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[Afterpay, eBay Plus] WalkingPad R1 Pro Treadmill $589, R2 $749.15, Yesoul Spin Bike S3 $374.25, M1 $329.25 @ Gearbite eBay


Xiaomi Walkingpad Treadmills are on Special with Afterpay 25% off, they are cheapest price ever after discount .

Note: There will be limited quantities available, get in quick if you want one of these.

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Walkingpad R1 Pro Treadmill $589

Your perfect exercise buddy that allows you to stay healthy under different scenarios.
Can be controlled in three ways. Under manual mode, it can be controlled used the remote control or the KS Fit APP. Alternatively, it can be controlled by feet under the auto mode to provide greater convenience.
EVA cushioning softens the impact on your knees and the anti-slip running belt will provide a better grip.
Designed a dedicated slot for phone and tablet on the handle, so you can always stay entertained and connected.
The LED panel sits at the front of the WalkingPad R1 Pro helps you to monitor your speed, distance and workout time.

Walkingpad R2 Pro Treadmill $749.25

New Handrail Desgin
Thicker, Wider, More Stable and
No more static eletctricity while exercising

New Clip Design

Easier and more smooth
when user adjusts the height of Handrail

New Running Pedal

By applying the metal and rubberdesign,
the new pedal offer more skid resistance

New Rotary Knob Design

Larger Knob makes it easier to tight the handrail
makes Handrail more stable during excercise

New Shell Crafting

Applying new Appearance design
and new ABS spray crafting

Multiple Layers

The treadmill platform is a frequently used position, that is why we use high-density
fiberboard to ensure its excellent quality; EVA cushioning layer with comfortable
texture; smooth layer with low friction coefficient, wear-resistant and anti-slip running belt.

Remote Control

WALKINGPAD R2 switches mode,accelerates/decelerates and starts/stops by the remote control, while exercising, with little click on the button to change the options easily, it gets rid of the complicated buttons on the dashboard in the traditional treadmill to guarantee a safer and more pleasant workout.

Adaptive Speed Control Technology

Patent No.: 201510274192.X
The patent of Kingsmith frees your hands. The pressure sensors embedded in the treadmill base, monitoring user's step position in real time, and responding quickly to the users' intent, instantly adjust the speed of the WALKINGPAD R2. Free you hands in the real meaning.

Automatic Mode

Speed is automatically controlled by intelligent algorithm. It follows the speed of walking from range 0.5~6KM/H maximum. When R2 is operating in the A mode, the user does not need to use the remote control. When exercising in the front area, it automatically starts and accelerates; in the middle area, it keeps constant speed; in the rear area, it will slow down and then stop automatically.

Brushless Motor

R2 equips a brand new brushless motor. The brushless motor is more able to hold down the noise while working out and improve the max load of the treadmill. And through long-time operation test, its duration and stability have all been improved.

Spin bike on Sale:

Yesoul S3 Black $374.25

Yesoul S3 White $374.25

App control ( Yesoul App, Zwift App or Kinomap App)

Effective Calories Burned

Ergonomic Design, Does Not Harm Knee

Comfortable And Breathable Cushion

Smooth Flywheel With Protection Cover, More Safe To Use

Magnetic Resistance And Belt Drive System

Smooth And Low Noise Operation

Easy Assembly And Dismantle

Compact Size, Not Taking Much Space

Yesoul M1 Spin Bike $329.25

Main Features:

App control ( Yesoul App, Zwift App or Kinomap App)

Effective Calories Burned

Ergonomic Design, Does Not Harm Knee

Comfortable And Breathable Cushion

Smooth Flywheel With Protection Cover, More Safe To Use

Magnetic Resistance And Belt Drive System

Smooth And Low Noise Operation

Easy Assembly And Dismantle

Compact Size, Not Taking Much Space

All items are delivered free from Our Australian warehouse and hold warranties :)

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • -2

    Bought a walking pad R1…. Not very happy

    • Sorry to hear that, if you have any quality issue, please contact us at [email protected]. You can alway return and get refund if you do not happy about our product within 30 days.

    • +2

      Why aren't you happy?

      Just looking at it the max speed is pretty average for anyone considering running.

      • +7

        Just looking at it the max speed is pretty average for anyone considering running.

        I guess that's why its a walking pad not running pad

        • +1

          It's not specified here but the max speed should be 10km/h if you raise the handrail. If you keep it down the max speed is 6km/h.

      • +1

        I put the reason below. I am not sure why you are assuming this but there are others hold similar feedback below.

        • Thx for sharing!

    • Accidentally downvoted. My finger is too fat and hit the wrong button.
      How to upvote instead?

      • +5

        get a treadmill for your fingers so they lose weight

        • +1

          I do not happy about this comment.

          But I do give you upvote kind sir

    • Details, please?

      • +1

        It is a bit heavy but the belt is not a bit loose.
        The auto function is not useable sometimes.
        The app is simple and unable to sync the data with iPhone.
        Easy to get dust when fold.
        Mine is a bit old version so maybe they fixed some issues.

  • i dont think its safe

    • Safety Clip and Handle.The WalkingPad has a safety clip and front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. The handle provides additional balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button.

