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What massage gun do you guys recommend? There are so many of them on sale now. I am looking to get the best bang for my buck.
I would usually get a full body massage every few months - just for the heck of it. No real challenges. Only looking to self massage my lower back and scapula.


P.S: Thank you. Got the theragun elite for $450


  • theragun

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      Any pros and cons between the different models (pro elite mini)? Just need something for an occasional use (once in a week/fortnight may be). And what do you think of ?

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        The one you listed is vibration therapy. Theraguns are percussive. The proven benefits of one over the other are not well researched (afaik), however the sensation one offers over the other is definitely noticeable (to me anyway).

        Vibration feels like… well, vibration. Shakes. Percussion though, the head feels like it retracts and pushes deeper into the body more. More like a jackhammer. I definitely prefer percussion.

        Regarding which Theragun, they are still on sale, so right now (as in today) is best time to buy. Pro, for example is $599 everywhere (usually $899).

        Differences boil down to stall force (how hard you can push before it stalls) and a moveable arm. Go Prime or Elite. The pro is probably overkill for you and the mini apparently isn't very good. That said, I don't have direct experience with all models.

        Also, discounts on all models end today according to Harvey Norman.

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          Thank you, got the elite

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        Prime - 30lb stall force
        Elite - 40lb stall force and quiestest in the range
        Pro - 60lb stall force and pretty loud
        Higher stall force basically means more power when digging into muscles before the motor stops

        The one you linked looks like the same model as the Renpho on Amazon

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    …get the best bang for my buck.

    Here you go…

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    The little Thai chicky up the road. Works for me each Friday evening before the weekend! Great way to start the weekend. Remedial massage and your set!

    (no no… not w/HE)

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      I will be gunning for the door if they are going to use a massage gun

      • "she" is in place of the gun…
        Hoping there is no guns (pistol, riffle or massage gun) involved.


    Rebel have good offers on right now.

    I was close to buying this when there was a $45 cash back offer but still $500+ is high for a massage gun that I don't know how good it is or how often I will use it.

    • agree… its a lot of money for a massage gun. Am still on the fence about thera though

  • I got the Aldom branded massage gun from Amazon - $100. Happy with it after a few months.
    Know what you are getting though, I doubt any gun will ever be able to replace a good massage or physiotherapist.
    Limited info on any long term benefits (beyond the marketing hype they claim), but it feels good while using so worth the money for me.

    Sure Theragun is prob better, but $500 - $800 is a big ask!

  • The Renpho ones from Amazon are always highly rated here - I got the R3 Mini upon OzB's recommendations and it's excellent. Really quiet, and despite being labelled 'mini' it's not in the slightest - the big ones must be huge!

    $100 delivered is also much cheaper than Theragun

    • Is the Renpho Percussive or vibration?

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        Vibration. I returned mine. Just made me feel like peeing.

  • Buy the cheapest one you can… they all appear to be the same with differing price tags.

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    A colt 45.

    If you can't force a massage with that your using it wrong.

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    Did a bit of a write up on my deal the other day, comparing the $99 Homedics one (and other generic whitelabels) to the $649RRP Theragun G4 Elite. Lowest price I've seen was $424 at pushys but that promo has ended and best way is JB Hifi/Rebel at $499 with 15% discounted TCN gift cards from coles

    I doubt many members have actually used both - in my actual experience the difference is night and day between the two and you really do get what you pay for

    Copied from that deal:

    1. Sound - Theragun is slightly louder and makes more of a motor whining sound than the whirring sound of the Homedics. Previous gen G3 was crazy loud even though they can be found cheaper on Kogan, for reference
    2. Amplitude - this is how far the head protracts in and out - Theragun 16mm and Homedics only 4mm from my measurements. Makes a huge difference in impact which leads to the next point
    3. Force - Theragun stall force feels like it's at least 10x greater than the Homedics. The Homedics stalls the motor if you give it minimal amount of pressure so it's not really possible to dig it in for deep muscle massages, which you end up needing because the amplitude is so small and can't really get a good thigh or calf massage. Theragun takes a crazy amount of pressure before it stalls (40lb according to their site) to the point where I've only used used maybe 3/4 of the max pressure. The display shows the level of pressure as you dig in. Might upload a video of the stall force if I get the chance. The homedics is more vibration where as the theragun is percussive
    4. OLED display - shows the RPMs, pressure and basic battery level. Homedics has no display.
    5. Handling - Theraguns weird triangle design actually means more places to grip it so you can get to your back and neck easier
    6. Price - obviously the Homedics is a fraction of the price, but considering the above that seems to be about correct based on the relative performance imho.

    Not much info on how the renpho/whitelabels compare but they do say an amplitude of 9mm (better than homedics) but no mention of stall force


    • Thank you, helped me make a decision. got the elite

  • I have found that the downside of any gun device is that you will still need someone else to use it most effectively on your back and shoulders. It is possible to rig up a mount for it, whether by strapping it very securely to a post, or spending more cash on a door-frame mount. But, it's more messing around.

    What i really like is the kneading massage shawls, like this:

    Make sure you don't get a simply vibration model, such as sold at Kmart. It has to be the kneading one, which is great for you to massage your own calves / hamstrings / lower back / upper back / neck.

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