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DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GTE V2 Black CPU Cooler $37.59 Delivered @ DeepCool AU via Amazon AU


Lightning deal, already 10% claimed. It had ran a lightning deal at the same price one or two days ago as well, but was quickly gone.

This one ends in 38 minutes (at time of posting).

It can cool anything up to 8 cores (or maybe 12 cores too) up to 125W (very roughly up to AMD 12-core CPU, intel 8-cores depending on SKUs) fine (estimating maybe ~80-85C range for sustained full load), and anything lower power (eg your Ryzen 6 to 8 cores, intel 6 P-cores) comfortably (60-70C range for sustained full load) (comparable to Cooler Master's Hyper 212 Black Edition), for those wanting to upgrade from stock coolers, or if you are still using intel stock.

Deepcool has also confirmed it'll be giving out free mounting kit for LGA 1700 platforms: https://global.deepcool.com/company/pressroom/newsrelease/20...

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Highly recommend, best cheap cooler

  • Hmmm, grab one of these or try and bodge my 161mm tall cooler into the tiny NR200…

    Man this is pretty tall too at 157.5!

    I'll try bodge

  • +1

    Definitely recommend at this cheap a price and you can honestly get away with it on something like a 10700/11700 as I actually tried it out with my 11700 (peaks at 160w all core turbo) with the gammaxx gt argb which is the same heatsink and tdp rating and while it got toasty around 85-87'c running cinebench and it was audible, during gaming it was perfectly fine.

  • +1

    Anyone know if this will fit into a XPS 8940 case? Just bought in previous deal, now looking for aftermarket cooler

  • +2


    found GAMMAXX400 V2 for $34.88

    not quite sure the difference between them though.

  • I've got the original Gammaxx GT cooling a 5900x no worries in a high airflow case.
    Great cooler for the price.

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