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Wavlink AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router $84.45 Delivered @ Wavlink Direct AU via Amazon AU


Was looking on Amazon to upgrade from ISP supplied modem/router with something that has wifi 6 as my B550 MB has an onboard Intel AX200 wifi chip (which i im hoping to upgrade in the future if i can) and came across a decently priced Wavlink AX1800 router. However the Xiaomi AX1800 router from Ozsale is still available but for $74 so im still undecided.

My ISP supplied model is a myrepublic halo ac2200 which isnt bad for a free isp modem and has held up well the last 2+ years. What do you guys think ? This or the Xiaomi ? Does anyone know if Wavlink a decent brand ?

Also Make sure to use the extra %8 off option to get $84.45

Use code max MAX10 for extra 10$ off first app purchase

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  • Littlebirde ozsale $25 off does not work any more?

    • code that is invalid/expired now=(

      • Ok, thanks I had a code yesterday but they were sold out. Now looks like the code is useless

  • I currently have the Asus AC68U Ac1900. Looking to upgrade to wifi 6 with my soon to be new 1000/50 internet

    Is this a good choice? OR should I go with the Xiaomi?

  • Anyone know if I can use this as an access point? I have a WiFi modem router in the centre of the house downstairs and have wired cat6 cabling to the study upstairs. I've been using a crappy little dlink bridge in AP mode to take the wired connection upstairs and add a new WiFi network for upstairs. I also like to connect from the AP wired connection to the docking station in that room.

    So I have NBN into the house going to a WiFiodem router. That then connects to the internal wired connection to the study upstairs and I wonder if this can be a reliable WiFi router and wired router for that room. TIA

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      Disable DHCP server, setup WiFi SSID and uplink it via LAN not WAN?

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