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Corsair K63 Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $89.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Mwave


In the market for a keyboard and I don't personally own this one but looks like other places selling for over $100


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    If only it had the numpad I would be buying. Thanks anyway

  • Good for limited space user.

  • I have this keyboard and I quite like it. Fits into the matching lapboard if that's your thing.

  • While I like Corsair physical design - nice thick metal slab with floating Cherry MX switches - I ended up stopping using them because of irritating driver or firmware issues across a number of the K series models.

    They remained functional but lighting levels would vary on a few keys at the same time. You could fix it by plugging it into a "new" computer for the keyboard and it would go back to normal behavior for a bit.

    • Using the lights on this makes battery life frustratingly short anyway. Once you turn them off it's decent and a keyboard worth buying. Especially new at this price.

  • I have this keyboard with the lapboard and a Dark Core RGB Pro for a HTPC setup. It's quite a good mechanical board and good range for gaming/general use on the TV. I sit about 3 meters from the TV and have no issues with latency.

  • I have the K63 wired keyboard and it's had light flickering and keystroke registering issues. Would not recommend their K-series keyboards. I'm trying to find something similar to the K63: Wireless (2.4ghz, non-BT), Tenkeyless, and a clean look, but I'm struggling to find anything that isn't like $250+. Any recommendations?

    • After the same thing, but my limit is $100.

  • We have one of these in the living room for my kids' occasional gaming. They had communication issues until I moved the USB dongle to the front of the PC and moved the mouse one away with a USB extension lead (as the overlapping fields seemed to cause occasional interference). Since I did that though performance has been flawless and they've never had a problem with battery longevity (they don't try to use it for weeks without charging though, it's usually reconnected at night so the most it would get is a couple of days of use before a recharge).

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