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[eBay Plus, Afterpay] Yamaha WXA-50 Amplifier $392.85 Shipped (Was $582) @ CablePro eBay


Original Coupon Deal

This is my first deal post, so please be gentle!

This appears to be a really good price for this amplifier. At the time of posting this, there are only three left.
Using both eBay codes APBF25 and CABLPRO10 bring the price down to $392.85.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • good price

    this is cheaper than the wxc-50 which lacks amps

  • Fantastic price thanks OP!

  • +20

    THIS SELLER NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! Please avoid. Read the reviews, I am talking from personal experience months and months of fake tracking numbers and excuses. Items never sent. Had to open a case against them and after leaving a review they had it taken down. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COST!!! I’m so sick of writing the same messages on “deals” from this seller!!


    • I should have seen this comment prior to my order with Cable Pro, they been promising to send the item out last week, I am also in touch with Sandle (courier company Cable pro use), courier tried multiple attempt to collect the item. Now, Cable pro saying that the item has been picked up but courier cannot trace it, it might be missing but it cannot be just a co-incident after reading your post. :(

      • @justin827 I promise you it’s not a coincidence. And I can also almost 100% with confidence say you will not be getting your item/items. Just search their name on OzBargin and you’ll see that’s it’s not only me that’s had this issue. There’s are literally 50+ If not more people with the same experience. Getting a refund is going to be a nightmare (which will take a month or two to resolve because you’ll have to go through eBay support for a refund seller will not refund.

        Look at the sellers reviews so many people have said the same also. They are a scam I don’t understand how eBay are letting them trade.

        I wish you the best of luck and I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this disgusting experience. I hope you have a happy and safe holidays!


  • Ordered one. Good price, thanks OP. Hope it gets delivered.

  • only 1 in stock at time of posting and sold out?
    Edit: at 2:53pm, it was already showing as sold out but someone another sale has been added to the history after this.

  • Ordered. Thanks.
    Been wanting one for ages, but never the right price.

    • Don’t think your getting it sorry

      • I cancelled and got a refund straight away. Had a chat function on their website and they were happy to cancel order.

  • +2

    Wow no one even bothered reading what ghosts said

    • Yep certainly they appear to be a case of buyer beware and be ready to dispute. Surely they do actually sell some items though so wondering if they're scammers or just a very average retailer.

      • +1

        Yeah, I read the feedback before ordering, I'm taking the gamble. I'm ready to dispute if I have to. I didn't get scammer vibes from the feedback, but they don't seem to be the most reliable and honest seller when it comes to communication and postage. Fingers crossed for a smooth experience.

        • I bet you regret “not getting scammer vibes” now 🤦‍♂️.

          • +1

            @Ghosts: Well, I purchased before seeing your comment. But yes, this eBay store is garbage.

    • I wish people would read comments before jumping into a deal 🤦‍♂️

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WXA-50-2Ch-70W-Expand-Dac-Amplif...

    $483.75 here in case anyone doesn't want to risk this vendor (who may be sold out anyway). Still seems an ok price

  • Looks like they have more in stock, if anyone is interested.

  • Can anyone advise if this would be a reasonable match for my recently purchased Senn 6xx? I have an HK (3770) amp now which I guess this would replace.

  • Just wanted to say, I wish I never came across this deal and posted it here. Apologies to everyone! Seemed like a good deal, but this cablepro_15 store is garbage. Doesn't look like any of us were going to get this item delivered. As I write this, they are currently removing negative feedback comments from their store. I have no idea how they are allowed and able to do this!? Check the feedback on the item itself, and compare it to the feedback on the store. I have reported this store to eBay just now, in the hope this may lead to something (hopes and dreams).

    Anyways, this is the following message I sent, if anyone else is keen to report them as well. Take my message, modify and make it your own.

    "eBay account cablepro_15 really needs to be looked into, regarding there conduct of selling on eBay!
    They continue to list items they don't have in stock and can't ship, let alone deliver in the required timeframe. They supply false tracking numbers to make it appear they have sent items. They will then wait until the very end of the estimated delivery date, to finally make contact and refund the purchase. They have extremely poor communication as well, ignoring messages until the very end.
    The most egregious thing about this seller however, is there ability to somehow remove negative feedback from their store. This happened to a comment I left over the weekend! I have noticed many other negative feedback comments also disappearing over the last few weeks as well. How on earth are they able and allowed to do this!? The feedback systems is a powerful tool to protect buyers, and cablepro are abusing it!
    I'd like my comment reinstated, and Cablepro stopped from removing any feedback!"