      • -1

        Safety clip 😂😂😂

        • +1

          these are standard features of treadmills. You clip it to your belt, if you pull the wire or if you fall (which pulls the wire), it will disengage the machine and turn off.

          • @lostn: Lol! Bizarre,
            I haven't used a treadmill, I go outside to walk/run if my day to day activity wasn't enough.
            Growing up on a farm this seems so foreign 😂

  • Damn… bought it for $599 yesterday. Oh well.

  • +1

    Anyone seen any real reviews on the R2? Looks like it's pretty much brand new, I can only find reviews for the older model or "reviews" that just list the specs (or on Amazon all the reviews are for the R1, they've just updated the product listing to be the R2).

    The number of average reviews put me off the R1, but with the R2 supposedly having a quieter motor and better design I'm tempted again.

    • I'm interested, too! This would be great to have under my sit stand desk to squeeze in a few hours of walking throughout the day whilst checking/responding to emails and completing some rudimentary administrative work!

      • I used to think having those pedal things under the desk was productive. Now we're walking whilst checking emails - without the risk of walking into traffic!

      • +1

        That's exactly how I use my walking pad. However forget about fold it and store it every day. See my comment below.

  • +1

    The walking pad (R1 or R2) is quite big and heavy (approx 40+ kg) and not very practical to move it around and/or unfold it. I would suggest getting it only if you have the room to keep it unfolded and planning to fold and store it only on special occasions (guests coming over or something like that).

    • does it have wheels?

  • +3

    We have the R1. It's very good for what it is in terms of a treadmill, but beware the it's not as portable as suggested. The wheels are too small, so you are basically dragging it. And the folding is a pain. Before purchase it seemed like a great idea, but after purchase I wished it was just non foldable instead.

    Again, size and functionally is great. Quality seems very good as well. One of the better under desk treadmills I assume. But just keep in mind that portability wise it's a pain.

    Maybe r2 has solved this, not sure. It's not an easy one to solve I suppose since a decent treadmill is naturally going to be heavy, but some functional wheels would be a great start. The photos from the r2 gives me no confidence that the wheels have been fixed though.

    • Is there any restriction on the speed when the handlebar is lowered (ie not upright)?

      • +1

        It should all be there in the specs. From memory it's 6km/h when lowered and 10km/h when up.

    • Thank you for sharing this, you're the real MVP!

    • +1

      but beware the it's not as portable as suggested. The wheels are too small,

      If it is not really portable may be just buy one from eBay, I bought this during 2020 and still using it no problem, $307 on special now.


      • I assume the one you linked requires the handle to be installed whereas these under-desk treadmills are meant to be used without a handle. The R1 has an optional handle obviously, but you would have it folded down when using it at the desk. It also comes with a remote etc. It's a different use case.

      • Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the recommendation, I bought this Everfit treadmill and it arrived today, and I'm extremely happy with it. Definitely worth it for half the price of the WalkingPad model.

        • No worry, any problem with your front wheel? One of the front wheel was broken during transporation and they sent replacment wheel twice to have one that fit but I don't move it anyway.

          • @superforever: Nope, treadmill was basically flawless when it arrived. One of the box lids was partially torn open on arrival, but luckily nothing inside was damaged.

  • Hi op, any carpet cleaning roller available for new v11

  • @Gearbite, will you be adding any more stock for the Xiaomi Pro 2 scooters for $539 in the other deal that you linked? Thanks

  • Spin bike any good?

  • +1

    What is the warranty/repair process?

    • +1

      Yes,warranty covered, we will issue return label, return to check and repair.

      • +1

        Free return within 30 days only or during the warranty period, which by the way under Aust consumer law may be more more than the standard 12 mths manufacturer warranty.

        • +1

          Return postage will cover by us.

  • What's the difference between these and the Fortis or Kingsmith brands sold cheaper on Kogan?

    • +2

      The R1 is sold by kogan as well as you mention. The same treadmill is sold under a few brands. There is no difference and it's easy to identify due to the unique design. With this sale, I believe it's cheaper than kogan though and keep in mind the free shipping.

  • Is there any difference between Yesoul M1 and S3 except the wheel cover and bottle holder?
    Is M1 a discontinue model?

  • M1 is not discountinue model, Wheel design is different.

  • Can the spin bikes be used without those apps listed in the descriptions? Am looking for a magnetic flywheel spin bike to use with my Peloton app..

  • The R1 Pro Foldable Treadmill is coming up as $667.53 and the R2 at $849.15 with the code for me.

    • Please use afterpay coupon code.

  • is the max run speed on the R2 still 10 kph? There is an auto made if you are in the front part of the belt that adjusts speed accordingly but it doesn't say what its max speed is, if there is one.

    • R2 max speed is 10kph.

  • ordered 10 days ago, still nothing, is it normal ? got tracking number but going on the website says

    Allied Express have not yet received this freight, please contact your sender for an update.

    • I have the same problem, purchased nearly 2 weeks ago and Gearbite has not shipped the item and are not responding to messages over multiple platforms or via phone…

  • Hi, Sorry for the delay, all black fridayparcels were processed last week but courier have trouble to pick up. All Allied orders has been finish all pick up yesterday, you should receive update shortly. If you still not receive any update, you can alway contact us at [email protected].

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