I'm sold on the oculus case!

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      Did you dress up like MIB and the dark glasses, pull them off and then look around whilst sliding the case towards them.

      "Here's the things you asked for, HQ wants it done by midnight."

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      Wow the gifts are great

    • Same. Gonna store my new Quest 2 + accessories in it.

      • Received mine yesterday, unfortunately my Quest 2 has a halo head strap and it couldn’t fit into this case :(

        • Take out all the foam and only use the thinnest bottom piece which is found in the case for the top, you'll need to glue or tape it so it sticks.
          Then fold the back part of the Halo into itself, It just fits.

    • I saw this and thought of making a switch case, thanks for confirming it works hahaha

    • Same. Got one just for the quest 2.

    • Do you just use a box cutter to cut the foam into the shape you want?

      • It's die-cut pluck foam. You just to pull out the little cubes of foam until you have the shape you want.

  • Awesome find, thanks OP. I had a $10 credit to use, so perfect timing.

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      Just picked up my order (quick processing!), under 30min for the sms.

      They are very deep/high… almost like a cube. Stacks of space for lots of goodies. Terrific value, thanks again OP.

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        Yes deep enough for two-layer storage, I am using the bottom layer for cables, adaptors…

        • The pictures provided on Supercheap aren't actually the box you are buying. They are a shorter/more shallow box still selling for $30ish in store.
          There ones are deeper…. definitely deep enough for two layers storage, I agree. I'll be using it to store HDD's off site (family photos, system back ups etc).

  • Thanks OP! Great price

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    These work great for tabletop wargaming. Malifaux and Skirmish Warhammer games you can transport 1-2 armies (circa 20 models)

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP
    Had $10 credit, cost me $2.99

  • This is great!

  • Wanted to get a couple but I can't remember my password and the password reset link isn't coming through no matter how many times I try.

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      Create a new account? I just created mine and received the verification email in 10 secs, remember to check your spam/promotions category if using gmail.

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        Not in spam/promotions. I might have no choice but to make a new account.

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          I had the same issue. it never arrived. i just checked out as a guest.

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    For any pokemon fans here, these are great to store your Psa cards

    • For sure. NBA and pokemon

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    I got a few of these last time they were on special for $9.95. They are great for storing electronics, coins, specially tools etc.

  • Got 2

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    $12.34 and free delivery with eBay Plus (code : PLBF5)


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      The real deal is always in the comments. Thank you!

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        Better price so great find, only downside is can't use the $10 store credit that expires on 5th Dec

    • Saying sold out on ebay.

    • Listing has expired, "0 available"

  • very cool. ordered 5! :-)

  • Thanks OP

  • Don't need one but yeah awesome for drones

  • If only they had more sizes with this rate of discount :(

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    Thanks OP! I think I need one of these? I don't know but I bought one though. Probably too small for my camera gear but hey I'll find a use for it

  • got one thks

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    Thanks I got 2, plus also got 2 of these tool bags half price @ $9.99

    • Thanks! Got one.

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    I posted a deal for this same time last year when it was $9.99. Went off like a bomb. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584926

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      I got one and still NFI what to do with it ;)

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        If you can believe, I didn't even buy one for myself. As much as I tried I couldn't think of a use for them. And I really wanted one. 😂

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          bought 3 no idea what i will use them for either lmao

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            @User123321: I put my glue gun and charger in one. Planning to use a new one for storing my soldering gear.

    • Must have been when I bought two. Thought was a good idea at the time. Less than $10 why not

    • shhhhh dont use the 60m6 word as u will be arrested

  • Nice, thanks OP! Didn’t know I needed this but I have a use for it already 😄

  • Thanks OP! Picked up a couple. Note stock running low on WA

    • Yep. Went OOS as I was trying to check out.

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    a bit of asetone rubbing on top made it perfect

    • What for? Removing the brand labelling?

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        yes, way oversized for my preference.

  • Picked up 4 from Bayswater VIC. Staff were very confused as to why they were inundated with orders for these all of a sudden

  • I'm using this as a small topcase for my bike. not the cutest solution but it works.

  • Thanks bought two. Looks perfect to to store my camera lenses in!

  • paid $10 last time:

    it is very small.

    • The next size up would be better for tools

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    Not sure I needed one. So I bought 4. Wow they're pretty solid. Anyone know what the on/off switch is for? :)

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      "This case is fitted with a purge valve to quickly equalise pressure when experiencing atmospheric pressure changes."

    • On /off switch made me smile.

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    Missed out :( but they look smaller than the one that the guy shows in the video? It’s smaller than a ruler measurement wise?

  • Got two. One for my very expensive Battery Tester because original case is a bit flimsy and hard to use. Second one I need to think about.

  • Officially Ozbargained… no stock anywhere near me

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  • Any ideas where to get replacement foam from?

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