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7.5% off JB Hi-Fi eGift Cards (Was 5%) @ Reward Gateway (Membership Required)


If your employer give you access to the Reward Gateway program then for today only you can buy JB eGift cards at an increased discount.

Some FAQs about Reward Gateway:

A couple of points about Reward Gateway (since they usually crop up in the comments):

  • It's an employee benefits program that you would have access to through your workplace.
  • I personally find the best way to purchase eGift cards and keep track of cashback is through the Smart Spending app. The gift cards are stored and activated through your account, and you simply scan a barcode off your mobile phone screen. It's available from GooglePlay and the Apple App Store.
  • You may see a CC surcharge for purchases. Keep an eye you your statements, but there are generally what you'll see:
    MasterCard or Visa debit card: 0%
    Standard MasterCard or Visa credit card: 0%
    Premium / Platinum MasterCard or Visa credit card: 0.5%
    Standard AMEX card: 1.5%
    Premium AMEX card: 3%

Deal T&Cs

How it works

  1. Purchase an Instant eGift Card of ANY denomination in whole dollar amount up to $5000. You will be given more than one Instant eGift Card if your order exceeds $1000 increments (i.e. 1 giftcard per $1000).
  2. You only pay the face value of the Instant eGift Card LESS the % saving listed below.
  3. The Instant eGift Card will be available from your ‘My Account > My Instant eGift Cards’ straight away.
  4. Shop at JB Hi-Fi in-store or online, and use your Instant eGift Card to pay for your items.

Key Information

  1. We’re sorry, but we cannot provide refunds for JB Hi-Fi Instant eGift Cards
  2. You may use an unlimited amount of Instant eGift Cards per transaction online and up to 8 Instant eGift Cards per transaction in-store
  3. JB Hi-Fi may ask for identification in store when redeeming gifts cards of $500+
  4. JB Hi-Fi Instant eGift Card are not redeemable at Sydney International Airport store.
  5. JB Hi-Fi Instant eGift Cards cannot be redeemed at JB Direct
  6. Gift Cards can be used at the time of paying for a console pre-order.
  7. Please be aware of the Instant eGift Card spending limits we have in place to protect you and your account:
    5 orders per day maximum
    10 orders per week maximum
    maximum $A5000 spent in last 30 days
    Choose the value of your first order carefully as the 2nd and 3rd orders for the same retailer are restricted to $300 each in that 24 hour period.
  8. Please see here for our general site T&C's.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Wish this was around to stack with my $2 usb c cable from last week

    • +1

      Heh. I know it's nowhere near as good as the TCN deal, but good luck finding any cards left after nearly a week. The eGift cards are almost immediate delivery.

  • they used to be 10% standard, those were the good days

  • Currently, you can get 15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles. Some of the cards include JBHifi. In-store only, though, and read the comments in the post before buying.

    • +6

      At this stage, I would honestly prefer a 7.5% discount on a JB Hi-Fi gift card that:

      • Can be loaded with any dollar amount between $10 and $5,000 on one gift card
      • Delivered within seconds, and
      • Can be used online or in-store.

      Sure, the 15% off TCN gift cards is a much larger discount, but:

      • They can only be used in-store at JB Hi-Fi,
      • They're only in denominations of up to $100, so you'd annoy the staff for large-scale purchases that require 10+ gift cards,
      • JB Hi-Fi could withdraw from the TCN program (or be kicked out of it) at anytime without warning (yes, that is written into clause 15 of TCN's gift card terms and conditions), and
      • It doesn't require you to visit multiple Coles supermarkets and hope stock magically appears.

      And yes, I have visited seven Coles supermarkets on multiple occasions over multiple days of the promotion so far, and there has been no stock of the discounted TCN gift cards (even the BABY gift cards that don't have JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer have been impossible to find). I've asked staff at all stores at the service desk, and only on two ocassions have staff been willing to check the storage area behind the gift card display (and yes, there were no discounted TCN gift cards hiding there).

      I honestly don't feel like wasting any more time and fuel looking for TCN gift cards that probably don't exist in my region anyway, so this deal is better. Sure, there are a few more Coles supermarkets I could visit in my region, but I'll need to cross state borders to get to a couple of them, and I'm not that desperate just for an additional 7.5% discount.

      • +1

        In an attempt to buy a new C1 from JBHIFI, we drove around to 6 Coles supermarkets over the weekend (SE Melb) and one store had 8 $50.00 TEEN gift cards left which we promptly bought. This deal is a god send since the TCN gift cards are mythical at this stage in the deal or unless you live 4 hours away from a major city.

  • Just bought $1100 in gift cards last week 😭😭😭

  • So very tempted by this offer. Thinking of getting a Pixel 6. I get 7.5% off with this offer and an additional 9.1% off from GST via the TRS. Purchase with gift cards are eligible under the TRS.

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