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Logitech MX Master 3 Optical Ergonomic Mouse Graphite $99 + Delivery + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Was lookign for a price drop for this mouse, noticed Shooping express reduced the Graphite one to $99, I ordered one for myslef
Please note that there is $8.95 shipping fee and 1% surcharge for using paypal/VISA/Mastercard.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Can we price match this with OW? Its showing $12.50 shipping for my address.

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    Postage is $15.10 to WA :(

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    Shipping is $15.10 to Perth, I'll pass based on this alone.

    When Australia post offer national flat rate options but merchants choose to charge more based on distance, I'm not going to give them my money.

    • rEgIoNaL sHiPpiNg ChArGe

      Edit: it is worth asking the merchant… I did for one of the black friday deals that came out early (360mm AIO, among other things) and they dropped the shipping charge.

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      Really? ​ God, that's absolute bullshit (on the side of the stores), I didn't even know flat-rate shipping was a thing auspost offers because every aussie computer store I've checked has different shipping prices per postcode (unless it's free).

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    Amazing how this mouse and the MX Keys are both USB-C yet their so-called Pro mice and keyboard are still micro-USB. Makes no sense.

    • The new G303 Shroud Edition has USB-C. RRP is $250 though :/

      It's also beyond ridiculous that they've only implemented it in this random special edition because some YouTuber specifically requested it.

  • OOS already!?

    • Looks that way. Pretty crappy site that it doesn't show OOS until you try and checkout

  • Shipping cost is so varied, showing up $12.50 for me. Is this price close to the all time low price?

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    If anyone wants to get this slightly cheaper factoring in shipping (and you don't mind that it's a direct import), can buy from Dick Smith and get $15 off with Latitude Pay.

    • Good spotting for that deal.

      It took every last shred of self control on my part to not buy another mouse which I probably don't really need.

  • I was in OW when this came through. Started price matching process with them. I had it in my SE cart and by the time OW tried to put in their cart it was out of stock. They wouldn’t honour the pricing, even though it was in stock and in my cart when I started talking to her.

    • Will they at least match Dick Smith? ($109)

      • It's + shipping for Dick Smith, so they'd probably factor that in. Btw it's also $109 at Kogan, free shipping with First, but no $15 off Latitude Pay offer for Kogan.

        Edit: For OW price beat, it could also be an issue that they're imports.

  • that was quick……

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    Bought this mouse last year and and found the metal scroll wheel to be finicky and unresponsive. At first I thought my unit was faulty, but then found many forum posts saying it’s not a bug, it’s a feature! It’s been collecting dust ever since.

    • I think what you're describing is that the scroll-wheel seems to have some sort of firmware-based acceleration turned on. I assume this is due to the fact that that it also has the super-cool hardware-based acceleration too (i.e. if you scroll quickly it goes into infinite-scroll mode). I personally would prefer to have one "click" of the scroll wheel be equal to any other "click", but it's a price I'm willing to pay for an otherwise brilliant mouse.

      • is this infinite scroll mode only works when scrolling down? doest work on mine when i try to scroll up haha

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          That is definitely not right! Infinite scroll works both up and down for me. Do you have any Logitech software installed? I don't. I wonder if there is a setting somewhere that disables it for one/both directions.

          • @johnno07: I do have logitech software, but i can't see where it mentions infinite scroll

            • @sauce2k: I have just done a cursory Google search and it doesn't look like something you can turn off. If it doesn't mess with your setup, maybe try uninstalling the Logitech software? Otherwise it sounds like a faulty mouse and I would contact their support.

    • Did you by any chance use this on Mac? For some reason only on Mac have I found this annoyance. I've used it on windows and Linux (mint) and have had no problems

      • Nope - despite my silly avatar I am in fact a Windows user :)

  • is this good for gaming

    nvm, out of stock. :(

    • Great for office/productivity but I find it too heavy and wide to grip easily for First person shooters.
      For gaming, I use Model-O

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      Another vote for "not for gaming". Nearly best in class for everything else though!

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      Only 125hz polling rate, you'll feel slight jank for sure at high refresh rates, particularly in FPS games.

  • Weird that there's an optical and Laser version on their site. I didn't think there was more than one sensor


    Laser version is still in stock

    • Pretty sure it's the same thing

      • Some are called mx master 3 and some are called master 3 advanced. I wonder what the difference are!

        • Google is your friend

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            @BargainKen: Already asked my friend, couldnt find anything useful. Since you said pretty sure, I thought you might know.

            • @John Doh: Well a laser is an optical sensor so pretty much the same thing.

              Only variations of this mouse I'm aware of is colour and the Mac variant lacks the USB dongle.

  • Vertical one is better

    • Them's fighting words.

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    SOB! How i miss this one.
    Been watching this model for about a week! FSOB!!! OUT OF STOCK!

  • I have one of these and can confirm they are an excellent mouse. A key feature for me is being able to use one mouse across three different PCs with just a tab of a button (you will need to buy separate dongles though).

    • Not if you connect via bluetooth on each though….makes switching from home PC/laptop to work laptop a breeze.

      • Wireless is better

        I have 3 Bluetooth devices connected to my laptop. Mouse, Keyboard and Headphones. My headphones stutters when I play music, I changed the mouse to wireless mode and the problem went away.

    • huh? you just need to press the button on the bottom to switch

  • It’s back in stock…

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