    • +1

      This exact experience has happened to many people. They are a complete joke. I have no idea how the hell they get comments removed but I’m starting to believe they have someone working on the inside at eBay helping them. They don’t refund the money eBay does so they are scamming everyone and also eBay. This needs to be stopped this seller is a complete goose!

    • +1

      I have contacted eBay today for the reason they removed my comments. The staff told me because I mentioned StarTrack in my comments. It violates their policy regarding no mentioning of third party. I asked if I can amend my feedback and reinstate it, she said one can only leave comments once. eBay still has the record in their system but just hidden from public view.

      Well, that is total BS. Last night after I left my comments, I could see three more buyers left negative comments without mentioning any third party and reduced the rating of the store to 97%. Today they all got removed and the store rating is back to 98.4%. Apparently, eBay is not going to do anything about it and I will have to take things into my own hands. I'm now reporting this to the ACCC, even though eBay is not willing to disclose ABN of this seller, which is public info btw. cablepro.net.au might be their website and the ABN is missing as well, how convenient.

      • +1

        Something strange is definitely going on with this eBay store. My comment was removed from their store this morning. I'd really like to know how they are able to remove so many negative feedback comments, and are still allowed to sell on the platform. I wonder what there real feedback percentage should be!?

        Bravo on going to the ACCC about this! A company like this shouldn't be able to run things so poorly without consequences.

        I believe their ABN is 28 606 913 473, but I could be wrong.

        • +1

          That could be it but I just don't want to cause any trouble to the wrong business. So I quoted eBay's ABN, lol. Not punishing business like this means they are siding with them.

          I'm ok getting scammed online since I can get my money back. But the fact eBay is support behaviour like this is a disgrace. 98% rating is not a bad score.

      • +2

        This is amazing, I’m calling ACCC in the morning also. What a joke this is! Sorry you’ve also had to experience this crap from a donkey company.

  • I bought 4 units that were never delivered.
    Launched claim with eBay and was refunded.

  • +1

    I posted a negative comment explaining items were not received.

    Seller has private messaged me asking me to remove and or edit the message because it was a "courier" issue.

    There are 12 other negative comments this month.

    Too many for it to be a coincidence, something stinks with this seller.

  • +2

    I ordered a Unfi 24 port switch from these guys a few days after this post (can't find the post on OZB that I followed, but found my way here to see if there are other complaints about these guys .. the above holds up to what I expected to see). Item I ordered was marked as shipped 5 days after ordering, then they messaged me to advise they needed another address to send to (so no it was not posted) as soon as I got the notice I provided a new address and asked for the tracking .. no reply, gave a few days asked again and they are off for xmas holidays. Messaged a few times during their break and now after. - no replies, and of course no item.

    Have started a dispute as its been 6 weeks since it "shipped". The Switch shows as 2 available now on the ebay store.. yet on the website (link I just found above) the item is listed as out of stock. There was a couple of bad reviews when I bought .. now there are 13 in the last month. Just annoying as I had other options since this order to have ordered this item or the model down at good prices… now the sales are over and I'm left without anything and waiting a refund I guess.

    I suspect they grey import some items when ordered and COVID shipping has thrown out any delivery timeframe they hope to drag out.

    • This eBay store is extremely dodgy. Looks like they recently deleted a whole bunch of negative comments again. I can't believe they are able to get away with doing that!

      • +2

        So yep did an 'official' ebay missing item rather than just messaging them and surprise they then replied. I was advised my item was 'lost in shipping' and issued an immediate refund.

        I think we have an ebay Ponzi scheme here. List expensive electronics at good prices, take the money use it to buy cheap cable stock and sell it, eventually use another sucker to pay back the original purchaser. It's like a free rolling loan in the 1000s

        • That’s exactly how I describe them in my feedback comments. I said they used our fund as interest free finance. Then it got taken down by eBay over night. What a disgrace.

          And it’s sold out at radio parts. Don’t think we can get it anywhere near $500 now.

          • @punkfans: … and my feedback has been removed already. It was

            “ THIS SELLER WILL LIST ITEMS THEY DO NOT STOCK. Do not buy electronics from these guys. They will tell you it has shipped when it has not. They will ignore all correspondence until you lodge a complaint and then refund you. I guess they have a use for your money for a month or so in the mean time.”

  • I'll just leave this here https://www.ebay.com.au/help/action?topicid=4022 | Report a seller.

    • I tried that. Didnt seem to work by the look of things. :-(

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