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eBay Australia: 4% Cashback (12pm-2pm, Capped at $35 Per Transaction) @ Cashrewards


4% cashback

$35 cap per transaction. Ends 2pm 29/11 AEDT.
Special Terms
Note: During the 2-hour promo, cashback for eBay is capped at $35 per transaction.
Cashback is eligible for the codes "PLBF20", "APBF25" & "PLBFSS".
Valid 12pm-2pm AEDT 29/11/2021. Cashback is ineligible if any other discount coupons or promo codes are applied to transactions.

Max cash back ($35) = spend $962.5 incl GST per transaction

This promo has larger cap than the shopback cashback scheduled tonight.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4849)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Wonder if we can use the $40 code received as part of new membership?

    • Cashback is ineligible if any other discount coupons or promo codes are applied to transactions.

      • thought the $40 is not a discount coupon

        • +1

          That is a promo code attached to a specific account.

        • it's still a code

          or promo codes

          • @m9: I thought it was like a gift card as it one use by one person.

            • @skinny: Just use it and hope for the best :)

  • Can anyone tell me if cash earn through cash back is considered income for tax or not?

    • Not a tax agent but pretty sure it's not considered as earnings and instead as a discount that is paid back at a later date from your purchase.

    • I wouldn't think so. You haven't "worked" for it in any way.

    • +3

      No, rewards from loyalty programs are not taxable for personal use, for business can be a bit more complicated


    • +1

      In order to produce the cashback "income", you need to spend the money to buy the actual product.
      If that income were taxable, after deducting the "cost" involved to produce the income, the result will always be a net loss.
      For business, it can be complicated because the typical case would be "business pays for the product, but an employee receives the rewards for personal use"

  • Does Cashback apply if I've received an offer from the seller?

  • +5

    Nothing for Amazon this year?

  • +1

    Rather use SocialGood app and get 50% back in SG crypto coins. And there is US$100 referral sign up bonus if spending US$30 in the first 30 days.

  • +12

    I think Cashrewards have dropped the ball this year, their deals aren’t as enticing as ShopBack. They used to be better

    • +1

      They IPO'ed this year onto the ASX. They have to be more aware on their financial statements now and be cautious on their cash flow statement.

      • Actually it is the other way around. They can, and should, be less cautious now as they have investors to back them. Also, there is nothing more hated on the stock market than a company going backwards - hence why they have been punished since listing.

        • You do know that Cash rewards is getting acquired by ANZ in full at $1.135 which is a 30% discount from its IPO wholesale of $1.75. Last year the overhead marketing expense, i.e. the bonuses, accumulated to over $23m AUD.

          • @Sheng: Which is a huge loss. Realise, that ANZ likely has decided to buy them for creative accounting reasons. That is, to mask their loss, as they were a major part of that IPO. Now they can simply call it an expense.

  • +7

    Wait for Shopback unless you need the higher cap.

  • I have item in my watchlist for $2660, at moment it allow using code SHO50FF ($135) which gives instant 5% off, so I understand will be ineligible for CR!

  • +1

    Any amazon deals coming before the end of Cyber Monday?

  • dam, missed it.

    • +1

      Can use Shopback for up to 16% cashback or for higher purchases, use the SocialGood App.

      • i am going to use the afterpay code so won't be able to get 16% cash back.

        • +1

          It's still 10% cashback if you use the afterpay code

  • what lol :( didnt even see this…

  • My purchase hasn’t tracked yet. I used the Cashrewards app and eBay website within it to purchase. Usually CR doesn’t take this long to track, is this normal?

    • mine too not tracked 'yet'

      • Update: mine tracked too!

    • Update: got tracked at 11:40am

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